The World Horror Convention Art Show

Chad Savage is our Art Show Director; contact him at


The WHC2013 Art Show will be held in the La Nouvelle Orleans East Room during the following hours:

  • THURSDAY: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • FRIDAY: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
    ARTIST'S RECEPTION: There will be an Artists' Reception on Friday evening in the Art Show Room from 6:00-7:00 pm. Meet and mingle with many of the exhibiting artists, including Artist Guest of Honor Glenn Chadbourne. Tasty treats provided along with a Cash Bar.
  • SATURDAY: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
    SILENT AUCTION ENDS at 5:00 pm. The High Bidders at 5:00 pm on Saturday (for each piece of artwork that has received bids) will win, and may purchase/take the work at that time. After 5:00 pm on Saturday, all artwork reverts to the QuickSale Price or, barring that, Minimum Bid Price.
  • SUNDAY: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Artist set-up will be from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Thursday.

Artists may pick up their work between 10:00 am - 2:00 pm on Sunday.






  • Participating in the Art Show does not grant artists entry into the Bram Stoker Awards® Weekend or The World Horror Convention 2013. Artists who wish to attend the convention must purchase a Membership.
  • The Bram Stoker Awards® Weekend and The World Horror Convention 2013 is a convention geared toward a dark aesthetic and, obviously, horror theme. Artwork shown in the art show should reflect that aesthetic. Blatantly pornographic, racist or hate-based artwork will not be permitted to hang. You know the difference, and so do we. Behave.
  • You are not required to offer your work for sale (except for work placed in the Print Shop). Any or all of your artwork may be marked “NFS” (Not For Sale).
  • Artwork must be presented in a professional manner. Flat work should be matted, framed or both. We will provide low-tack artist tape with which to attach bid sheets to each piece. Your work will be hung from hooks; please be sure that your work has a means by which it may be hung PRIOR TO BRINGING IT TO THE SHOW.
  • Artwork must be original work or limited-edition prints. Artwork that violates copyright laws, trademarks or other intellectual property rights will not be permitted to hang.
  • All artwork should have artist’s name, title and contact information somewhere on the back, independent of any WHC labeling. If an artist fails to properly label his/her work, The World Horror Convention 2013 cannot be held responsible should it become lost or improperly credited.
  • Photography will be limited inside the Art Show Room. Artists will indicate on their Control Sheet whether or not they want to allow photography of or near their work.
  • There will be no smoking in the Art Show Room. Food/Beverages will only be permitted during the reception.
  • There will be a Print Shop for artists to sell prints of their work (100 prints maximum). Please label your prints clearly on the back, including price. Failure to do so may result in incorrect accounting of your sales.
  • The Bram Stoker Awards® Weekend and The World Horror Convention 2013 assume NO LIABILITY FOR ARTWORK SHOWN. The World Horror Convention 2013 will take every precaution to protect each artist’s work. However, by participating in the Art Show, you do so at your own risk and acknowledge that you will not hold the Bram Stoker Awards Weekend® or the World Horror Convention liable in the unlikely event of theft, damage, etc.


  • The Art Show Room will be open to artists on Thursday/open to everybody on Friday and Saturday (see schedule at the top of this page). Artists may also hang their work at any time on Thursday or Friday during open room hours.
  • Artists may pick up their work on Sunday between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. Any artist that needs to make special arrangements for art pick up that falls outside of this timeframe should do so NOW by contacting Chad Savage at


  • WHC2013 will be accepting mailed-in artwork and prints. Contact Chad Savage for the shipping address.
  • Mailed-in artwork should already have bid sheets filled out and attached to work. You may include your filled out Control Sheet(s) in the package or email them to Chad Savage (they must be printable if you choose this option).
  • You MUST do one of the following to ensure return of your work:

    • Include a PRE-PAID SHIPPING LABEL with your work.
    • PayPal return shipping to WHC2013 at (if you choose this option, please notify Chad Savage when you do).
    • PLEASE NOTE: You CANNOT just put cash or a check in with your artwork; this would put an undue burden on the volunteers who are going to be kind enough to safely transport your artwork from the hotel to the shipping facility for its return.


  • There will be a 15% commission collected for all art  and prints sold through the The World Horror Convention 2013 Art Show.
  • Artwork will be sold via Silent Auction. Each piece will have a Bid Sheet. Attendees who wish to bid/purchase will log their bids on the Bid Sheet. The highest bidder at 5:00 pm on Saturday night will be the winner and may purchase/take the artwork immediately. Each Bid Sheet will have a QuickSale price (similar to eBay’s “Buy It Now” system) which may be used if no bids have been placed and an attendee wants to secure the piece. However, artists are NOT required to include a QuickSale price, if they don’t wish to.
  • Payments for sales of artwork and prints will be mailed via check within 30 days after The World Horror Convention 2013. We may also pay you by PayPal if you prefer – stay tuned.


Download the World Horror Convention 2013 Art Show Paperwork Pack HERE. You’ll need Adobe Reader to view/print these forms.

SORRY - Because we have to pay to rent the art show fixtures, there will be no refunds issued after 5/16/13. Thank you.

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