Fiendish Endeavors

Grey Matter Press will be releasing Secrets of the Weird, a transgressive urban fantasy horror tale by Chad Stroup. Stroup's debut novel is set in the dystopian town of Sweetville, where a drug known as Sweet Candy distributed by a mysterious cult with secret machinations, is making its rounds through the city's underground. This divergent crowd of Neo-Nazis, social deviants, drag queens, and prostitutes all harbor dark secrets of their own that, if revealed, threaten to unravel the fabric of their tenuous grip on reality that is their counter-culture society. A haunting literary exploration that exposes the horrors of child abuse, sexual and gender identity, body modification, and political mores, Secrets of the Weird will arrive later in 2016.

G.A. Minton's debut horror/sci-fi novel, Trisomy XXI, will be released June 6 from World Castle Publishing as a paperback and e-book. Sixteen-year-old Joshua Allen was born with an extra chromosome—a genetic aberration known as Trisomy XXI, or Down Syndrome. When a serious accident leaves him in a coma, Joshua receives a mysterious injection that endows him with supernatural powers. The transformed teen is linked to a string of bizarre deaths that leave the town’s sheriff and the coroner baffled. But when a ghastly creature from another planet lands on Earth and begins its hunt for Joshua and viciously slaughters anyone in its path, Joshua and his friends are rapidly thrust into a world full of terror. What follows is a horrific life-and-death struggle with the seemingly-indestructible extraterrestrial being. The salvation of an entire race of aliens hangs in the balance ...

Denise Dumars says, "My quarterly poetry column 'Stealth SF' in Star*Line, the Journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Assn., is subtitled 'The Horror, the Horror' in the upcoming Spring 2016 edition. It focuses on mainstream poetry markets for horror poets. I've also had a poem accepted by Star*Line titled 'Londinium After Midnight,' which will appear in a later issue. My story, 'The Poison Draught,' was accepted by the anthology Horror from the Inside Out: Stories for Autism."

Jeff C. Stevenson has good news to report. His short story, "What Can You Tell Me About Mercy?," was recently published by the Freedom Fiction Journal. "The Devil Arrives In Heaven" flash fiction appeared in the April 17 edition of Flash Fiction Press. "Sleep Talking" will be published as part of the Urban Temples Of Cthulhu Mythos anthology this summer. Hypnos Magazine will publish "All The Way From Memphis" in the fall 2016 issue.

Kathryn Ptacek sold her short story, “I of the Beholder,” to The Beauty of Death anthology edited by Alessandro Manzetti. Rena Mason, JG Faherty, and Erinn L. Kemper are thrilled to be joining Kathryn in this anthology of beautiful horror from Independent Legions Publishing.

Horror photographer Joshua Hoffine's first photo book launched from Dark Regions Press via on April 26. See some of the stunning horror photographs and read more about the upcoming campaign at:

Annie Neugebauer tells us, "I’m pleased to announce that I have two poems out at Apex Magazine, both free to read online: 'Maxwell’s Demon' and 'Naked.' I have a creepy short story called 'The Cottage of Curiosities' in the anthology Strange Little Girls by Belladonna Publishing. That one is available now in e-book or paperback. I’ve recently signed with Alec Shane of Writers House for all of my books. And I’m excited to have a story included in the upcoming anthology The Beauty of Death by Independent Legions Publishing."

Ashley Dioses' poem, "Labyrinthine King," appears in 47 - 16: Short Fiction and Poetry Inspired by David Bowie (Volume I), edited by Chris Thompson. All proceeds from the sale of this book, in print or digital, will be donated to Cancer Research and Cancer Care.

The stories in Richard Thomas' third short story collection, Tribulations, cover a wide range of dark fiction—from fantasy, science fiction, and horror, to magical realism, neo-noir, and transgressive fiction. The common thread that weaves these tragic tales together is suffering and sorrow, and the ways we emerge from such heartbreak stronger, more appreciative of what we have left—a spark of hope enough to guide us through the valley of death. The book was released by Crystal Lake Publishing on April 9 and includes two stories that were long-listed for Best Horror of the Year, five illustrations by Luke Spooner, and one new story, "The Offering on the Hill."

Congratulations to everyone. If you have a recent sale or upcoming publication, tell us about it. It's publicity. It's free. Send a tiger-tight paragraph to announcing your fiendish endeavor.