San Francisco Bay Chapter Update

Attending: Luke (Ken) Hueler, Crystal Romero, Loren Rhoads, Martin Reaves (via Skype), Jeff Seeman (chair/scribe), Ambyr Shadowsinger (technical support), Carlos Romero (honorary member and notorious gangster)

Location: Redwood City Public Library

Welcome and introductions

The meeting began by welcoming our newest attendees, Loren and Martin, the latter of whom became our very first Skype attendee. (Thanks to Ambyr for making that possible!) 

Everyone talked about their latest projects. Martin discussed his latest psychology thriller, A Fractured Conjuring, and Loren told us about her newly reissued supernatural novel, Lost Angels, and the sequel she’s currently working on. Luke’s new humorous ghost story is now available in the anthology Strangely Funny III, and Jeff’s “faux Poe” (that is, his Edgar Allan Poe homage) recently appeared in the March issue of Disturbed Digest. Jeff is also working with the San Jose Micro Theatre Company to produce his first one-act play, Dog Food, which is scheduled to premiere later this year. And Crystal very generously gave everyone copies of her Silicon Valley zombie thriller, Valley of the Dead. She's currently working on the sequel.

Upcoming events

Various upcoming conferences and book fairs of note were discussed.

* StokerCon (Las Vegas, May 12-15)  (

HWA’s first convention will take place in Vegas. Jeff and a few other chapter members will be attending.  Jeff was told by National that it was possible for members who aren’t attending to have their promotional materials displayed, but he hasn’t heard any further details about how.  He will follow-up.

* Bay Area Book Festival (Berkeley, June 4 & 5) (

We currently have ten volunteers to staff the HWA booth at this summer’s festival. Crystal volunteered to receive the package with the banner and promotional materials from National, as Jeff will traveling on business over the next few weeks.  The festival will be held in Berkeley at the intersection of Shattack and Center, and the hours are 10 a.m.-6 p.m. each day. The location is right near a BART station, so using public transportation is recommended.  There’s still time to sign up if you’re interested in joining us!

* BayCon (San Mateo, May 27 – 30) (

Loren told us about the upcoming SF Bay Area science fiction and fantasy convention.

* WisCon (Madison, May 27 – 30) (

Loren also filled us in on the upcoming feminist science fiction convention taking place that same weekend in Wisconsin, where she'll be giving a reading.

Reading list project

Luke reported on his project to create an age-specific recommended reading list to share with libraries in order to encourage them to stock more horror and to help turn on young readers to the genre. Luke has been working with a librarian to complete the list and hopes to distribute it to libraries nationwide. He’s hoping to have it compiled in time for the Bay Area Book Fest so we can have it at our table. 

Member signings

Loren addressed a book club at Borderlands Books, a San Francisco independent bookstore dedicated to genre fiction, on April 17.

News from national organization

Nothing at this time.

Future meetings

We now have our meeting room at the Redwood City Public Library reserved for the second Sunday of every month through the rest of the year.


The meeting ended with a discussion of what makes for an effective book cover, and included suggestions both artistic and salacious.

Action Items

* Crystal to send Jeff her mailing address so he can forward to National

* Jeff to follow-up with National regarding how members can display their promotional materials at StokerCon

* Jeff to follow-up with Book Fest volunteers who haven’t yet told him which day they plan to attend

Next meeting

Sunday, May 8, 1–3 p.m., Redwood City Public Library, 1044 Middlefield Rd., Redwood City