HWA Market Report #248

Cemetery Dance OnlineCemetery Dance Publications; See Web site. "Cemetery Dance Publications is looking for well-written horror and suspense short stories for our new online publication, Cemetery Dance Online. This Web site is normally invitation-only, but we're opening to submissions from HWA members during the month of May 2016."

"We're looking for originals, no reprints. We want tales that are powerful and emotional—creepy, chilling, disturbing, and moody. Suspense or crime tales with a horror element are always welcome. Both supernatural and psychological stories are fine."

"Most common reasons for rejection: lack of power, lack of originality, slow pacing, poor writing, boring themes, all gore and no heart."

"PLEASE NOTE: We may also select stories from this submission period for Cemetery Dance magazine (print) and any of our upcoming anthologies including the Shivers series."

"Multiple Submissions? Please only send one story during this reading period."

Payment: "10¢/word, payable within 30 days of publication. Up to 3000 words; maximum payment of $300."

Response Time: "Up to four months, but we'll try to answer as fast as we can while giving every story a fair reading."

[Submissions: https://cemeterydance.submittable.com/submit/b47681b0-80c0-49d2-8bfd-8f1b493a7edbhttp://www.cemeterydance.com]. Opens: May 1, 2016; Deadline:May 31, 2016.


Hallows’ Eve, An Anthology for HWA—See Web site. Editors: Ellen Datlow and Lisa Morton. "Hallows’ Eve is an anthology focused on the horror genre’s favorite holiday—Halloween. We’re looking for stories that explore the festival from many different points of view. Tell us something about the emotional meaning of the night. Investigate a historical angle that isn’t often done. Give us a story about a modern element of the holiday—haunted attractions, large-scale festivals, retailing—that we haven’t seen before. Halloween has a two-thousand-year history and is spreading around the globe, so the range of stories we want is just as long and broad."

"We’re also willing to consider stories that might focus on Halloween’s closest cousins: All Saints Day; All Souls Day; Devil's Night; Samhain; Dia de Los Muertos; and the Irish 'Old Halloween' or 'Old Samhain' (this happens on November 11th, the date of Halloween under the old Julian calendar)."

"Submitted stories must be between 4000 and 8500 words, in standard manuscript format, submitted in .RTF, .DOC, or .DOCX format. No multiple submissions, but if your first submission is turned down, feel free to try us with another. Submissions will be accepted only via HWA’s Submittable link, which will be announced on May 1, when we begin accepting submissions. Payment will be 7¢/word (upon acceptance). The book will be published by Blumhouse Books, a series of Doubleday/Anchor Books, in 2017."

What We Don’t Want: "Stories told from a child’s point of view. Stories about childish pranks. Stories that use Halloween as no more than a single, passing mention. Stories that use other holidays (e.g., the autumn equinox, Guy Fawkes Eve/Bonfire Night, Martinmas) than those mentioned above. Stories that are full of factual errors, especially regarding the history of Halloween (please remember that one of the editors is a leading authority on the holiday). Nonfiction pieces. Poetry. The Obvious. Submissions that don’t follow these guidelines."

"If you have questions, please contact us at [E-mail address below]. However, please do NOT submit to this address. Thank you, and we look forward to reading your submission!"

[Questions: hallowseve@horror.org; Submissions: via Submittable link online; http://www.horror.org/]. Opens:May 1, 2016; Deadline:July 1, 2016.