Recently Born of Horrific Minds: Books Coming Out This Month

Michael McCarty, Linnea Quigley, and Stan Swanson
Dark Moon Books

Sometimes the screaming never stops. If you thought scream queen Desiree Starr had quite the adventure in Night of the Scream Queen, you won't want to miss this exciting sequel by Michael McCarty, Linnea Quigley, and Stan Swanson. You'll follow some of the same characters appearing in the first novel, but many of them do not survive this second encounter with the evil hounding them in the sequel. Not when they come face to face with Zyana, an Aztec Queen who has returned from death for vengeance against those who helped destroy her empire. And she doesn't care who gets in her way ... not even a scream queen who not only fights for life, but for love as well. A rollicking adventure and a tribute to B-movies of a lost age, Return of the Scream Queen will have you looking over your shoulder for many nights to come.

David L. Day
Belfire Press

Two brothers scarred by a dark family secret, a deputy consumed by her past, and an old man summoned to the humble town of Washington Heights by the discovery of an ancient artifact. This is how the end begins, with the quiet destruction of a little town in Southeastern Ohio.

Rusell James
Samhain Publishing

Citrus Glade is a dying town that needs new businesses, but the one that just opened is doing much more harm than good. Stranger Lyle Miller’s magic shop seems to only stock what its select customers desire. When four outcast boys buy common party tricks, only Lyle knows what those tricks can really do. As subtle changes occur around town, a few residents realize that something is amiss ... and getting worse. But it may already be too late. Lyle’s black magic has empowered more townspeople to help him execute his Grand Adventure, a plan that will reduce the town, and half the state, to rubble.

Michael Bray

Once you hear the whisper calling your name, you are one step closer to death.

Michael Oliveri
Evileye Books

The 2001 Bram Stoker Award® winning novel from Mike Oliveri now available in a brand new e-book edition featuring a new edit by A.N. Ommus, and new book block and cover design by Viktor Farro.

Peter Giglio
Nightscape Press

Peter Giglio returns to the fictional town of Sunfall, Nebraska, this time with a rural crime thriller.

Jody R. LaGreca
Whiskey Creek Press

Forever In Vein unravels the dazzling, yet cruel world of Victorian New England where tradition meets with passion and bloodthirsty malevolence. Lovely debutante Becky Williams is ensnared by Ludwing Von Vanderblatt, a 150-year-old vampire. Let this story take you into the doom of the Vanderblatt farmhouse and beyond the silence of the pit!

Samuel Marolla

The Black Tea horror has the flavour of a mysterious tea, of a haunted wine, and of an alchemical cocktail of milk and blood; something undoubtedly unique, original, and terrible.

Eric J. Guignard
Dark Moon Books

An anthology of thirty-four all-new horror and speculative-fiction stories examining what may occur after we die. Authors included: Steve Rasnic Tem, Bentley Little, John Langan, Simon Clark, Lisa Morton, Joe McKinney, William Meikle, Ray Cluley, David Tallerman, and exceptional others.

Glenn Rolfe
Jukepop Serials

Craig Hickey is changing ... An evil of epic proportions is getting ready to nestle in. What is Craig becoming? Tune in and find out ...

John G. Rees
Black Water Books

Evil is not something that wishes to be put away in the darkness, to be shuttered out of the light and out of sight, as we would like it to be. No, it wants to live among men and be the very bane of their existence.

Lisa von Biela

Deep within OneMarket, the unthinkable is happening, the development of an invasive technology dubbed the Genesis Code, that could create a more efficient, obedient workforce.

Glenn Rolfe

This is the second bone-chilling volume in Glenn Rolfe's horror serial novel, The Haunted Halls. She has been waiting. Waiting for her chosen few. Waiting to return to her old stomping grounds. The pieces are falling into place; her patience being rewarded. Good for her, bad for those who stand in her way. Secrets begin to unravel as the past comes into view. What horrors will the Ice Queen and her little tribe unleash next? Enter these haunted halls and find out.

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