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The Bram Stoker Awards® Weekend, incorporating World Horror Convention 2013, is pleased to announce their publisher and agent lineup for pitch sessions, to be held on Saturday, June 15th.

Prepare for your pitch NOW! Click here to read R.J. Cavender's essay on how to knock your pitch out of the park.

The publishers and an agent from a very prominent agency we have selected to take pitches are:

  • Alec Shane - Agent, Writers House - SORRY - ALREADY BOOKED UP
  • Blood Bound Books - Geoff Hyatt - SORRY - ALREADY BOOKED UP
  • Cycatrix Press - Jason V Brock - SORRY - ALREADY BOOKED UP
  • Dark Regions Press - R.J. Cavender - SORRY - ALREADY BOOKED UP
  • Hydra, Random House - Sarah Peed - SORRY - ALREADY BOOKED UP
  • JournalStone - Chris C. Payne - SORRY - ALREADY BOOKED UP
  • Nightscape Press - Mark Scioneaux - SORRY - ALREADY BOOKED UP
  • Samhain - Don D'Auria - SORRY - ALREADY BOOKED UP
  • Tor - Liz Gorinsky - SORRY - ALREADY BOOKED UP

R J Cavender for the Bram Stoker Awards® Weekend, incorporating WHC2013 Organizing Committee.

Alec Shane - Agent, Writers House
Alec majored in English at Brown University, a degree he put to immediate use by moving to Los Angeles after graduation to become a professional stunt man. Realizing that he prefers books to breakaway glass, he moved to New York City in 2008 to pursue a career in publishing. Alec quickly found a home at Writers House Literary Agency, where he has worked directly under agents Jodi Reamer and Amy Berkower since 2009. In that time, he has worked on and provided strong editorial feedback for a large number of Adult and Young Adult titles of all ranges and genres. Alec is now actively seeking out clients for his own list, and is especially excited to find great horror writers that will re-ignite his fear of the dark and can give him something new to be afraid of besides Zelda from the movie Pet Sematary. While Alec will always read pretty much anything that makes him miss his subway stop or walk home a little more quickly at night (monsters, Satanists, and backwoods hillbilly cannibals all welcome), he is particularly on the lookout for horror novels that blur that fine line between fantasy and reality just enough so that it's absolutely terrifying. He also feels that no childhood is complete without multiple nights spent shivering under the blankets, and would love to find a great horror story for younger readers. Alec probably isn't the best fit for straight sci-fi, high fantasy, or anything involving aliens/outer space. He is also ashamed to admit that, in spite of numerous attempts at reading World War Z and watching The Walking Dead, zombies do absolutely nothing for him.

Blood Bound Books - Geoff Hyatt
I'm seeking novellas and novels rife with atmospheric dread, cosmic terror, and supernatural doom. I enjoy realism infected by the presence of the abominable. Cross-genre horror (crime, sci-fi, fantasy, military) is welcome, as are occult themes. Grimy, nasty, and weird fantasy will be considered. Stand-alone manuscripts only (no first installments of ongoing series). Fiction set in any era is acceptable. Not looking for vampires, werewolves, serial killers, or zombies. No "YA" novels, but young adult characters are welcome. Not currently seeing short story collections.

Cycatrix Press - Jason V Brock
We plan on doing more collections and novels in the coming years, so I'm looking for talented new writers, or established authors that want to re-issue things (or want another outlet). Open to 75,000-125,000 words for either a collection or novel. Looking for dark sci-fi, horror, or a combination of same. Pay an advance plus royalties. This would be for the softcover aspect of our Cycatrix Press imprint.

Dark Regions Press - R.J. Cavender
I will be looking for original manuscripts of up to 100,000 words for Dark Regions Press horror line. Intense adult horror novels with a distinct supernatural slant or extreme element. No sci-fi, fantasy, or YA. I'm interested in stories that make me think 'I haven't seen it done that way before.' I love a great ghost story. I prefer suspenseful and terrifying stories over ones created just to shock a reader. My favorite novel is The Shining.

Hydra, Random House - Sarah Peed
I'm looking for dark fantasy, supernatural horror, urban fantasy, and post-apocalyptic sci-fi. I'm not looking for YA submissions, graphic novels, short story collections, or erotica. I'd like to see pieces that fall in either the novella range of 15,000-30,000 words, or in the novel range of 60,000-100,000 words. Stories that are more character-driven and have a strong voice are very appealing. I'm also looking for fast-paced pieces with enough action to keep the reader engaged and enthralled. Witty, dry, and/or dark humor is also appreciated!

JournalStone - Chris C. Payne
JournalStone will be taking pitches for Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror in both the adult and young adult markets with 70,000 words or more. Novels only, no short stories or novellas.

Nightscape Press - Mark Scioneaux
We'll be taking pitches for Nightscape Press and will be focusing on novels and novellas. We are interested in dark fiction, specifically horror, scifi, fantasy, and crime noir. BUT there must be a dark underlying theme for any title that isn't horror. We are looking for polished manuscripts, not saying they have to be professionally edited, but they should be in good form. We are open to bizarro fiction, but we will be extremely picky about the submissions. I also say we are interested in short story collections from established authors, and we really aren't that interested in anything that has been previously published or is self-published. I'd be willing to listen to a more established author who would want to rerelease an older title. Other than that, there are no restrictions. Just looking for great, well written tales to publish.

Samhain - Don D'Auria
I'll be taking pitches for Samhain Publishing's Horror line. I'm looking for adult horror novels or novellas between roughly 15,000 and 115,000 words. Novellas (15,000 to 65,000 words) would be published in ebook format only, while novels (65,000 to 115,000 words would be published in both ebook and trade paper formats. Horror can be either psychological or supernatural, contemporary or historical. I am *not* looking for non-fiction, short story collections, poetry, science-fiction or young adult.

Tor - Liz Gorinsky I'll be taking novel pitches for Tor Books, primarily for adult readers (at least 50k words, but usually upwards of 80k), but I will also consider books for our younger reader/young adult lines Starscape and Tor Teen (closer to 50k is fine). I would prefer to see horror/dark fantasy/supernatural books at this convention, but I can also look at science fiction, fantasy, and other speculative genres. Generally, Tor is more amenable to psychological/literary/soft horror than gore/splatter/erotica.

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