The HWA's Eighth Roundtable - Writing a Series

We didn’t have a Roundtable during May as I got called away to the jungles of Papua New Guinea before I could arrange it; I’ve spent the past few weeks battling locals and angry spirits up here in the Southern Highlands where civilization seems a distant--but fond--memory. But there’s a bit of structure now in place so expect these Roundtables to return to a more frequent viewing from here on out (I’ve probably said that before but I mean it this time--unless those wild spirits get me ...).

Before I announce our next topic and our super cool guests, I’d like to put a call out to all HWA members to contact me with ideas for future discussions, and better yet, to offer up your soul in servitude for an hour or so one month. The chains we use for our special guests are padded so you’ll be well looked after, I promise [Insert evil laugh here]. Drop me a line at

Now, on with the show.

The HWA’s seventh Horror Roundtable will take place on Saturday the 11th of May at noon EST. So go get a cuppa tea and settle in for a fun time, ‘cos we have a great line up all ready to rattle your brains!

The topic this round is Writing a Series (thanks for the idea, Kathy Ptacek!). Please join our special guests Nancy Holder, Kelley Armstrong, F. Paul Wilson, and Kim Newman, as they discuss the following:

“What do writers owe their readers when they write books in series? Or do they not owe anything at all? The readers are the people who buy the books and 'pay' the writer with eventual [we hope!] royalties. The people and situations in a book and a series are the writer’s creation and for themselves foremost ... but if a writer isn’t thinking of potential readers, then why bother sending the book to an agent or publisher? Why try to get it published? And ... what does a writer owe her own characters? Did she form them and breathe life into them only to cut things off in a matter of a few books? Of course, we can think of Sherlock Holmes who died but was brought back after Doyle got a lot of Victorian flak.”

So please join us over on the HWA’s blog at noon EST on May 11.

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