Recently Born of Horrific Minds: Books Coming Out This Month

Tales of the Grotesque: A Collection of Uneasy Tales
L.A. Lewis
Shadow Publishing

This is the first paperback edition of a rare collection of stories by one of our most underrated writers.

Grimm: The Chopping Block
John Passarella
Titan Books

A cache of bones is found in a shallow grave in local woods as missing-persons cases in Portland seem to be on the rise. As more bones are discovered, Portland homicide detective Nick Burkhardt and his partner Hank Griffin investigate--but there seems to be no connection between the victims.

Dark Hall Press Cosmic Horror Anthology
Dark Hall Press (Editor)
Dark Hall Press

Dark Hall Press is proud to present our Cosmic Horror Anthology, ten tales of nameless terror from some of the most exciting voices in the field. It’s all here, from stories of subtle, invasive menace to tales of full-fledged cyclopean horrors; from alien worlds to the yawning holes in perception where strange forces lurk; where nature takes on a terrifying sentience and one is not safe even in dreams.

The Forgotten
Collie James (Author) Maxine Bringenberg (Editor)
Word Castle Publishing

When Alley Anderson finally frees herself from an unwanted existence in the inner city of Knoxville, Tennessee, she thinks her life is headed for happiness. But she is wrong. She is not alone in the 150-year-old house she now calls home.

The Violet Hour
Whitney A. Miller

Harlow Wintergreen, the daughter of an international cult leader, hears a sinister voice that shows her visions of a bloody alternate-reality. When the visions start coming true while she's on a PR junket across Asia, she'll need the help of her best friend and the boy she loves to contain the monster within. Will it be too late?

The Other Side
Faraaz Kazi Vivek Banerjee
Mahaveer Publishers/ DigiImprint Solutions

Let us take you to "The Other Side" to frighten you out of your wits. And, once you enter, there will be no escape! Dare to visit alone?

The Janus Legacy
Lisa von Biela

The Janus Legacy--is it a gift or a curse? Does it bring life or death? Is it a miraculous new beginning for the human race or a step closer to the end of everything? Some doors should never be opened ...

Scott Tyson
Legumeman Books

There are creatures living beneath us. To them, we are the Topsiders. It's time to say hello.

Zombie Apocalypse: Washington Deceased
Lisa Morton
Constable & Robinson

In this tie-in novel to the Zombie Apocalypse novels edited by Stephen Jones, the U.S. Capitol falls under siege by hordes of ravenous zombies. The president and her staff take refuge in underground bunkers, where they fight against both the undead and their own dissenting forces.

On Turpin's Head
Mike McNichols
Glass Darkly (An Imprint of Harmon Press)

The dreams and visions that haunt Joey Birdwell, like those experienced by his mother, create access to the vampire world. As evil unfolds, Joey is given--by some unknown source--insight into the dark secrets of the vampires and provided the only clues that can lead to the creatures’ destruction.

Bone Welder
Greg Kishbaugh
Evileye Books

Bone Welder is the first in a horror-thriller trilogy that explores the legacy of Frankenstein's Monster. In this first installment, the monster is re-introduced to the modern world after a near-200-year absence, sought out by a man in search of redemption. But the destruction he unwittingly unleashes upon the world is more horrific than Dr. Frankenstein himself could have ever imagined.

Spying on Gods
David G. Barnett
Necro Publications

A drunken, naked frenzy leads to a nightmare summoned to Earth. A nightmare not meant to be witnessed by human eyes. Because if it is, the village will pay--and pay it does.

Lych Way
Ari Berk
Simon & Schuster

In the conclusion to the Undertaken trilogy that Publishers Weekly called “a thought-provoking gothic fantasy,” Silas must master his powers and confront a past that is anything but dead.

Dark Vengeance
Russell James
Samhain Horror

A coven of witches has moved into the tiny town near Galaxy Farm. They know about the evil entity that lies trapped there, and they hope to resurrect it and set it free to renew its hunt of mankind. All they need for their sacrifices is the blood of innocent children.

Fallow Ground
Michael James McFarland
Blood Bound Books

The Taylors want nothing more than to start a family, but the couple remains childless. A stranger, known only as Mr. Smith, arrives on their doorstep late one night with a strange proposition: safeguard a crate for the peculiar man and they’ll get their offspring. They strike a dark and irrevocable bargain.

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