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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HWA?

Click here to read more about us.

I have some stories published -- can I join HWA?

Click here to read our membership requirements.

How can I submit my story, screenplay, or novel to HWA?

Please don't send us your stories, story ideas, screenplays, novels, or pitches. The Horror Writers Association is not a publisher. The books listed on the HWA Books page were written by HWA members, and then sold to traditional publishers. If you'd like an opportunity to submit to an HWA project, please consider joining the organization. All stories, pitches, screenplays, novels, poems, etc. from non-members will be discarded.

Can HWA get me an agent?

The Horror Writers Association is not a literary agency, nor do we have many agents as members. So, the short answer is "no," but being a member can open doors for you, and help you learn more about the industry. To find out more about who we are and the benefits of membership, please click here. For a free article on frequently asked questions about agents, please click here.

I'm not a member -- can my book or story be considered for a Bram Stoker Award?

You do not have to be a member of HWA in order for your work to be considered for a Bram Stoker Award. Click here for information on how to promote your work for a Bram Stoker Award.

Will you review my story, novel, or movie in your newsletter or on your site?

We don't post reviews on our website nor do we publish them in our newsletter. Sorry.

Will you send an e-mail to my favorite horror author for me?

Your best bet for contacting an author directly is to search for their website on the Internet. If the author you wish to contact does not have a web site, but you know that they're an HWA member, we'll be glad to forward any correspondance you'd like to send.

Frequently Asked Questions from Members

Where's my password?

If you're a new member, your e-mail provider may have seen the e-mail with your ID and password as spam since it's generated by a web bot. Check your bulk folders. If you still can't seem to find it, feel free to submit a new password request to

My password isn't working!

All passwords are case sensitive. This means that if your password is "MyPassWord," then it must be entered exactly as it appears. Simply entering "mypassword" will not grant you access to the site. If you have double-checked to ensure that you are entering your password correctly, feel free to submit a new password request to

How do I pay my dues?

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