Volume 15 / Issue 49 / June-July-August 2004

Fiendish Endeavors

It's that time o' the month again, folks! Yep, that's right, another hellish round of everyone's favorite HWA Newsletter column (yeah, right, but what the hell).
Earlier in the summer, Borderlands Press Publisher Thomas F. Monteleone presented Charles L. Grant with his copy of Quietly Now: An Anthology in Tribute to Charles L. Grant. The signed limited edition book, a compendium of short stories and appreciations, was edited by Kealan Patrick Burke, with an introduction and interview by Hank Wagner, a frontispiece by Gahan Wilson, and color cover art by Alan Clark. The volume also includes a Grant bibliography compiled by T. Liam McDonald. Writers who contributed: Gary A. Braunbeck, P.D.Cacek, Scott Edelman, Paul Finch, Craig Shaw Gardner, Darren O. Godfrey, Stephen King, Joe R. Lansdale, Bentley Little, Thomas F. Monteleone, Kim Newman, Bill Pronzini, Kathryn Ptacek, William Relling Jr., Al Sarrantonio, David B. Silva, Thomas Smith, Steven Spruill, Peter Straub, Steve Rasnic Tem, Wendy Webb, Chet Williamson, David Niall Wilson, F. Paul Wilson, and Douglas E. Winter.
Photo by Kathryn Ptacek
I sincerely hope all of you are having a great summer so far, getting lots of productive writing done and enjoying a good book at the beach, pool, or wherever. And with that, let's delve into this recent batch of Endeavors Most Fiendish!

Patrick Malone's novel, The Piper, has just been released, and the screenplay of the novel is gearing up for production. More information can be found on his Web site, at http://www.malonescripts.com.

Tony Richards has a couple recent sales to report. "The Tappleworth Angel"--a blend of sf and dark fantasy set in rural Devon--went to Weird Tales, and Midnight Road picked up his body-shock tale, "Skin Two."

Gary W. Crawford's story, "Mysteries of Von Domarus," is in the May issue of Forbidden Fruit. Also, he has poems forthcoming in Aphelion, Dreams and Nightmares, and Star*Line.

Ken Goldman announces the following stories accepted: in print, "Mercy Hathaway is a Witch" in The British Fantasy Society's Dark Horizons, "Where The Dead Men Lose Their Bones" in The Blackest Death Vol. II, "Swing a Sparrow on a String" in Champagne Shivers, "Same Day, Different Shit" in From The Asylum, "I Love You, Toby Fishbein" in Liquid Ohio, "Six Ways From Sunday" in Post Mortem, and the poems "Tears" in the UK's Mouseion, and "Mildred, All in Pink" in Poe Little Thing; and online "God's Servant, Jolene" in Camp Horror, "Mutual Agreement" in the Flashshot Year One e-Anthology, and "Smoke and Mirrors" in Whispering Spirits. Wow, Ken, is that all?

Robin Spriggs starred in the world premiere of SINKHOLE at the Dances with Films film festival in Los Angeles CA, on June 11, 2004. Even though this blurb in FE will appear after the film festival, more information can be found at http://www.danceswithfilms.com. Huge congrats, Robin!

Karen L. Newman's poem, "Atomic Mistress," appeared in the March 2004 issue of Scared Naked magazine, and her poem, "Eulogy," is scheduled to appear in the June issue of Naked Snake Online. Recently, she won the EOTU contest of What Does EOTU Stand For? Her winning entry is the theme of the August issue, which includes her poem, "Absolute Zero."

Melissa M. Jeter is pleased to announce her first short story acceptance! Way to go, Melissa ... and congratulations! I'm sure this is the first of many. Her story, "The Gathering," will appear in the June issue of AlienSkin magazine.

Phoenix Pictures has acquired feature rights to Graham Masterton's psychological horror novel, The Pariah, and tapped Brian Carr (scriptwriter of THE LOST BOYS for Universal) to adapt. Also, Gold Circle has acquired feature rights to Masterton's interpretation of the Dorian Gray story, "Family Portrait." Last but certainly not least, Graham was awarded the 2003 Tombstone Award for Best Long Fiction by Horror Network for his Christmas chiller, Anti-Claus.

James Sneddon's new novel, The Tolltaker, is out as of June 2004, so look for it at all the usual bookselling venues, online or not.

James S. Dorr's story, "The Winged Man," is scheduled for publication in the July issue of MarsDust (http://www.marsdust.com).

Out now is Richard Gavin's Charnel Wine, published by Rainfall Books. The book contains twenty-three tales of terror by the acclaimed Canadian horror writer, with some stories appearing in print for the first time. But wait, there's more! Charnel Wine also includes black-and-white illustrations by Stephen Lines, an introduction by John B. Ford, and cover blurbs from Thomas Ligotti, Maynard & Sims, and D.F. Lewis. It's available through www.shocklines.com or directly through Rainfall Books by contacting Ford at John.B.Ford@btinternet.com.

Are you looking for that special, unique birthday gift? John Kiel Alexander suggests his story, "Re: Birthday Ritual," online at Dream Forge.

Maria Alexander's bloodied and bruised poem, "The Rage of Her Return," is one of five winners in the AOL Time-Warner corporate poetry competition on the theme of Springtime. The poem will be published internally to the vast and teeming AOL Time-Warner readership. To make things worse, Maria's stories and poems are spreading like consumption. Her poem, "Sighs From the Edda Over Iceland," has just appeared in Issue #67 of Dreams and Nightmares, and her story, "When Gods Die," has been reprinted by Gothic.net. Finally, her lights-out science fiction tale, "Conspiracy of One," can now be found in Issue #1 of Horror Carousel.

Kathryn Ptacek's novel, Aurora, has sold to Russian publisher AST--the historical romance, penned under the name Kathryn Atwood, was originally published by Jove in 1987.

Whispering Spirits has published Henry P. Gravelle's "The A.O.D." in issue #7 from May through August.

David Greske will be the featured guest author on Web-based radio artistfirst.com on July 15, at 8 p.m. EST. During the hour-long conversation he'll be discussing his novel, Anathema, and also answering any questions listeners may E-mail at that time. To tune in, simply log onto http://www.artistfirst.com and click on one of the "To Listen" icons.

A new film adaptation of Lawrence C. Connolly's story, "Echoes," won Best Cinematography at the Fusion Film Festival in New York City. Directed by Rodney Altman and produced by Leo Fialho and Nina Hayden, the film is the second screen adaptation of the story, which originally appeared in Twilight Zone Magazine and has since been reprinted in numerous anthologies, among them Year's Best Horror Stories: Series XII, HorrorStory 4, 100 Great Fantasy Short Short Stories, and 100 Fiendish Little Frightmares. The story has also been translated into nearly a dozen languages. Connolly's latest story, "Striking Terror," will appear later this month in Cemetery Dance Magazine #49.

As they say, all good things must come to an end, but have no fear ... I shall return in August to report your latest Fiendish Endeavors. Yes, August, 2004. My thirty-seventh birthday is the same day as Hemingway's in July so I am taking that month off. I hope all of you don't mind. Feel free to send me your news/info for FE, but it won't get posted in the column until then. Also, refrain from sending me "repeats" as I only try to put stuff in the column one time, in fairness to everyone. And please, do not send me mass-mailings, author newsletters, or attached files of any kind. Thanks! Oh, the 15th of every month is the usual deadline for getting your news/info to me. My E-mail is flahorrorwriter@yahoo.com.

Harry Shannon, his daughter Paige, and Kyle Gass at the Mystery Bookstore in Westwood.
Photo by Wendy Kramer Shannon
Harry Shannon had his first signing for Memorial Day (A Mick Callahan Novel) on Saturday, May 22, at the Mystery Bookstore in Westwood CA. Actor Kyle Gass, Jack Black's partner in "Tenacious D" and leader of the comedy band "Trainwreck," stopped by to purchase a copy of Harry's novel.

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