A Not-So-Final Note from the Editor

So ... anything interesting going on in your neck of the woods? Naw; ditto here, although I am making a list of stories I need to start—a list that I'm checking twice, and maybe even thrice! Are you getting any work done? Let me know if you're writing writing writing. Be sure you check out the market report in this issue. There are some markets that you will NOT want to miss out on. So get going!

Also, don't forget to send photos of your book-signings and writer events and presentations and demonstrations and horror-cookie baking videos. Be sure to report news of recent sales and impending publications and upcoming appearances to the appropriate columnists. The deadline for each issue is ALWAYS the 15th of each month, so send your news early—that is, BEFORE the 15th and not on that date or shortly after. The E-mail addresses of the columnists are on the front page/right side of each issue and also often at the bottom of some columns. This stuff is all FREE promotion for you and your work! FREE! Take advantage of that!

If you can send stuff earlier than usual for the June issue, that would be helpful. The deadline falls during the StokerCon weekend, so I suggest you pass along your good news to the various columnists about a week before that.

As always, I would like to thank my very patient proofreaders: Brick Marlin, Marge Simon, Marty Young, Walt Jarvis, Sheri White, Joel Jacobs, Morven Westfield, Ron Breznay, Greg Faherty, Dean Wild, Anthony Ambrogio, and Naching Kassa. And thanks to Donna K. Fitch for all her hard work getting the newsletter put up at the site!

The deadline for the June issue (the year is half over! Panic!) is Sunday, May 15.