Fiendish Endeavors

John Kachuba’s paranormal murder mystery, Shantok, is now available at Amazon.

The Seeker, R.B. Chesterton's second dark novel, will hit bookstores March 6. Pegasus Books is the publisher. When Aine Cahill moves to the seclusion of Walden Pond to write her dissertation on Thoreau--with the bombshell information that her great-great-great-aunt Bonnie Cahill was Thoreau's lover during his tenure in the woods--Aine discovers that the past horrors of her bloodline cannot be left behind. A young blond girl befriends Aine, but is the child real, a ghost, or something much darker. Chesterton's first novel, The Darkling, was named to the 2013 top ten horror novels of the year compiled by Chesterton is the pseudonym for award-winning author Carolyn Haines.

Gerry Griffiths is pleased to announce that his short story, "The Farmstead" (about three weary travelers on horseback that discover a sinister farmhouse in the western badlands), is in Dark Eclipse: The Dark Moon Monthly e-magazine #31 published by Stan Swanson and Lori Michelle at Dark Moon Books.

Marge Simon has new dark poems in Silver Blade ("Catana") and Bete Noire Magazine ("Armageddon: From Death Row"). The former is a dark poem about a pregnant hominid feline, and the latter is a scene from a prison on Judgment Day.

Erinn Kemper is thrilled to announce that her short story, "The Claim" by E.L. Kemper, will appear in the massive anthology A Darke Phatastique from editor Jason V Brock. This anthology includes stories by over 40 authors, is illustrated and has an introduction of new writing by Ray Bradbury!

Congratulations to everyone. If you have a recent sale or upcoming publication, tell us about it. It's publicity. It's free. Send a tiger-tight paragraph to announcing your fiendish endeavor.