Spotlight on the Bram Stoker Awards®

The winners of the Bram Stoker Awards® for 2015 will be announced before long: on May 14 at StokerCon 2016 in Las Vegas.

For those who haven’t made arrangements yet, bookings for and information about the convention can be found at Note: Banquet Tickets are separate from the Convention Membership and can be purchased at

If you can’t make it to the convention, you can watch the awards ceremony live online. Check the Forum or the convention Web site for the link. Or after the ceremony, check the Forum, the special Internet Mailer, or the Facebook page for the list of winners.

But while we wait for the announcement of the winners of the 2015 awards, don’t forget about the 2016 awards. The process is now in full swing.

The 2016 Recommendations sheet is now live. Go to the Bram Stoker Awards page of our Web site at, where you will find the Recommendations button.

The juries are already in place thanks to Rena’s hard work. For information about submitting to the jury, go to the page listed above for the link for jury submissions.

Please direct any questions to: or

Ron Breznay and Rena Mason (Bram Stoker Awards Committee Co-Chairs)