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The Collection and Other Dark Tales by Tracy L. Carbone was released by Shadowridge Press in March. She will be signing copies at Dark Delicacies in Burbank CA on May 19 at 2 p.m.

What happens when Mobsters battle it out with vampires on the streets of Philadelphia. Find out on Blood Street by Carl Alves. E-book available for Kindle, Nook, and other formats on May 20.

Open Call: 2013 Wicked Women Writer Challenge - How Will You Survive? Premise: Life is never convenient. Why should the apocalypse be any different? Info: - DEEP CUTS rec: Anne Radcliffe's "The Haunted Chamber" in" - The Witches' Brew anthology (recommended by Hollie Snider).

April showers bring May ... shoggoths?
Stock up now for your summer of lyrical strangeness!
Twisted in Dream: The Collected Weird Poetry of Ann K. Schwader
Foreword by Robert M. Price

EXOSKELETON - A dark, dark ride on the border of sci-fi and horror written by a physicist. (Just $2.99 at Amazon!)

Black Tea by Samuel Marolla. Taste the Italian Horror! Available from February 2013 in e-book:

Scenes Along the Zombie Highway - Undead poetry from Bram Stoker Award®-nominated poet G.O. Clark (Shroud of Night, Strange Vegetables, Bone Sprockets) available from Dark Regions Press.

PLAGUE NATION by Dana Fredsti. "Exactly what the zombie genre needed." Joe McKinney, Stoker Award®-winning author of Flesh Eaters. Available now from Titan Books.

Available now! Michael Arruda's IN THE SPOOKLIGHT, a collection of 100+ of Michael's IN THE SPOOKLIGHT movie columns, and FOR THE LOVE OF HORROR, Michael's first short-story collection, at

This is the second coming, and no one's getting saved. Tearstone by David L. Day, Belfire Press. Now available.

AT LAST! THE TEARS OF ISIS, latest James Dorr collection from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, on May 15. Dark Fantasy, Horror fans -- great for gifts, too!

Come for giveaways, blogs, interviews, excerpts during my virtual book tour for The Spellcaster's Grimoire, every weekday May 6 through 31:

"HELLZAPALOOZA - The Best DamnED Rock Show Ever!" A novel surrounding/weaving through a short story anthology, about a rock festival that goes hellishly wrong.

THE WHISPERING HORROR by Eddy C. Bertin. First-ever English language collection by one of our great European horror writers. Discount and details at

WEIRD WEDDING GUEST by Margaret L. Carter. A short erotic romance that asks: Can an iridescent blob of tentacles and eyestalks find true love?

My Poems For You - Audio Book CD - $14.50 - Witty and Philosophical Poems For Life by multi-Award-Winning English HWA Member: Merlynda Robinson - Web site: - Orders:

edited by Ellen Datlow
"explicitly terrifying to eerily familiar Highly recommended"
The Arkham Digest
print or e-book from Tachyon Publications

Grave Dancer's Club by JE Gurley. Angelic Knight Press at They wanted to tell ghost stories, but these teens challenge a Strigoi vampire instead.

Songs for the Raven features Mike Jansen's award winning short story "The Copper Oasis."

RED IS FOR RAGE wins NABE Pinnacle award HELLFIRE & DAMNATION II takes Horror & Short Story E-Lit awards. See each @ and! (Connie Corcoran Wilson).

Save yourself the hassle! Let a pro convert your book to digital formats (ePub/Kindle); YOU retain all rights. Pay when satisfied; lifetime guarantee. Base price $2/1k words.

MARK OF THE BLACK CLAW, Douglas D. Hawk's homage to the 1940s pulps, is now available at the Kindle Store and at Barnes and Noble. Only $2.99.

Burning the Middle Ground, a novel by L. Andrew Cooper. Kids with guns. Severed limbs in church basements. Darks arts and mind control. Average Southern town, right?

In your bed, in the bath, or at the beach,
Read Dark Of The Sun -- it's a peach

Does your mom like zombies? Buy her: THE GLOWING DEAD by Michael McCarty & Jody R. LaGreca – a perfect mother's day giftie

Ken Goldman's e-book anthology, STAR CROSSED (Vampires 2 Publications), contains five of Ken's short stories, from s/f to erotic horror. It's available at

Editing - 30-year pro ... E-mail Kathy Ptacek at, and we'll talk about your project. 10% off to HWA members with ad. Expires 6/30/13.

Ever get a catchy song stuck in your head? This is the book version. ROCK 'N' ROLL by L.L. Soares. Available now.

Coming in June from Post Mortem Press, LOSING TOUCH by Christian A. Larsen, featuring a foreword by New York Times-bestselling author Piers Anthony.