HWA Bram Stoker Award™ 2013 Reading List

This list of Bram Stoker Award Recommendations is compiled during the year by members of the Horror Writers Association. We make it available to the public as something of a 'reading list' for horror readers and fans. These works are all new horror published during the year that our members feel worthy of recommending for Bram Stoker Award consideration. They are not 'Bram Stoker Award nominees', nor are they part of any ballot process at this stage, but it is likely they represent some of the best new horror fiction, poetry and non-fiction published during the year.

Please note that if your work appears on this list that the Association's Bram Stoker Award etiquette specifically precludes advertising that fact: "You may not promote your work as "Bram Stoker Award Recommended", nor as appearing on the Bram Stoker Award Reading List. Receiving one, or a handful of Bram Stoker Award recommendations (which is how a work appears on the Bram Stoker Award Reading List) is a far cry from winning the Award or even from being listed on the preliminary ballot. It devalues the Bram Stoker Awards to have their name attached to works whose only defining characteristic may be that one or two HWA members liked them. Authors or publishers who promote their work in this manner run the risk of offending our voting members."

For full detail about the Bram Stoker Awards, please visit: http://horror.org/bram-stoker-awards/. Early in each year the Horror Writers Association announces its Preliminary Bram Stoker Awards Ballot, made up of both members' recommendations and jury selections. A month or so later, we announce the Bram Stoker Awards Final Ballot, which lists the official nominees for the awards. Full detail of the members' recommendation and jury selection processses and the ballots are included in the Bram Stoker Awards Rules.

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AnthologyEric J. Guignard, ed.After Death...Dark Moon
AnthologyJeani Rector, ed.Shadow Masters: An Anthology from The Horror Zine Imajin Books
AnthologyMichael Knost and Nancy Eden SiegelBarbers & BeautiesHummingbird House Press
AnthologyLori MichelleBleedPerpetual Motion Machine Publishing
AnthologyRJ Cavender and Boyd E. HarrisHorror Library: Volume 5Cutting Block Press
AnthologyAnne PettyLimbus, Inc.JournalStone
AnthologyMichael BaileyChiral Mad 2Written Backwards
AnthologyWilliam CookFresh Fear: Contemporary HorrorJames Ward Kirk Publishing
AnthologyJoseph S. Pulver, Sr.The Grimscribe's PuppetsMiskatonic River Press
AnthologySimon StrantzasShadows EdgeGray Friar Press
AnthologyWeldon BurgeZippered Flesh 2: More Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad!Smart Rhino Publications
AnthologyAngel Leigh McCoy, E S Magill and Chris MarrsDeep cutsEvil Jester Press
AnthologyChristopher FiccoPenny Dread Tales IIIRune Wright
AnthologyGabrielle FaustHigh Stakes: A Vampire AnthologyEvil Jester Press
AnthologyLois H. GreshDark Fusions: Where Monsters Lurk!PS Publishing
AnthologyMarc CiccaroneBlood RitesBlood Bound Books
AnthologyNanci Kalanta, Tony Tremblay, Christopher JonesEulogies II: Tales from the CellarHW Press
AnthologyRoss Lockhart (ed)Tales of Jack the RipperWord Horde
AnthologyRoss WarrenFor the Night is DarkCrystal Lake Publishing
AnthologyStacey LongoWicked Seasons: The Journal of New England Horror WritersNEHW Press
AnthologyC.C. Bye and P.D.R. LindsayThe Speed of DarkChase Enterprises Publishing
AnthologyCameron PierceIn Heaven Everything Is Fine: Fiction Inspired By David LynchErasherhead Press
AnthologyDavid C. Hayes and Jack BurtonD.O.A. II Extreme Horror CollectionBlood Bound Books
AnthologyHarrison GravesAttack! of the B-Movie Monsters: Night of the GigantisGrinning Skull Press
AnthologyJoe MynhardtFear the ReaperCrystal Lake Publishing
AnthologyMichael KellyChilling Tales: In Words, Alas, Drown I Edge
AnthologyPaul FinchTerror Tales of LondonGray Friar Press
AnthologyRichard ChizmarTurn Down the LightsCemetery Dance Publications
AnthologyStephen JonesPsycho-ManiaRobinson
AnthologySylvia Moreno-GarciaDead North: Canadian Zombie FictionExile
Fiction CollectionGene O'NeillDance of the Blue LadyBad Moon Books
Fiction CollectionChantal NoordeloosDeeply TwistedTMH Publishing
Fiction CollectionJames DorrThe Tears of IsisPerpetual Motion Machine Publishing
Fiction CollectionK. Trap JonesThe CrossroadsHazardous Press
Fiction CollectionKenneth W CainFresh Cut TalesDistressed Press
Fiction CollectionMax Booth IIIThey Might be DemonsDark Moon Books
Fiction CollectionLaird BarronThe Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All Night Shade
Fiction CollectionNathan BallingrudNorth American Lake MonstersSmall Beer Press
Fiction CollectionSamuel MarollaBlack Tea and Other TalesMezzotints Ebooks
Fiction CollectionJeff StrandDead Clown BarbecueDark Regions Press
Fiction CollectionChristopher BarzakBefore and AfterlivesLethe Press
Fiction CollectionJason V BrockSimulacrum and Other Possible RealitiesHippocampus Press
Fiction CollectionJohn LanganThe Wide, Carnivorous Sky and Other Monstrous GeographiesHippocampus Press
Fiction CollectionKevin LuciaThings Slip ThroughCrystal Lake
Fiction Collection Billie Sue MosimanSinister: Tales of DreadCreateSpace
Fiction CollectionChristopher ConlonThe Oblivion Room: Stories of ViolationEvil Jester Press
Fiction CollectionDane T. HatchellMind HemorrhagesHazardous Press
Fiction CollectionDouglas F. WarrickPlow the BonesApex Book Company
Fiction CollectionSteve Rasnic TemOnion SongsChomu Press
Fiction CollectionTim WaggonerBone WhispersPost Mortem Press
Fiction CollectionAnna TaborskaFor Those Who Dream Monsters Mortbury Press
Fiction CollectionCarol MacAllisterThe Blackmoor TalesNorthampton House
Fiction CollectionDavid C. HayesAmerican GuignolBlood Bound Books
Fiction CollectionEddy C. BertinThe Whispering HorrorShadow Publishing
Fiction CollectionKathryn PtacekLooking Backward in Darkness: Tales of Fantasy and HorrorBorgo Press
Fiction CollectionKit ReedThe Story Until NowWesleyan
Fiction CollectionLee ThomasLike Light for FliesLethe Press
Fiction CollectionMike JansenOphelia in My ArmsJames Ward Kirk Publishing
Fiction CollectionSteve DuffyThe Moment of PanicPS Publishing
Fiction CollectionTerry M WestWhat Price Gory?Pleasant Storm Entertainment
Fiction Collection Y?ko Ogawa, translated by Stephen SnyderRevenge: Eleven Dark TalesPicador
Fiction CollectionCaitlín R. Kiernan The Ape's Wife and Other StoriesSubterranean Press
Fiction CollectionColin InsoleElegies & RequiemsSide Real Press
Fiction CollectionJeffrey ThomasWorship the NightDark Renaissance Books
Fiction CollectionKaren RussellVampires in the Lemon GroveKnopf
Fiction CollectionLynda E. RuckerThe Moon Will Look StrangeKaroshi Books
Fiction CollectionMichael Marshall SmithEverything You NeedEarthling Publications
Fiction CollectionRamsey CampbellHoles for FacesDark Regions Press
Fiction CollectionS.P. SomtowBible Stories for Secular HumanistsDiplodicus
Fiction CollectionTracey L. CarboneThe Collection and Other Dark TalesShadowridge Press
Fiction CollectionW. H. PugmireBohemians of Sesqua ValleyArcane Wisdom Press
First NovelRena MasonThe EvolutionistNightscape Press
First NovelChristian A. LarsenLosing TouchPost Mortem Press
First NovelGeoffrey GirardCain's BloodTouchstone
First NovelKate JonezCandy HouseEvil Jester Press
First NovelMichael BrayWhisperCreateSpace
First NovelBrian W. MatthewsForever ManJournalStone
First NovelNatasha EwendtThis Freshest HellLacuna Publishing
First NovelJohn MantoothThe Year of the StormPenguin Group (USA) LLC
First NovelMark OnspaughThe Faceless OneHydra Random House
First NovelMarty Young809 Jacob StreetBlack Beacon Books
First NovelNelson W PylesDemons, Dolls & MilkshakesPost Mortem Press
First NovelBill BraddockBrewPermuted Press
First NovelDev JarrettLovelessBlood Bound Books
First NovelJ. Lincoln FennPoe47North
First NovelMichael M HughesBlackwater LightsHydra
First NovelAdam CesareVideo NightSamhain Publishing
First NovelBracken MacLeodMountain HomeBooks of the Dead Press
First NovelDavid SimmsDark MuseMelange Books
First NovelJonathan MooreRedheadsSamhain
First NovelTracy LaneParanormal PropertiesPants On Fire
First NovelAllison M. DicksonStringsHobbes End Publishing
First NovelChristian ReadBlack CityGestalt Publishing
First NovelDavid DayTearstoneBelfire Press
First NovelJohnny WorthenBeatryselOmnium Gatherum
First NovelKoethi ZanThe Never ListHarvill Secker
First NovelMatt BellIn the House Upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the WoodsSoho Press
First Novelmike allenThe Blackfire ConcertoHaunted Stars
First NovelShane MontgomeryPhantom LimbMan In Babylon Publishing
First NovelShaun McGinnisThe Bloodline: Birth of A VampirDark Hall Press
First NovelVic KerryThe Children of LotMontag Press
First NovelVincent StoiaJin VillageSamhain Publishing
Graphic NovelHarlan Ellison, Paul ChadwickHarlan Ellison's 7 Against ChaosDC Comics
Graphic NovelBrandon SeifertHellraiser: The Road BelowBoom Entertainment
Graphic NovelCaitlin R. KiernanAlabaster: WolvesDark Horse
Graphic NovelCorey TaylorHouse of Gold & BonesDark Horse
Graphic NovelDavid C. HayesRottentailCreators Edge Press
Graphic NovelDavid Lapham, David Hine, and Jacen BurrowsCrossed Volume 5Avatar Press
Graphic NovelGarth Ennis, Simon Spurrier, and David LaphamCrossed Volume 6: BadlandsAvatar Press
Graphic NovelGreg RuckaLazarus OneImage
Graphic NovelJeff LemireSweet Tooth Vol. 6: Wild GameVertigo
Graphic NovelPeter MilliganJohn Constantine, Hellblazer: Death and CigarettesVertigo
Graphic NovelStephen KingThe Dark ManCemetery Dance Publications
Long FictionEric J. GuignardBaggage of Eternal NightDouble Down #2JournalStone
Long FictionBenjamin Kane EthridgeThe Slaughter ManLimbus, Inc.JournalStone
Long FictionRena MasonEast End GirlsJournalStone
Long FictionJames ChambersThree Chords of ChaosDark Quest Books
Long FictionDustin LaValleyThe DeceivedThunderstorm Books
Long FictionTrent ZelaznyPeople PersonBlack Curtain Press
Long FictionGary BraunbeckThe Great PityChiral Mad 2
Long FictionJonathan MaberryStrip SearchLimbus, Inc.JournalStone
Long FictionMark C. Scioneaux and David C. Hayes Cannibal Fat Camp Strangehouse Books
Long FictionChris MarrsEverything Leads Back to AliceBad Moon Books
Long FictionRoh MorgonThe Games Monsters PlayHigh Stakes: A Vampire AnthologyEvil Jester Press
Long FictionS. P. MiskowskiAstoriaOmnium Gatherum
Long FictionMercedes M. YardleyApocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear LuluRagnarok Publications
Long FictionStephen VolkWhitstableSpectral Press
Long FictionBrett J. TalleyThe SacrificeLimbus, Inc.JournalStone
Long FictionGary BraunbeckA Little Off the TopBarbers & Beauties
Long FictionJason V BrockMilton's ChildrenBad Moon Books
Long FictionSandy DeLucaMessages from the DeadDarkFuse
Long FictionAmy GrechDouble HelixThe Uninvited #2Pterotype Digital
Long FictionCaitlín R. KiernanBlack HelicoptersChapbookSubterranean Press
Long FictionChristopher ConlonOn Tuesday the Stars All Fell from the SkyThe Oblivion RoomEvil Jester Press
Long FictionGord RolloThe Crucifixon ExperimentsDark Region Press
Long FictionGreg ChapmanThe Last Night of OctoberBad Moon Books
Long FictionGreg F. GifuneHouse of RainDark Fuse
Long FictionJason V BrockSimulacrumHippocampus Press
Long FictionJohn MantoothBroken BranchBerkley
Long FictionLaird BarronTermination DustTales of Jack the RipperWordhorde
Long FictionLisa MortonSmogJournalStone
Long FictionNorman PartridgeThe Mummy's HeartHalloween: Magic, Mystery, and the MacabrePrime Books
Long FictionTony BurgessThe N-Body ProblemChiZine
Long FictionAaron J. FrenchThe OrderDreaming in DarknessAmazon Digital Services
Long FictionBettina MeisterApis PrimatusWhat Scares The Boogey Man?Perseid Press
Long FictionBettina S. MeisterMore Light, GoethDreamers In HellPerseid Press
Long FictionBill SniderHead GamesDreamers In HellPerseid Press
Long FictionBrian HodgeAnything to Me is Sweeter, Than to Cross Shock-Headed PeterFearie TalesJo Fletcher Books
Long FictionBrian HodgeWe, the Fortunate BereavedHalloween: Magic, Mystery, and the MacabrePrime Books
Long FictionChina MiévilleThe DesignMcSweeney's Quarterly #45
Long FictionChristopher ConlonWelcome Jean Krupa, World's Greatest Girl Drummer!The Oblivion Room: Stories of ViolationEvil Jester Press
Long FictionColin InsoleThe BellmanElegies & Requiems Side Real Press
Long FictionConrad WilliamsRaptorsSubterranean Online
Long FictionConrad WilliamsThe FoxThis is Horror
Long FictionEd KurtzHell Broke LooseTales of Jack the RipperWord Horde
Long FictionGardner GoldsmithBiteBrown Dog Arts
Long FictionGerard HouanerA Hell of a WomanInto the DarknessNecro Publications
Long FictionJoe R. LansdaleThe Case of the Angry TravelerImpossible MonstersSubterranean Press
Long FictionJohn LanganInto the Darkness, FearlesslyThe Grimscribe's PuppetsMiskatonic River Press
Long FictionJohn LanganMother of StoneThe Wide, Carnivorous Sky and Other Monstrous GeographiesHippocampus Press
Long FictionJoyce Carol oatesThe ExecutionEvil Eye: Four Novellas of Love Gone WrongMysterious Press
Long FictionK.J. KabzaThe Soul in the Bell JarThe Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Long FictionKealan Patrick BurkeJack & JillElderlemon Press
Long FictionKim NewmanThe Only Ending we HavePsycho-ManiaRobinson
Long FictionKurt FawverRub-a-Dub-DubForever in PiecesVillipede Publications
Long FictionLaird BarronArdorSuffered From the NightLethe Press
Long FictionLaird BarronLD50 Weaponized (author's blog)
Long FictionLarry Atchley Jr.Knocking On Heaven's GateDreamers In HellPerseid Press
Long FictionLee ThomasIn the Time of Thunder and BloodBarbers & BeautiesHummingbird House Press
Long FictionLee ThomasLandfall '35Like Light for FliesLethe Press
Long FictionMark Allan GunnellsThe Summer of WintersEvil Jester Press
Long FictionMark C. ScioneauxFamily DinnerHazardous Press
Long FictionMegan AbbottMy Heart Is Either BrokenDangerous WomenTor
Long FictionNathan BallingrudThe Good HusbandNorth American Lake MonstersSmall Beer Press
Long FictionNicole CushingChildren of No OneDarkFuse
Long FictionNina AllanThe GatewayStardustPS Publishing
Long FictionPat CadiganChalkThis is Horror
Long FictionPaul MeloyDogs With Their Eyes ShutPS Publishing
Long FictionRamsey CampbellHoles for FacesHoles for FacesDark Regions Press
Long FictionReggie OliverThe Silken DrumFearie TalesJo Fletcher Books
Long FictionRichard GrollerZero Sum GameDreamers In HellPerseid Press
Long FictionRio YouersWide-Shining LightPsycho-ManiaRobinson
Long FictionRobert S. Wilson Exit RealityBlood Bound Books
Long FictionSandy DeLucaHell's DoorDark Fuse
Long FictionStanley C. SargentWhen the Means Just Defy the EndTales of Jack the RipperWord Horde
Long FictionStephen Graham JonesInterstate Love AffairThree Miles PastNightscape Press
Long FictionStephen Graham JonesThe Coming NightThree Miles PastNightscape Press
Long FictionSteve DuffyThe A to ZThe Moment of PanicPS Publishing
Long FictionSteve DuffyVulnavia or, The Mechanical PrincessThe Moment of PanicPS Publishing
Long FictionTim CassonThe WitheringBlack Static #32
Long FictionWilliam MeikleClockwork DollsDark Fuse
Long FictionYelle HughesEssence HellianceDreamers In HellPerseid Press
NonfictionGary William CrawfordRamsey Campbell: Critical Essays on the Modern Master of HorrorScarecrow Press
NonfictionJeff VandermeerWonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginitive FictionHarry N Abrahms
NonfictionJeffrey Andrew WeinstockThe Works of Tim Burton: Margins to MainstreamPalgrave Macmillan
NonfictionDave ThompsonIf You Like True Blood...Limelight Editions
NonfictionJohn Kenneth MuirHorror Films FAQApplause Theatre & Cinema Books
NonfictionCynthia J Miller and A Bowdoin van RiperUndead in the West IIScarecrow Press
NonfictionDale ShermanArmageddon Films FAQApplause Theatre & Cinema Books
NonfictionGavin CallaghanH. P. Lovecraft's Dark Arcadia: The Satire, Symbology and ContradictionMcFarland
NonfictionJames MarriottThe Descent (Devil's Advocate Series)Auteur Publishing
NonfictionJohn CozzoliFrom Zombos' Closet: Horror Movies to Savor and DetestZombos' Closet of Horror Blog
NonfictionLiisa LadouceurHow to Kill a Vampire: Fangs in Folklore, Film and FictionECW Press
NonfictionSean Moreland, Aalya AhmadFear and Learning: Essays on the Pedagogy of HorrorMcFarland
NonfictionW.J. RenehanThe Art of Darkness: Meditations on the Effect of Horror FictionNew Street Communications, LLC
NovelJoe HillNOS4A2William Morrow
NovelSarah Pinborough and F. Paul WilsonA Necessary EndShadowridge Press
NovelStephen KingDoctor SleepScribner
NovelMichaelbrent CollingsDarkboundAmazon Digital Services
NovelGord RolloOnly the Thunder KnowsJournalStone
NovelMichaelbrent CollingsThe Colony: Genesis (The Colony, Vol. 1)Amazon Digital Services
NovelBrad Carter(dis)Comfort FoodPost Mortem Press
NovelDavid MorrellMurder as a Fine ArtMulholland
NovelMichael McCarty, Linnea Quigley & Stan SwansonReturn of the Scream QueenDark Moon Books
NovelR B ChestertonThe DarklingPegasus
NovelEdward M. ErdelacCoyote's TrailComet Press
NovelMichael RoweWild FellChiZine Publications
NovelDouglas WynneSteel BreezeJournalStone
NovelJoe R. LansdaleThe ThicketMulholland Books
NovelBenjamin PercyRed MoonGrand Central Publishing
NovelChristopher RiceThe Heavens RiseGallery Books
NovelJoe McKinneyThe Savage DeadPinnacle Books
NovelJoyce Carol OatesThe AccursedEcco
NovelKevin J. AndersonHair Raising Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I.Kensington
NovelLauren BeukesThe Shining GirlsMulholland Books
NovelLee Allen HowardDeath PerceptionThree First Names
NovelMarisha PesslNight FilmRandom House
NovelAndrew PyperThe DemonologistSimon & Schuster
NovelAutumn ChristianWe Are WormwoodAmazon Digital Services, Inc.
NovelBentley LittleThe InfluenceCemetery Dance Publications
NovelBrent Michael KelleyChuggie and the Bleeding GatewaysOmnium Gatherum
NovelCarlton Mellick IIIQuicksand HouseEraserhead Press
NovelChuck WendigThe Blue BlazesAngry Robot
NovelDan SimmonsThe AbominableLittle, Brown and Company
NovelDave EggersThe CircleKnopf
NovelE. C. AmbroseElisha BarberDAW
NovelF. Paul WilsonDark CityTor Books
NovelFrank HerbertAngels' FallWordFire Press
NovelGreig BeckThe First BirdMomentum Books
NovelHaruki MurakamiIQ84Vintage
NovelJames Rollins and Rebecca CantrellThe Blood GospelWilliam Morrow
NovelJeff WilsonFade to BlackJournalstone
NovelJody R. LaGrecaForever In VeinWhiskey Creek Press
NovelJody R. LaGreca & Michael McCartyBloodlustWhiskey Creek Press
NovelJon BassoffCorrosionDarkFuse
NovelJonathan Ryan 3 Gates of the DeadPremier Digital Publishing
NovelLee Allen HowardCall of the Piss FairyThree First Names
NovelLisa MortonMaledictionEvil Jester Press
NovelPeter GiglioLesser CreaturesDarkFuse
NovelPeter V. BrettThe Daylight WarDel Rey/Ballantine Books
NovelRobert Jackson BennettAmerican ElsewhereOrbit
NovelStephen GregoryThe Waking That KillsSolaris
NovelStephen KingJoylandHard Case Crime
NovelV. E. SchwabViciousTor
PoetryBruce BostonDark Roads: Selected Long Poems 1971-2012Dark Renaissance
PoetryMarge Simon and Sandy DeLucaDangerous DreamsElektrik Milk Bath Press
PoetryVincenzo BilofThe Horror ShowBizarro Pulp Press
PoetryG.O. ClarkScenes Along the Zombie HighwayDark Regions Books
PoetryHelen MarshallThe Sex Lives of MonstersKelp Queen Press
Poetry by David C. Kopaska-MerkelLuminous WorldsDark Regions Press
PoetryMarge Simon, Rain Graves, Charlee Jacob, Linda AddisonThe Four ElementsBad Moon Books
PoetryMichael McCarty & Mark McLaughlinRevenge of the Two-Headed Poetry MonsterElektrik Milk Bath Press
PoetryStephanie M. WytovichHysteriaRaw Dog Screaming Press
Poetry Bryan Thao WorraDemonstra: A Poetry Collection Innsmouth Free Press
PoetryTerrie Leigh RelfLetting Out the Demons and Other PoemsElektrik Milk Bath Press
PoetryBryan D. DietrichThe MonstranceNeedfire Poetry
PoetryMichael RandolphMissives in RedDark Moon Press
PoetryRuss KickDeath PoemsDisinformation Books
PoetryTeresa Joseph Franklin Your Worst NightmareInto the Shadows, a Collection of Poems by poets from the UK edited by Jenni BannistForward Poetry UK
ScreenplayChad Hayes & Carey HayesThe Conjuring
ScreenplayMatthew Michael Carnahan, Drew Goddard and Damon LindelofWorld War Z
ScreenplayWentworth Miller and Erin Cressida Wilson StokerFox Searchlight
ScreenplayDaniel KnaufDracula: A Whiff of Sulphur (episode 1.02)TV series Dracula
ScreenplayFede Alvarez, Rodo Sayagues, and Sam RaimiEvil DeadTriStar Pictures
ScreenplayGlenn MazzaraThe Walking Dead - Welcome to the Tombs S3, ep 16AMC
ScreenplayJames WongAmerican Horror Story: Coven: The ReplacementsFX
ScreenplayJessica SharzerAmerican Horror Story: Coven: Burn, Witch. Burn!FX Channel
ScreenplayMichaelbrent CollingsDarkroom
ScreenplayScott M GimpleThe Walking Dead: This Sorrowful Life S3:15AMC
ScreenplayAndre Muschietti, Barbara Muschietti, Neil CrossMama
ScreenplayBryan FullerHannibal: Season 1, Episode 1, "Apéritif"
ScreenplayClive DawsonLast Days on Mars
ScreenplayDamien Chazelle & Ed Gass-DonnellyThe Last Exorcism Part IIStudio Canal/Strike Entertainment/Arcade Pictures
ScreenplayGuillermo del Toro, Travis BeachamPacific RimWarner Bros./Legendary Pictures
ScreenplayJim Mickle, Nick Damici and Jorge Michel GrauWe Are What We AreMemento Films International
ScreenplayMoira BuffiniByzantium
ScreenplayRob ZombieThe Lords of SalemAnchor Bay/Alliance Films
ScreenplayShane CarruthUpstream Colorerbp
ScreenplayTim MinearAmerican Horror Story Asylum: Madness EndsFX Channel
ScreenplayTim MinearAmerican Horror Story: Coven - "Boy Parts"
Short FictionMichael BaileyPrimal TongueZippered Flesh 2Smart Rhino Publications
Short FictionLisa MannettiThe Hunger ArtistZippered Flesh 2Smart Rhino Publications
Short FictionSamuel MarollaBlack TeaBlack Tea and Other TalesMezzotints
Short FictionMax Booth IIIFlowers Blooming in the Season of AtrophyChiral Mad 2Written Backwards
Short FictionJohn PalisanoThe GeminisChiral Mad 2Written Backwards
Short FictionPatrick FreivaldSnapshotBlood & RosesScarlett River Press
Short FictionAnn K. SchwaderWhen the Stars Run AwayDark FusionsPS Publishing
Short FictionPatrick FreivaldThe Red ManChristmas Lights IIICreateSpace
Short FictionStan SwansonSludgePerpetual Motion Machine Publishing
Short FictionBillie Sue MosimanWhite SkullsDM Publishing
Short FictionLisa MannettiCorruptionNightscape Volume 1Nightscape Press
Short FictionTracy DeVoreGamsAttack of the B-Movie Monsters, Night of the GigantisGrinning Skull Press
Short FictionTrent WaltersMonsters of the IdMad Scientist Journal: Spring 2013Mad Scientist Journal
Short FictionWeston OchseGravitasNightmare Magazine
Short FictionGary BraunbeckAt the 'Pay Here, Please' TableFear the ReaperCrystal Lake Publishing
Short FictionJames ChambersMnemonicideChiral Mad 2Written Backwards
Short FictionJonathan WoodrowThe Little Block Girlhttp://roarandthunder.com.au/2013/the-little-block-girl/Roar and Thunder online magazine
Short FictionLivia LlewellynFurnaceThe Grimscribe's PuppetsMiskatonic River Press
Short FictionNancy KilpatrickEcto, Endo, MesoDark Discoveries #25
Short FictionNeil GaimanDown to a Sunless Seaguardian.co.uk
Short FictionUsman Tanveer MalikBlood WomenChiral Mad 2CreateSpace
Short FictionBruce MemblattStranger Than Life: A Post MortemNameless
Short FictionHelen MarshallThe Hanging GameTor.comTor
Short FictionLawrence SantoroInstructions on the Use of the M-57 ClackerFear the ReaperCrystal Lake Publishing
Short FictionPaula D. AsheMother of All MonstersSerial Killers 2 anthologyJames Ward Kirk Publishing
Short FictionScott T. GoudswardBlood ProphetWicked Seasons: The Journal of New England Horror WritersNEHW Press
Short FictionW.H. PugmireAn Eidolon of Filthhttp://lovecraftzine.com/2013/01/03/lovecraft-ezine-january-issue-table-of-contents/Mike Davis
Short FictionAnna TaborskaThe Girl in the Blue CoatExotic Gothic 5PS Publishing
Short FictionBruce BostonWitch of the WarlockJournal of Compressed Creative Arts
Short FictionCarole Johnstone21 Brooklands: Next to Old Western, Opposite the Burnt Out Red LionFor the Night is DarkCrystal Lake Publishing
Short FictionE. Catherine ToblerOnce NovemberTales of Jack the RipperWord Horde
Short FictionErrick A. NunnallyLycanthrobastardsWicked Seasons: The Journal of New England Horror WritersNEHW Press
Short FictionJohn PalisanoA River Of Blood, Carried Into The AbyssBlood Type: An Anthology of Vampire SF on the Cutting EdgeNightscape Press
Short FictionJohn PalisanoForeverAfter Death... Dark Moon Books
Short FictionLisa MortonThe Resurrection PolicyAfter DeathDark Moon
Short FictionLydia PeeverCrocodile RotDark Moon Digest Issue 10Dark Moon Books
Short FictionLynda E. RuckerWiddershinsShadows & Tall Trees 5Undertow Publications
Short FictionNancy KilpatrickTrick or TreatHalloween: Magic, Mystery, and the MacabrePrime Books
Short FictionPaula D. AsheBereftSongs for the RavenJames Ward Kirk Fiction
Short FictionPeter Adam SalomonThe Questioner's ApprenticeGothic Blue Book IIIBurial Day Books
Short FictionRichard GavinA Cavern of RedbrickShadows & Tall Trees 5Undertow Publications
Short FictionShaun MeeksAngel in the High TowerThe Horror Zine Fall 2013The Horror Zine
Short FictionShaun MeeksRed VelvetShadow MastersImajin Books
Short FictionShaun MeeksTaut
Short Fiction Rachel SwirskyAbomination Rises on Filthy Wings Apex
Short FictionAdam NevillAlways in Our HeartsEnd of the RoadSolaris
Short FictionAndrew HookRain From a Clear Blue SkyBlack Static #33
Short FictionAndrew S. WilliamsSomeone to RememberAfter DeathDark Moon
Short FictionBenjamin Kane EthridgeAll the SludgeBleedPerpetual Motion Machine Publishing
Short FictionBeverly A. HaleNight Of The BettysWhat Scares The Boogey Man?Perseid Press
Short FictionBill SniderBad MustardWhat Scares The Boogey Man?Perseid Press
Short FictionC. Dean AnderssonThe Testament Of TuffWhat Scares The Boogey Man?Perseid Press
Short FictionCalie VoorhisThreadsD.O.A. II: Extreme Horror CollectionBlood Bound Books
Short FictionChris MorrisJack The RaptorWhat Scares The Boogey Man?Perseid Press
Short FictionChris Morris and Janet MorrisFools In HellDreamers In HellPerseid Press
Short FictionColleen AndersonGingerbread PeopleChilling Tales 2 EDGE
Short FictionD. P. WattLaudate Dominum (for many voices)Shadows & Tall Trees #5Undertow Publications
Short FictionDamien Angelica WaltersGrey in the Gauge of His StormApex
Short FictionDamien Walters GrintalisAlways, They WhisperLightspeed
Short FictionDamien Walters GrintalisWhen Dark Things SleepUndead and UnboundChaosium
Short FictionDanielle DeLisle White Dog, Black DemonThe Crimson Pact, Volume 5Iron Dragon Books
Short FictionDavid BuchanLittle John's GraveHorror Express #4
Short FictionDavid ConyersThe Road To AfghanistanWhat Scares The Boogey Man?Perseid Press
Short FictionDavid GerroldNight Train to Paris The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Short FictionDavid J. SchowA Home in the Dark Nightmare Magazine
Short FictionDavid L. BurkheadThe Knife-Edged BridgeDreamers In HellPerseid Press
Short FictionDavid NickleBlack Hen a La FordChilling Tales: In Words, Alas, Drown I Edge
Short FictionDavid TallermanPrisoner of PeaceAfter Death...Dark Moon Books
Short FictionDeborah KorenThe WagerDreamers In HellPerseid Press
Short FictionDerek Künsken The Dog's PawChilling Tales: In Words, Alas, Drown I Edge
Short FictionDouglas e. wrightHalloween SnowSweet ThingsGallows press
Short FictionDouglas F. WarrickDragPlow the BonesApex Book Company
Short FictionDouglas F. WarrickRattenkonig Vampires Don't Sparkle!Seventh Star Press
Short FictionE.L. KemperVersionsChiral Mad 2Written Backwards
Short FictionEdward McKeownStairway To HeavenDreamers In HellPerseid Press
Short FictionGemma FilesOublietteThe Grimsribe's PuppetsMiskatonic River Press
Short FictionIan RogersDay PassChilling Tales: In Words, Alas, Drown I Edge
Short FictionJ. D. FritzThe River WitchWhat Scares The Boogey ManPerseid Press
Short FictionJack ketchumThe Western DeadTurn Down The LightsCemetery Dance
Short FictionJack KetchumTurn Down The LightsTurn Down The LightsCemetery Dance
Short FictionJack William FinleyAnd The Truth Shall Set You FreeDreamers In HellPerseid Press
Short FictionJames ChambersLost DaughtersDeep CutsEvil Jester Press
Short FictionJames MeeksHead CaseBrother's IlkInherit Press
Short FictionJanet MorrisBoogey Man BluesWhat Scares The Boogey Man?Perseid Press
Short FictionJanet MorrisHell BentDreamers In HellPerseid Press
Short FictionJason CordovaIn The Shadow Of ParadiseDreamers In HellPerseid Press
Short FictionJason CordovaThe ColdWhat Scares The Boogey Man?Perseid Press
Short FictionJennifer GiesbrechtAll My Princes Are GoneNightmare Magazine
Short FictionJG FahertyThe Wee FolkMidnight Echo #9
Short FictionJoanne AndertonFencelinesThe Bone Chime Song and other StoriesFableCroft
Short FictionJoe McKinneyA Grave MatterBlood RitesBlood Bound Books
Short FictionJoel D. LaneThe ChoirBad SeedsPrime Books
Short FictionJohn F.D. TaffShow MeDark Visions Vol 1Grey Matter Press
Short FictionJohn F.D. TaffThe Night MovesPostscripts to Darkness
Short FictionJohn ManningBreaking Up Is Hard To DoWhat Scares The Boogey Man?Perseid Press
Short FictionJohn ManningJust DessertDreamers In HellPerseid Press
Short FictionJonathan MaberryMister PocketsDark Visions 1Grey Matter Press
Short FictionJudi RohrigTunes from Limbo, But I DigressShadows of the New SunTor
Short FictionKit ReedThe Legend of Troop 13Asimov's Science Fiction
Short FictionL.L. SoaresSeedsZippered Flesh 2Smart Rhino
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