The Bram Stoker Awards®

Each year, the Horror Writer's Association presents the Bram Stoker Awards® for Superior Achievement, named in honor of Bram Stoker, author of the seminal horror work, Dracula. The Bram Stoker Awards® were instituted immediately after the organization's incorporation in 1987.

To ameliorate the competitive nature of any award system, the Bram Stoker Awards® are given "for superior achievement," not for "best of the year," and the rules are deliberately designed to make ties possible. The first awards were presented in 1988 (for works published in 1987) and they have been presented every year since. The award itself is an eight-inch replica of a fanciful haunted house, designed specifically for HWA by sculptor Steven Kirk. The door of the house opens to reveal a brass plaque engraved with the name of the winning work and its author.

Any work of Horror first published in the English language may be considered for an award during the year of its publication. The categories for which a Bram Stoker Award® may be presented have varied over the years, reflecting the state of the publishing industry and the horror genre.

From 2011 the eleven Bram Stoker Award® categories are: Novel, First Novel, Short Fiction, Long Fiction, Young Adult, Fiction Collection, Poetry Collection, Anthology, Screenplay, Graphic Novel and Non-Fiction.

There are two paths to a work becoming a Nominee for the Bram Stoker Award®. In one, the HWA membership at large recommends worthy works for consideration. A preliminary ballot for each category is compiled using a formula based on these recommendations. In the second, a Jury for each category also compiles a preliminary ballot. Two rounds of voting by our Active members then determine first the Final Ballot (all those appearing on the Final Ballot are "Bram Stoker Nominees"), and then the Bram Stoker Award® Winners. The Winners were announced at the gala banquet in New Orleans on June 15, 2013.

HWA's favorite artist Greg Chapman just made these fabulous posters to announce the winners and nominees in each category. Click on each one to view the larger, high-resolution (300 dpi) image. These are free to use and share; if you would like a file for use in producing a poster, please contact Greg.


The 2012 Bram Stoker Award winners: Top row (left to right): Mort Castle, L.L. Soares, Jerad Walters, Rocky Wood, Jonathan Maberry. Lower row/middle: Sam Weller, James Chambers, Lucy Snyder, Marge Simon, Robert McCammon, Caitlin R. Kiernan (seated), Charles Day, Lisa Morton (Photo by Stacy Scranton) (Not pictured: Gene O'Neill, Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, Joyce Carol Oates, and Clive Barker)

Photo above is free to use; click on it for a high-res version. Please credit Stacy Scranton.

The 2012 Bram Stoker Awards® Winners:

The Horror Writers Association chose a historic hotel in the haunted city of New Orleans to announce the winners of the 2012 Bram Stoker Awards tonight. The presentations were made at a banquet held as the highlight of the Bram Stoker Awards Weekend, which this year incorporated the World Horror Convention.

Fifteen new bronze haunted-house statuettes were handed over to the writers responsible for creating superior works of horror last year. This year's winners are:

Superior Achievement in a NOVEL
The Drowning Girl by Caitlín R. Kiernan (Roc)

Superior Achievement in a FIRST NOVEL
Life Rage by L.L. Soares (Nightscape Press)

Superior Achievement in a YOUNG ADULT NOVEL
Flesh & Bone by Jonathan Maberry (Simon & Schuster)

Superior Achievement in a GRAPHIC NOVEL
Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times by Rocky Wood and Lisa Morton (McFarland and Co., Inc.)

Superior Achievement in LONG FICTION
The Blue Heron by Gene O'Neill (Dark Regions Press)

Superior Achievement in SHORT FICTION
"Magdala Amygdala" by Lucy Snyder (Dark Faith: Invocations, Apex Book Company)

Superior Achievement in a SCREENPLAY
The Cabin in the Woods by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard (Mutant Enemy Productions, Lionsgate)

Superior Achievement in an ANTHOLOGY
Shadow Show edited by Mort Castle and Sam Weller (HarperCollins)

Superior Achievement in a FICTION COLLECTION (tie)
New Moon on the Water by Mort Castle (Dark Regions Press)
Black Dahlia and White Rose: Stories by Joyce Carol Oates (Ecco Press)

Superior Achievement in NON-FICTION
Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween by Lisa Morton (Reaktion Books)

Superior Achievement in a POETRY COLLECTION
Vampires, Zombies & Wanton Souls by Marge Simon (Elektrik Milk Bath Press)

Works can be recommended by any member of the HWA. Juries in each category also compile their top picks, and members with Active status then vote on works from both the member recommendations and the jury selections in a preliminary ballot. From there the field is narrowed to the final ballot and a list of nominees, from which Active members vote to choose the winners. The award is named for Bram Stoker, best known as the author of Dracula. The trophy, which resembles a miniature haunted house, was designed by author Harlan Ellison and sculptor Steven Kirk.

In addition, HWA presented its annual Lifetime Achievement Awards and its Specialty Press Awards. Robert R. McCammon was on hand to accept his Lifetime Achievement Award, and Mark Miller accepted on behalf of Lifetime Achievement Award winner Clive Barker. The Specialty Press Award went to Jerad Walters of Centipede Press.

The Silver Hammer Award, for outstanding service to HWA, was voted by the organization's Board of Trustees to Charles Day. The President's Richard Laymon Service Award was given to James Chambers.

Samhain Publishing served as the Platinum Sponsor for the event.

The Final Ballot for the 2012 Bram Stoker Awards:

Benjamin Kane Ethridge - Bottled Abyss (Redrum Horror) - Benjamin Kane Ethridge is the award winning author of the novels Black & Orange (Bad Moon Books 2010), Bottled Abyss (Redrum Horror 2012) and Dungeon Brain (Nightscape Press 2012). For his master's thesis he wrote, "CAUSES OF UNEASE: The Rhetoric of Horror Fiction and Film." Available in an ivory tower near you. Benjamin lives in Southern California with his wife and two creatures who possess stunning resemblances to human children. When he isn't writing and reading, Benjamin's defending California's waterways and sewers from pollution.
John Everson - NightWhere (Samhain Publishing) - John Everson is a staunch advocate for the culinary joys of the jalapeno and an unabashed fan of 1970s European horror cinema. He is also the author of seven novels, including the erotic horror-oriented 2013 Bram Stoker Award nominee NightWhere and the occult / urban legend mystery of The Pumpkin Man. Other novels include his Bram Stoker Award-winning debut Covenant, its sequel Sacrifice, and The 13th, and the upcoming spider-driven Violet Eyes. His tales have been translated into Polish, French, Italian and German and optioned for potential film development. His short stories have been gathered in a handful of collections, including The Cage of Bones & Other Deadly Obsessions and Needles & Sins. A 10th anniversary edition of his Vigilantes of Love was reissued in 2013.
WINNER Caitlín R. Kiernan- The Drowning Girl (Roc) - The New York Times recently called Caitlín R. Kiernan "one of our essential writers of dark fiction". She is the author of various dark-fantasy novels, beginning with Silk and followed by Threshold, Low Red Moon, The Five of Cups, Murder of Angels, Daughter of Hounds, and The Red Tree. Her ninth novel, The Drowning Girl: A Memoir, was released in April 2012. In 2011, Subterranean Press released Two Worlds and In Between: The Best of Caitlín R. Kiernan (Volume 1), a retrospective of her short fiction from 1993-2004 (a second volume is planned for 2014). Publisher's Weekly declared the collection one of the six best F/SF works of 2011. Two of her novellas have appeared as short hardbacks: In the Garden of Poisonous Flowers and The Dry Salvages. She has also worked in comics, scripting thirty-eight issues of the DC/Vertigo comic The Dreaming, along with two mini-series: The Girl Who Would Be Death and Bast: Eternity Game. In April 2012, she returned to comics and graphic novels, writing Alabaster, which features her albino monster-slayer, Dancy Flammarion. Her next novel, Blood Oranges, will be released in 2013. Illustrated versions of The Red Tree and The Drowning Girl: A Memoir will be published in 2013 and 2014. Born in Dublin, Ireland, Kiernan was raised in the south-eastern US, and now lives in Providence, Rhode Island with her partner.
Bentley Little - The Haunted (Signet) - This is Bentley Little's fourth Bram Stoker Award nomination. He was previously nominated in 2002 in the Fiction Collection category for The Collection, in 1993 for The Summoning (Novel), and he won the 1990 First Novel award for The Revelation.
Joe McKinney - Inheritance(Evil Jester Press) - Joe McKinney has been a patrol officer for the San Antonio Police Department, a homicide detective, a disaster mitigation specialist, a patrol commander, and a successful novelist. His books include the four part Dead World series, Quarantined, Inheritance, Lost Girl of the Lake, Crooked House and Dodging Bullets. His short fiction has been collected in The Red Empire and Other Stories and Dating in Dead World and Other Stories. In 2011, McKinney received the Horror Writers Association's Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel. For more information go to

Michael Boccacino - Charlotte Markham and the House of Darkling (William Morrow) - Born in upstate New York and raised in central Florida, Michael blames his love of books on his father, who began reading him the Lord of the Rings trilogy when he was six, but stopped when he found out his son had snuck a VHS copy of the animated adaptation because he couldn't wait to see how it ended. Eventually he learned enough patience to earn his BA in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida and his MBA from Rollins College. In addition to writing, Michael likes to travel to far off places and pretend that he's Indiana Jones, or experiment in the kitchen and convince others that he might not do so terribly on Iron Chef. He was quite possibly British in a past life, but he lives Los Angeles.
Deborah Coates - Wide Open (Tor Books) - Deborah Coates's short fiction has appeared in Asimov's and Strange Horizons, as well as Year's Best Fantasy 6, Best Paranormal Romance, and Best American Fantasy. Wide Open is her first published novel. Her second novel Deep Down was published by Tor in March, 2013. Deborah has lived in western New York, Indiana, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. She currently lives in Ames, Iowa with two dogs and a whole lot of books.
Charles Day - The Legend of the Pumpkin Thief (Noble YA Publishers LLC) - Bram Stoker Award®-nominated author Charles Day A.K.A, the evil Jester, is the Mentor Program Committee Chairperson for the Horror Writers Association and co-chair for their NY/Long Island chapter. He is also a member of the New England Horror Writers Association. His biggest success to date is the recent sale of his first YA western horror trilogy The Adventures of Kyle McGertt, Book One: The Hunt for the Ghoulish Bartender (Blood Bound Books, Spring 2013). He's written the Bram Stoker Award®-nominated YA novel The Legend of the Pumpkin Thief (Noble YA Publishers), which has garnered tons of praise from both young and young-at-heart. He is the founder/owner of Hidden Thoughts Press - Non-fiction collections where the primary focus involves mental wellness and recovery. He is also the owner of Evil Jester Press and Evil Jester Comics & Graphic Novels. He's proud to mention that he owes much of his success to the little guy in the Jester's box, his alter ego, his muse, his best friend. Welcome to his twisted world. You can visit them at or on Facebook.
Peter Dudar - A Requiem for Dead Flies (Nightscape Press) - Peter N. Dudar was born and raised in Albany, New York. After graduating from the University at Albany, Dudar moved to Maine and began his writing career. His first published story, "Trailertrash Annie", appeared in the HWA sponsored anthology Bell, Book and Beyond. Since then, his fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies and online fiction sites. He is a proud member of the New England Horror Writers and contributes a monthly film review column to the Cinema Knife Fight webzine. He also maintains a blog called Dead By Friday at He has remained, after 41 years, his parents' favorite child.
Richard Gropp - Bad Glass (Ballantine/Del Rey) - Richard E. Gropp lives on a mountain outside of Seattle with his partner of fifteen years. It is a small mountain. He studied literature and psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and has worked as a bookstore clerk, a forklift driver, and an accountant. He has a hard time spelling the word broccoli, and in his spare time he dabbles in photography and cooking.
WINNER L.L. Soares - Life Rage (Nightscape Press) - L.L. Soares' stories have appeared in such magazines as Cemetery Dance,, Bare Bone and Horror Garage, and in anthologies like The Best of Horrorfind 2, Raw: Brutality As Art, Living After Midnight: Hard and Heavy Stories, and Zippered Flesh: Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad!. His first novel, Life Rage, was published in September of 2012, by Nightscape Press. His other books include the novel Rock'n' Roll (published by Gallows Press in early 2013), the story collection In SicknessBreaking Eggs, written with Kurt Newton. He was finalist for the 2009 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Non-Fiction for the humorous horror movie review column, Cinema Knife Fight, which he co-writes with Michael Arruda. CKF now has its own website and a full staff of writers at Soares lives in the Boston area. For more about him, go to

Libba Bray - The Diviners (Little Brown) - This is Libba Bray's first Bram Stoker Award nomination.
Barry Lyga - I Hunt Killers (Little Brown) - This Barry Lyga's first Bram Stoker Award nomination.
WINNER Jonathan Maberry - Flesh & Bone (Simon & Schuster) - Jonathan Maberry is a New York Times best-selling author, multiple Bram Stoker Award® winner, and Marvel Comics writer. His novels include Assassin's Code, Flesh & Bone, Ghost Road Blues, Rot & Ruin, Dust & Decay, Patient Zero, The Wolfman and many others. His non-fiction books include Ultimate Jujutsu, The Cryptopedia, Zombie CSU, Wanted Undead Or Alive and others. He's the editor/co-author of V-Wars, a vampire-themed anthology; and was a featured expert on The History Channel special Zombies: A Living History. Since 1978 he's sold more than 1200 magazine feature articles, 3000 columns, two plays, greeting cards, song lyrics, and poetry. His comics include Captain America: Hail Hydra, Doomwar, Marvel Zombies Return and Marvel Universe vs. The Avengers. He teaches the Experimental Writing for Teens class, is the founder of the Writers Coffeehouse, and co-founder of The Liars Club. Jonathan lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with his wife, Sara and their dog, Rosie. You can find him on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook or at his author website:
Michael McCarty - I Kissed A Ghoul (Noble Romance Publishing) - Michael McCarty has been a professional writer since 1983 and the author of over thirty of fiction and nonfiction including I Kissed A Ghoul (Noble Young Adult), Liquid Diet & Midnight Snack: 2 Vampire Satires (Whiskey Creek Press), Monster Behind The Wheel co-written with Mark McLaughlin (Medallion Press), Lost Girl of the Lake co-written with Joe McKinney (Bad Moon Books), Night of the Scream Queen (Dark Moon Books) co-written with Linnea Quigley, Return of the Scream Queen co-written with Linnea Quigley and Stan Swanson (Dark Moon Books) Bloodless co-written with Jody LaGreca (Whiskey Creek Press), Partners in Slime co-written with Mark McLaughlin (Damnation Books), Modern Mythmakers (BearManor Media), Dark Duets (Wildside Press), Esoteria-Land (BearManor Media) and A Hell of A Job (Damnation Books) and many others. He received the 2008 David R. Collins' Literary Achievement Award from the Midwest Writing Center. He lives in Rock Island, Illinois with his wife Cindy and pet rabbit Latte.
Maggie Stiefvater - The Raven Boys (Scholastic Press) - Maggie Stiefvater is a writer, artist, and musician and the New York Times bestselling author of Shiver. There are more than 1.7 million copies of the trilogy in print. Since publication, rights to more than thirty-six foreign editions of Shiver have been licensed. The Scorpio Races received five starred reviews and was named a 2012 Michael L. Printz Honor Book by the American Library Association. Her newest title, The Raven Boys, received five starred reviews and was named a 2013 America Library Association Top Ten Best Fiction for Young Adults book. Stiefvater lives in Virginia with her husband and their two children.
Jeff Strand - A Bad Day for Voodoo (Sourcebooks) - Jeff Strand's books include Pressure (which was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award® but did not win), Dweller (which was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award® but did not win), Gleefully Macabre Tales (which was nominated for but DID...not win), and also such non-Bram Stoker Award®-nominated books as Wolf Hunt, Fangboy, Lost Homicidal Maniac (Answers to "Shirley"), and Benjamin's Parasite. His latest novel, A Bad Day for Voodoo, will be out in June 2012. You can visit his Gleefully Macabre website at

Cullen Bunn - The Sixth Gun Volume 3: Bound (Oni Press) - This is Cullen Bunn's first Bram Stoker Award nomination.
Terry Moore - Rachel Rising Vol. 1: The Shadow of Death (Abstract Studio) - This is Terry Moore's first Bram Stoker Award nomination.
Ravi Thornton - The Tale of Brin and Bent and Minno Marylebone (Jonathan Cape) - Ravi Thornton is a cross-media fiction writer. Her work deals with adult subject matter and ranges from dark and disturbing, through wickedly outlandish, to heartbreakingly insightful. She also writes for children under the name Nesta Philips. Find out more at her website:
Peter J. Wacks and Guy Anthony De Marco - Behind These Eyes (Villainous Press) - This is Peter J. Wacks' first Bram Stoker Award nomination. ♦ Guy Anthony De Marco is a nocturnal award-winning author living in the geographic center of the middle of nowhere. Between writing speculative fiction, brewing more coffee, and wishing the bills and the horrific mortgage would forget how to find him, he ponders how long it would take for a zombie apocalypse to reach his front door. His practical wife, Tonya, trains all of the small pets to trip the incoming hordes and wonders where all the coffee went by the time she wakes up. Guy is a member of the following organizations: SFWA, IAMTW, SFPA, ASCAP, RMFW, NCW, HWA, and hopes to collect the rest of the letters of the alphabet one day. Visit for more info.
WINNER Rocky Wood and Lisa Morton - Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times (McFarland) - Rocky Wood lives in Melbourne, Australia and is the author of major works about Stephen King. Three of these were nominated for the Horror Writers Association's Bram Stoker Award® for Superior Achievement in Non-Fiction, including Stephen King: The Literary Companion, which won the 2011 Award. He is also the author of two graphic novels, one of which - Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times - was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award® for Superior Achievement in a Graphic Novel. A freelance journalist since the 1970s, his articles have been published all over the world, including on subjects such as UFOs, the security industry and popular culture. ♦ Lisa Morton is a screenwriter, author of non-fiction books, award-winning prose writer, and Halloween expert. Her work was described by the American Library Association's Readers' Advisory Guide to Horror as "consistently dark, unsettling, and frightening", and Famous Monsters called her "one of the best writers in dark fiction today". Forthcoming books include the novellas Smog (Double Down #2) and Summer's End (both from JournalStone), the novel Malediction (Evil Jester Press), and the tie-in novel Zombie Apocalypse: Washington Deceased. She lives in North Hollywood, California, and online at

Kealan Patrick Burke - Thirty Miles South of Dry County (Delirium Books) - Called "one of the most clever and original talents in contemporary horror" (Booklist), Kealan Patrick Burke is the Bram Stoker Award-Winning author of five novels (Master of the Moors, Currency of Souls, The Living, Kin, and Nemesis), nine novellas (including the Timmy Quinn series), over a hundred short stories, and six collections. He edited the acclaimed anthologies: Taverns of the Dead, Quietly Now: A Tribute to Charles L. Grant, Brimstone Turnpike, and Tales from the Gorezone. An Irish expatriate, he currently resides in Ohio. Visit him on the web at or find him on Facebook at
Jack Ketchum and Lucky McKee - I'm Not Sam (Sinister Grin Press) - Jack Ketchum has written over twenty novels and novellas, the latest of which are The Woman and I'm Not Sam, both written with director Lucky McKee. Five of his books have been filmed to date - The Girl Next Door, The Lost, Red, Offspring and The Woman, the last of which won him and McKee the Best Screenplay Award at the prestigious Sitges Film Festival in Germany. His stories are collected in The Exit At Toledo Blade Boulevard, Broken on the Wheel of Sex, Sleep Disorder (with Edward Lee), Peaceable Kingdom and Closing Time and Other Stories. His story "The Box" won a Bram Stoker Award in 1994 and "Gone" won again in 2000. In 2003 he won Stokers for both best collection for Peaceable Kingdom and best long fiction for "Closing Time". His novella The Crossings was cited by Stephen King in his speech at the 2003 National Book Awards. In 2011 he was elected Grand Master by the World Horror Convention. ♦ Lucky McKee has always been a bit of a strange one. It's a point he's explored as a filmmaker and as a writer. In 2002 he wrote and directed a story about a social outcast named May and four years later he played the titular outcast of Roman. His films tend to revolve around unique characters and situations, and while they seem to fall under the umbrella of the horror genre, he doesn't view them as such, but rather as character-driven stories that happen to proceed from some dark or scary place. That sensibility has followed him into his literary career as well. I'm Not Sam is his fourth collaborative effort with Jack Ketchum, and their second full-length book. Their first, The Woman, was made as a film which won Best Horror Film honors at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, won him and Jack Ketchum the Best Screenplay Award at the Sitges Film Festival in Spain, and garnered critical and popular praise throughout the world. Lucky lives deep in the wilds of Oklahoma with his vicious lesbian guard dog, Veronica.
Joe McKinney and Michael McCarty - Lost Girl of the Lake (Bad Moon Books) - This is the second of Joe McKinney's three nominations this year. Please see his nomination in Novel to read more about him. ♦ This is Michael McCarty's second nomination this year. Please see his nomination in Young Adult Novel to read more about him.
WINNER Gene O'Neill - The Blue Heron (Dark Regions Press) - Since surviving Clarion '79, Gene O'Neill has seen 125 stories and novellas published in various venues. Many of these have appeared in four collections, including the most recent, Dance of the Blue Lady and Other Stories. He's had six novels published. He's been a Stoker finalist eight times, including this year's nominee in long fiction, The Blue Heron. Taste of Tenderloin was awarded the 2009 Stoker in the collection category. Gene is currently working on a new novel, The White Plague.
Norman Prentiss - The Fleshless Man (Delirium Books) - Norman Prentiss won the 2010 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Long Fiction for his first book, Invisible Fences. Previously he won a Stoker in the Short Fiction category for "In the Porches of My Ears," which originally appeared in Postscripts 18. Other publications include the novella The Fleshless Man, a mini-collection Four Legs in the Morning, a chapter in the round-robin novella The Crane House: A Halloween Story, and anthology appearances in Blood Lite 3, Zombies vs. Robots: This Means War, Horror Drive-In: An All-Night Short Story Marathon, Black Static, Commutability, Damned Nation, Tales from the Gorezone, Best Horror of the Year, The Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror, and three editions of the Shivers anthology series. His poetry has appeared in Writer Online, Southern Poetry Review, Baltimore's City Paper, and A Sea of Alone: Poems for Alfred Hitchcock. Visit him online at

Bruce Boston - "Surrounded by the Mutant Rain Forest" (Daily Science Fiction) - Bruce Boston is the author of fifty books and chapbooks, including the novels The Guardener's Tale and Stained Glass Rain. His poetry and fiction have appeared in hundreds of publications, including Asimov's SF Magazine, Amazing Stories, Weird Tales, Strange Horizons, Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, and The Nebula Awards Showcase. One of the leading genre poets for more than a quarter century, Bruce has won a record four Bram Stoker Awards® for Poetry, a record six Asimov's Readers Awards for Poetry, and a record seven Rhysling Awards from the Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA). He received the first Grandmaster Award of the SFPA in 1999. His fiction has received a Pushcart Prize and been a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award® for Superior Achievement in a Novel and the Micro Award for flash fiction. Bruce lives in Ocala, Florida, once known as the City of Trees, with his wife, writer-artist Marge Simon, and the ghosts of two cats. Visit his website at

Joe McKinney - "Bury My Heart at Marvin Gardens" (Best of Dark Moon Digest, Dark Moon Books) - This is Joe McKinney's third nomination this year. Please see his nomination under Novel to read more about him.
Weston Ochse - "Righteous" (Psychos, Black Dog and Leventhall Publication) - Weston Ochse is the author of nine novels, most recently SEAL Team 666, which has been called 'required reading' by the New York Post. His first novel, Scarecrow Gods, won the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in First Novel. He's also had published more than a hundred short stories, many of which appeared in anthologies, magazines, peered journals and comic books. His short fiction has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Weston holds Bachelor's Degrees in American Literature and Chinese Studies from Excelsior College. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from National University. When he's not off pretending to save the world, he lives in southern Arizona, with his wife, and fellow author, Yvonne Navarro.
John Palisano - "Available Light" (Lovecraft eZine, March 2012) - John Palisano lives in Los Angeles, where he works in animal rescue. His novel Nerves was published by Bad Moon Books, and his work has appeared in Lovecraft eZine, Dark Discoveries, Horror Library, Terror Tales, Midnight Walk, and many more. He'd love to hear from you at:
WINNER Lucy Snyder - "Magdala Amygdala" (Dark Faith: Invocations, Apex Book Company) - This is Lucy Snyder's third Bram Stoker Award nomination. She was previously nominated in 2010 for Spellbent (First Novel), and she won in 2009 for Chimeric Machines (Poetry).

Jane Goldman - The Woman in Black (Cross Creek Pictures) - This is Jane Goldman's first Bram Stoker Award nomination.
Sang Kyu Kim - The Walking Dead, "Killer Within" (AMC TV) - This is Sang Kyu Kim's first Bram Stoker Award nomination.
Tim Minear - American Horror Story: Asylum, "Dark Cousin" (Brad Falchuk Teley-Vision, Ryan Murphy Productions) - This is Tim Minear's first Bram Stoker Award nomination.
Gary Ross, Suzanne Collins, and Billy Ray - The Hunger Games (Lionsgate, Color Force) - This is the first Bram Stoker Award nomination for Gary Ross, Suzanne Collins, and Billy Ray.
WINNER Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard - The Cabin in the Woods (Mutant Enemy Productions, Lionsgate) - This is Joss Whedon's second Bram Stoker Award nomination; he was previously nominated in 1999 for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "Hush" (Screenplay). ♦ This is Drew Goddard's first Bram Stoker Award nomination.

WINNER Mort Castle and Sam Weller - Shadow Show (HarperCollins) - Mort Castle is editor of On Writing Horror and its earlier incarnation Writing Horror, both from Writer's Digest Books. An eight-and-a-half or nine time Bram Stoker Award nominee, depending on how you count, Castle has written novels, short stories, poems, articles, and comic books, with credits numbering well over 600. His newest books include All American Horror of the 21st Century (Wicker Park Press) and J.N. Williamson's The Illustrated Masques (IDW Publishing). Castle was cited as one of "21 Leaders in the Arts for the 21st Century in Chicago's Southland" by The Chicago Sun-Times Newspaper Group. He's twice won Black Quill Awards, has been nominated four times for a Pushcart Prize, twice for an Excellence in Teaching Award, and once for the International Horror Guild Award. His work has been translated into French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, and Polish, Czech, Serbian, Russian, and Hebrew, and Newsweek magazine (Polish edition) cited the translations of his novel The Strangers and short-story collection Moon on the Water as "two of the best books published in Poland in 2008." ♦ This is Sam Weller's third nomination; he was previously nominated in 2010 for Listen to the Echoes: The Ray Bradbury Interviews (Non-fiction) and in 2005 for The Bradbury Chronicles (Non-fiction).
Eric J. Guignard - Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations (Dark Moon Books) - Eric J. Guignard writes dark and speculative fiction from his office in Los Angeles. His most recent writing credits include Stupefying Stories Magazine, +Horror Library+ Vol. 5 (Cutting Block Press), A Feast of Frights (Best of The Horror Zine Magazine), and Eulogies II (Horror World Press). He's a member of the Horror Writers Association, the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society, and is the Horror Genre Correspondent for Men's Confidence Magazine. Although his passion is for fiction, he's also a published essayist and editor, including this year's acclaimed collection, Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations. His second anthology, After Death..., was just released in April, 2013 (Dark Moon Books), and his first novella, Last Case at a Baggage Auction, will be released in September, 2013 (JournalStone Publishing). Visit Eric at: or at his blog:
Eric Miller - Hell Comes to Hollywood (Big Time Books) - Editor of Hell Comes To Hollywood Eric Miller has been working in the movie business for over twenty years as a screenwriter, producer, and many other fun filled, low stress jobs. His produced horror scripts include Ice Spiders, Night Skies and Mask Maker. He has worked on numerous other horror films over the years, and is proud of the untold gallons of fake blood he has helped to spill. When not making movies or editing books, he spends time with his wife Wendy and their cats and dog. He also reads voraciously, writes occasionally, and is thrilled to be part of the horror industry he grew up idolizing.
Mark C. Scioneaux, R.J. Cavender, and Robert S. Wilson - Horror for Good: A Charitable Anthology (Cutting Block Press) - Mark C. Scioneaux is a Bram Stoker Award nominated editor and author. He is the author of numerous short stories appearing in various anthologies by Blood Bound Books, Severed Press, Evil Jester Press, and others. He is also the author of Family Dinner; and coauthor of Insurgent Z, Slipway Grey, and Cannibal Fat Camp. Hollow Shell: A Zombie Epic is an on-going serial of his that is available for download on Kindle. He is the founder of Horror for Good: A Charitable Anthology which sends all proceeds from book sales to amfAR, an international AIDS charity. He is a co-owner of Nightscape Press, and a member of the Horror Writers Association. He is a graduate of Louisiana State University and currently resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with his wife, Jessica. ♦ R.J. Cavender is an Associate Member of the Horror Writers Association of America and the thrice Bram Stoker Award® nominated editor of the +Horror Library+ anthology series and co-editor of Horror For Good: A Charitable Anthology, both from Cutting Block Press. He is the resident horror editor at The Editorial Department, managing editor of horror at Dark Regions Press, acquisitions editor at Blood Bound Books, and the pitch session coordinator for both KillerCon and World Horror Convention. ♦ Robert S. Wilson was born in Bloomington, Indiana during the blizzard of '78. His first taste for science fiction and horror came from watching episodes of The Twilight Zone and the stories his mother told him about a supposedly haunted house his family once lived in. He is the author of Shining in Crimson, book one of his dystopian vampire series: Empire of Blood. Robert is also one of three co-editers of Horror for Good: A Charitable Anthology published by Cutting Block Press. He is currently working on book two of the Empire of Blood series. Exit Reality: A Ray Garret/Lifeline Techno Thriller, the first novella in Robert's new fast-paced cyberpunk/horror/crime series is available now on Amazon from Blood Bound Books. Robert lives in Middle Tennessee with his wife and two kids and spends most of his time wondering where all the time went. Samples of his work as well as the free audio serial for Shining in Crimson can be found on his blog at You can also find him and Shining in Crimson on Facebook at and
Stan Swanson - Slices of Flesh (Dark Moon Books) - Stan Swanson is the author of eight books including Forever Zombie (a collection of short stories) and Write of the Living Dead (a highly-praised writing guide he wrote with Araminta Star Matthews and Rachel Lee). He is currently editor/publisher of Dark Moon Books and Dark Moon Digest. Spending most of his life in Colorado, Stan now resides with his wife in Florida. His newest work, My Boyfriend's a Zombie (a young adult novel written with Matthews) will be published late 2013.

Jonathan Carroll - Woman Who Married a Cloud: Collected Stories (Subterranean Press) - This is Jonathan Carroll's fourth Bram Stoker Award nomination. He was previously nominated in 1994 for From the Teeth of Angels (Novel) and in 1987 for "Friend's Best Man" (Short Story), and he won in 1995 for The Panic Hand (Fiction Collection).
WINNER Mort Castle - New Moon on the Water (Dark Regions) - This is Mort Castle's second nomination this year. Please see his nomination under Anthology to read more about him.
Elizabeth Hand - Errantry: Strange Stories (Small Beer Press) - This is Elizabeth Hand's second Bram Stoker Award nomination. She was previously nominated in 2003 for Bibliomancy (Fiction Collection).
Glen Hirshberg - The Janus Tree (Subterranean Press) - This is Glen Hirshberg's second Bram Stoker Award nomination. He was previously nominated in 2006 for American Morons (Fiction Collection).
WINNER Joyce Carol Oates - Black Dahlia and White Rose: Stories (Ecco) - Joyce Carol Oates is the author most recently of the novel The Accursed and the short story collections The Corn Maiden & Other Nightmares and Black Dahlia & White Rose. She is a resident of Princeton, New Jersey where she teaches at the university and she has been a member, since 1978, of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Her new novella collection will be Evil Eye (Mysterious Press). She is a past recipient of a Stoker Award for her novel Zombie and is the recipient of the 2011 National Medal of Honor in the Humanities.

Michael Collings - Writing Darkness (CreateSpace) - Michael R. Collings is a professor emeritus at Pepperdine University, where he spent nearly three decades teaching composition, creative writing, and literature. As part of his academic activities, he became one of the first scholars to work seriously with the writings of Stephen King, eventually publishing a number of books, articles, and reviews of King, McCammon, Barker, and other key horror writers. He is the author of eight novels, a dozen volumes of poetry (including A Verse to Horrors), over thirty scholarly/critical studies, and several hundred reviews and individual poems. He has served as a Guest at two World Horror Cons, HorrorFest'89, MythCon (Conference of the Mythopoeic Society), Endercon, and multiple times for the annual "Life, The Universe, and Everything" SF/F/H symposium in Utah. Even though retired, he keeps himself involved with writing, currently serving for the Senior Publications Editor at JournalStone Publications, a reviewer for, and a contributor to Dark Discoveries. He reviews at his online site, Collings Notes, and in his spare time still works on novels, stories, and poetry.
Leslie S. Klinger - The Annotated Sandman, Volume 1 (Vertigo) - Leslie S. Klinger is the New York Times-best-selling editor of the Edgar®-winning New Annotated Sherlock Holmes and the critically-acclaimed New Annotated Dracula, as well as numerous other books and articles on Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, vampires, and the Victorian age. He has been the technical adviser on many film and literary projects, including the two Warner Bros. Sherlock Holmes films starring Robert Downey, Jr. His newest books are the four-volume The Annotated Sandman with Neil Gaiman for Vertigo and The New Annotated H. P. Lovecraft for W. W. Norton (to be published in 2014). He is Treasurer of the Horror Writers Association and former Chapter President of the SoCal Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America. Klinger is a tax and business lawyer who lives in Malibu with his wife Sharon, a large dog, and three cats.
WINNER Lisa Morton - Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween (Reaktion Books) - This is Lisa Morton's second nomination this year. Please see her bio under Graphic Novel to read more about her.
Kim Paffenroth and John W. Morehead - The Undead and Theology (Pickwick Publications) - Kim Paffenroth has been a professor of religious studies at Iona College since 2001. He has written several books on the Bible and theology. Starting in 2006, he turned his analysis towards horror films and literature. His Gospel of the Living Dead: George Romero's Visions of Hell on Earth (Baylor, 2006) won the 2006 Bram Stoker Award in the nonfiction category. He went on to publish several zombie novels with Permuted Press. He grew up in New York, Virginia, and New Mexico, and attended St. John's College, Annapolis, MD (BA, 1988), Harvard Divinity School (MTS, 1990), and the University of Notre Dame (PhD, 1995). He lives now in upstate New York. ♦ John Morehead is a fan and academic working in religion and popular culture. He has contributed to various website, books, and journals, including CineFantastique Online, Butcher Knives & Body Counts: Essays on the Formula, Frights and Fun of the Slasher Film (Dark Scribe Press, 2011), John Kenneth Muir's Horror Films of the 1990s (McFarland, 2011), and Halos & Avatars: Playing Games with God (Westminster John Knox, 2010), edited by Craig Detweiler, with Kim Paffenroth. He is the co-editor of Joss Whedon and Religion (McFarland, forthcoming), and sits on the editorial board for GOLEM: The Journal of Religion and Monsters.
Kendall R. Phillips - Dark Directions: Romero, Craven, Carpenter, and the Modern Horror Film (Southern Illinois University Press) - Kendall Phillips is the author of several books including Projected Fears: Horror Films and American Culture (2004) and Controversial Cinema: The Films that Outraged America (2008). Born and raised in Texas, Kendall holds a Ph.D. from the Pennsylvania State University and currently serves as professor and associate dean in the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University. He lives in upstate New York with his wife and their incredibly spoiled Wheaten Terrier.

Linda Addison and Stephen M. Wilson - Dark Duet (NECON eBooks) - Linda D. Addison grew up in Philadelphia and began weaving stories at an early age. She moved to New York after college and has published over 280 poems, stories and articles. She is the first African-American recipient of the HWA Bram Stoker Award®. Dark Duet (Necon E-Books, 2012), a collaborative book of poetry written with Stephen M. Wilson, is currently on the Final Ballot for HWA Bram Stoker Awards®. See more at ♦ This is Stephen M. Wilson's first Bram Stoker Award nomination.
Bruce Boston and Gary William Crawford - Notes from the Shadow City (Dark Regions Press) - This is Bruce Boston's second nomination this year. Please see his nomination in Short Fiction to read more about him. ♦ Gary William Crawford is a scholar, poet and short story writer. He is the author of books such as J. Sheridan Le Fanu: A Bio-Bibliography and Robert Aickman:: An Introduction. In 1979 he founded Gothic Press, which published the journal Gothic and now publishes the free online journal Le Fanu Studies. His poetry collections The Shadow City and The Phantom World were nominated for the poetry Stoker. His short story collections are Gothic Fevers and Mysteries of Von Domarus. He co-edited Reflections in a Glass Darkly: Essays on J. Sheridan Le Fanu, and with Brian J. Showers co-authored Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: A Concise Bibliography. He lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Michael Collings - A Verse to Horrors (Amazon Digital Services) - This is Michael Collings' second nomination this year. Please see his nomination in Non-fiction to read more about him.
WINNER Marge Simon - Vampires, Zombies & Wanton Souls (Elektrik Milk Bath Press) - Marge Simon's works appear in publications such as Strange Horizons, Niteblade, DailySF Magazine, Pedestal, Dreams & Nightmares. She edits a column for the HWA Newsletter, "Blood & Spades: Poets of the Dark Side," and serves as Chair of the board of trustees. She won the Strange Horizons Readers Choice Award, 2010. In addition to her poetry, she has published two prose collections: Christina's World, Sam's Dot Publications, 2008 and Like Birds in the Rain, Sam's Dot, 2007. She won the Bram Stoker for Best Poetry Collection with Charlie Jacob, Vectors: A Week in the Death of a Planet, Dark Regions Press, 2008. Both of her 2011 poetry collections, Unearthly Delights and The Mad Hattery were Stoker finalists, as well as her 2012 collection, Vampires, Zombies & Wanton Souls (art by Sandy DeLuca), Electrikmilkbath Press. Member HWA, SFWA, SFPA.
Mary A. Turzillo - Lovers & Killers (Dark Regions) - This is Mary A. Turzillo's first Bram Stoker Award nomination.


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