A Not-So-Final Note from the Editor

Did you send a letter to a writer as I asked last month? Tsk. Let's get going on this ... let's tell writers we've read for years that we appreciate their stuff. It's nice for you to say something appreciative while they're still working.

Working on other writerly stuff, are you? That's good. I have stuff I'm playing with ... mysterious stuff ... heh. I'll tell you more about it if it all works out. If not, I'll just make more vague sounds here.

Been submitting lots and lots of poems and stories and whatnots to the various publications? Actually, I have three or four things out right now. Of course, it'll be another century or so until I hear back ... Well, perhaps not a century ... perhaps only a decade. In the meantime, get more things circulating! Try for something to go out every month! Every week! What the heck!

In the meantime, I know you'd be more than happy to send me something for the newsletter. What do I want? What don't I want!? E-mail me at gilaqueen@att.net, and we'll talk about some ideas. I am especially keen on having someone do a column on a subject dear to all of us: marketing and promotion.

Also, be sure to send news of sales and impending publications to the appropriate columnists. The deadline for each issue is ALWAYS the 15th of each month, so send your stuff early--that is, BEFORE the 15th and not on that date or shortly after. The E-mail addresses of the columnists are on the front page/right side of each issue and also often at the bottom of some columns. Photos of signings and other horror/writing-related events are greatly appreciated (and encouraged)! This stuff is all FREE promotion for yourself and your work! FREE! Take advantage of that!

Again, I’d like to thank my terrific proofreaders: Ron Breznay, Marty Young, Carson Buckingham, Anthony Ambrogio, Marge Simon, Walt Jarvis, Joel Jacobs, Greg Faherty, Brick Marlin, Morven Westfield, Tracy DeVore, Thea Hutcheson, Richard Dean Starr, and Pat Esposito. And thanks to Steve Dorato for all that he does in getting the newsletter put up at the Web site each month, often on short notice! I really appreciate it--many, many thanks, Steve!

The deadline for the JUNE issue is Wednesday, May 15.