Dealer's Room

Our dealer's room is now officially sold out! Here's the list of vendors:

Table(s) Number - Vendor

1 & 2 - Dark Regions Press
3 - Dark Moon Books
4 - Blood Bound Books & Nightscape Press
5 - Nonius
6 & 7 - Evil Eye Books
8 & 9 - Hummingbird House
10 & 11 - Kathmandu Press
12 - Corsett Punk
13 - JournalStone
14 & 15 - Centipede Press
16 - ChiZine
17 - Hazardous Press
18 - Post Mortem Press
19 - To be announced
20 & 21 - Damnation Books

Information for Dealers
Your booth comes with 1 six foot table, 2 chairs, and 2 table cloths - one for the table and one for covering when the dealer room closes; as well 1 membership for the entire convention. This membership does not include admission to the banquet on Saturday night. Banquet tickets will have to be purchased separately. Additional Convention Membership tickets may be purchased from the website at the prevailing public rate. You will receive your convention badge(s) - these must be worn at all times during the convention from when you arrive for setup. This will give you access to all areas of the convention during its operating hours.

You may hold author signings at your booth if you do so desire. Please remember to let the convention committe know about the signing so attendees can mark these on their schedules.

Below is a layout for the dealer room (click to enlarge). The spaces are numbered and are on a first come first serve basis. Electrical access is available at no extra charge, but please remember to bring your own extension cords if you require power for your table. *The Convention will not supply extension cords to dealers.* There are outlets in the walls in the dealerís room. As a dealer you will have free Wi-Fi internet access for the whole convention.

The dealer room will be locked after the close for each business day. You will have a 30 minute grace period after the dealer room closes to cover your products and get stuff ready for the next day. Each morning the dealer room will be open for an hour before hand to rearrange or put up new displays for your booth - This hour before daily operations gives you time to possibly trade with other dealers, and talk shop before the convention doors are open.

Convention hours (subject to some minor alteration later), are:

  • Thursday 13th - 6-10pm
  • Friday - 14th - 9.30am-6pm (there will be a Mass Signing Room operating with all authors, including Guests from 7-9pm)
  • Saturday - 15th - 9.30am-6pm (the Banquet begins at 7.30pm and the live webcast Bram Stoker Awards® ceremony at 9pm, running until 10.30pm)
  • Sunday - 16th - 10am-2pm.

Load in begins at 2 PM on Thursday the 13th. Load out commences at 2 PM on Sunday the 16th.

As with some conventions a separate state tax form will not be necessary at this convention. It is already paid for with the room rentals by the HWA.

Cancellation Policy
Dealers wishing to cancel their table space must send an email to stating why you wish to cancel. Monies taken in for table space will not be refunded unless approved by the convention Chairman. No refunds will be made for cancellations after 1 May 2013 under any circumstances.

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