HWA Bram Stoker Award™ 2014 Reading List

This list of Bram Stoker Award Recommendations is compiled during the year by members of the Horror Writers Association. We make it available to the public as something of a 'reading list' for horror readers and fans. These works are all new horror published during the year that our members feel worthy of recommending for Bram Stoker Award consideration. They are not 'Bram Stoker Award nominees', nor are they part of any ballot process at this stage, but it is likely they represent some of the best new horror fiction, poetry and non-fiction published during the year.

Please note that if your work appears on this list that the Association's Bram Stoker Award etiquette specifically precludes advertising that fact: "You may not promote your work as "Bram Stoker Award Recommended", nor as appearing on the Bram Stoker Award Reading List. Receiving one, or a handful of Bram Stoker Award recommendations (which is how a work appears on the Bram Stoker Award Reading List) is a far cry from winning the Award or even from being listed on the preliminary ballot. It devalues the Bram Stoker Awards to have their name attached to works whose only defining characteristic may be that one or two HWA members liked them. Authors or publishers who promote their work in this manner run the risk of offending our voting members."

For full detail about the Bram Stoker Awards, please visit: http://horror.org/bram-stoker-awards/. Early in each year the Horror Writers Association announces its Preliminary Bram Stoker Awards Ballot, made up of both members' recommendations and jury selections. A month or so later, we announce the Bram Stoker Awards Final Ballot, which lists the official nominees for the awards. Full detail of the members' recommendation and jury selection processses and the ballots are included in the Bram Stoker Awards Rules.

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AnthologyJason BrockA Darke PhantastiqueCycatrix Press
AnthologyBrett J TalleyLimbus, Inc. - Book IIJournalStone
AnthologyEllen DatlowFearful SymmetriesChiZine Publications
AnthologyTerry M WestJournals of Horror: Found FictionPleasant Storm Entertainment
AnthologyKate JonezHalloween TalesOmnium Gatherum
AnthologyMichael BaileyQualia NousWritten Backwards
AnthologyAlex ScullyEnter at Your Own Risk: The End Is the BeginningFirbolg Publishing
AnthologyChuck Palahniuk, Richard Thomas, and Dennis WidmyerBurnt TonguesMedallion Press
AnthologyEd by Geoff Brown and Amanda J Spedding SNAFU: An Anthology of Military HorrorCohesion Press
AnthologyBrian M. Sammons and Glynn Owen BarrassWorld War Cthulhu: A Collection of Lovecraftian War StoriesDark Regions Press
AnthologyEllen DatlowNightmare CarnivalDark Horse Books
AnthologyEric MillerHell Comes To Hollywood II: Twenty-Two More Tales of Tinseltown TerrorBig Time Books
AnthologyJoe MynhardtTales from The Lake Vol.1 Crystal Lake Publishing
AnthologyRoss E Lockhart and Justin SteeleThe Children of Old LeechWord Horde
AnthologyMark ParkerDead HarvestScarlet Galleon Publications
AnthologyAaron J. French, Erik T. Johnson, and Adam P. LewisThe Chapman BooksUncanny Books
AnthologyAnthony Rivera and Sharon LawsonEquilibrium Overturned: The Heart of Darkness AwaitsGrey Matter Press
AnthologyHannah KateHauntingsHic Dragones
AnthologyJeani RectorShrieks and Shivers: from the Horror Zine
AnthologyJesse BullingtonLetters to LovecraftStone Skin Press
AnthologyJonathan MaberryOut of TuneJournalStone
AnthologyMark MorrisThe Spectral Book of Horror Stories Spectral Press
AnthologyScott T. GoudswardOnce Upon an ApocalypseChaosium Inc.
AnthologyShawna L. Bernard, Matt Edginton, Alandice A. Anderson, Parker MichaelDarkness Ad InfinitumVillipede Publications
AnthologySimon DewarSuspended in Dusk
Fiction CollectionAlexander ZelenyjSongs for the LostEibonvale Press
Fiction CollectionJohn F.D. TaffThe End In All BeginningsGrey Matter Press
Fiction CollectionLucy SnyderSoft ApocalypsesRaw Dog Screaming Press
Fiction CollectionRobin SpriggsThe Untold Tales of Ozman DroomAnomalous Books
Fiction CollectionMichael BaileyInkblots and Blood SpotsVillipede Publications
Fiction CollectionDavid SakmysterEscape PlansWordFire Press
Fiction CollectionHelen MarshallGifts for the One Who Comes After Chizine Publications
Fiction CollectionJohn McIlveenInflictionsMacabre Ink
Fiction CollectionThomas F. MonteleoneDark ArtsThunderstorm Books
Fiction CollectionJohn R. LittleLittle by LittleBad Moon Books
Fiction CollectionStephen Graham JonesAfter the People Lights Have Gone OffDark House Press
Fiction CollectionLucy TaylorFatal JourneysOverlook Connection Press
Fiction CollectionGreg ChapmanVaudeville and Other NightmaresBlack Beacon Books
Fiction CollectionJames Ward KirkDeath AnxietyRadiation Sickness Books
Fiction CollectionWilliam F NolanLike a Dead Man WalkingCentipede press
Fiction CollectionWilliam CookDreams of Thanatos: Collected Macabre TalesCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (February 18, 2014)
Fiction CollectionAngela SlatterThe Bitterwood Bible and Other RecountingsTartarus Press
Fiction CollectionMike AllenUnseamingAntimatter Press
Fiction CollectionAdam-Troy CastroHer Husband's Hands and Other StoriesPrime Books
Fiction CollectionDaniel MillsThe Lord Came at TwilightDark Rennaissance Books
Fiction CollectionLeigh M. LaneJane, Volume 1: Revival (Jane the Hippie Vampire)Cerebral Books
Fiction CollectionScott NicolayAna Kai TangataFedogan and Bremer
Fiction CollectionSimon StrantzasBurnt Black SunsHippocampus Press
Fiction CollectionAlex S. JohnsonDoctor Flesh: Director's CutMorbidbookS
Fiction CollectionAndrew J. McKiernanLast Year, When We Were YoungSatalyte Publishing
Fiction CollectionBillie Sue MosimanSinister - Tales of Dread 2014DM Publishing
Fiction CollectionCarole JohnstoneThe Bright Day is Done Gray Friar Press
Fiction CollectionGlen KrischThe Devil's Torment
Fiction CollectionJohn O'BrienA New World: Untold StoriesCreateSpace
Fiction CollectionLincoln CrislerQueen & Other StoriesCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Fiction CollectionRobert Shearman They Do the Same Things Different There Chizine
Fiction CollectionScott H. UrbanBloody ShowPallid Mask Publishing
Fiction CollectionSteve Rasnic Tem Here With the ShadowsThe Swan River Press
Fiction CollectionSteven LloydStrange RoadsSelf
Fiction CollectionSylvia Moreno-GarciaLove & Other PoisonsInnsmouth Free Press
First NovelJosh MalermanBird BoxHarper Collins
First NovelJ.D. BarkerForsakenHampton Creek Press
First NovelChantal NoordeloosAngel ManorHorrific Tales Publishing
First NovelMichael KnostReturn of the MothmanWoodland Press
First NovelMaria AlexanderMr. WickerRaw Dog Screaming Press
First NovelShana FestaTime of Death: InductionPermuted Press
First NovelIan WelkeThe Whisperer in DissonanceOmnium Gatherum
First NovelMike D. McCartyWerewolf Bloodlines Gemini RisingBad Moon Books
First NovelGreg McLean and Aaron SternsWolf Creek: OriginPenguin
First NovelJuan Gonzalez MesaDead PeopleEdiciones aContracorriente
First NovelM.F. WahlDisease
First NovelPete KahleThe SpecimenCreateSpace
First NovelJ.D. HornThe Line47North
First NovelKenneth GoldmanOf a FeatherHorrific Tales Publishing
First NovelMark KirkbrideSatan's Fan ClubOmnium Gatherum
First NovelMatt ManochioThe Dark ServantSamhain Publishing
First NovelAaron GudmunsonSnow GlobeAngelic Knight press
First NovelAl BarreraDarker Shadows Lie Below
First NovelErrick NunnallyBlood for the SunSpencer Hill Press
First NovelJim GoforthPlebsJ. Ellington Ashton Press
First NovelPG HarveyCovingtonRainstorm Press
First NovelRichard SalterThe Patchwork HouseNightscape Press
First NovelDavid EdisonThe Waking EngineTor publishing
First NovelElise WaltersTentyrian LegacyPermuted Press
First NovelG. J. WiseSpiritwoodDamnation Books
First NovelJanice Gable BashmanPredatorMonth9Books
First NovelLauren OwenThe QuickRandom House
First NovelLou ReraSignNetherworld Books
First NovelPatty TempletonThere is no Lovely EndOdd Rot
First NovelPeter Tieryas LiuBald New WorldPerfect Edge Books
First NovelRene DenfeldThe EnchantedHarperCollins
First NovelRod LabbeThe Blue ClassroomSamhain Publishing
First NovelShaun MeeksShutdownJ.Ellington Ashton Press
First NovelThomas DragoCrow CreekGold Avenue Press
First NovelWarren FieldingGreat Bitten: OutbreakPermuted Press
Graphic NovelJonathan MaberryBad BloodDark Horse Books
Graphic NovelJoe R. Lansdale and Daniele SerraI Tell You It's LoveShort, Scary Tales Publications
Graphic NovelFabien Vehlmann Beautiful DarknessDupuis
Graphic NovelCharles BurnsSugar SkullJonathan Cape
Graphic NovelCaitlin R. KiernanAlabaster Volume 2: Grimmer TalesDark House Books
Graphic NovelDavid Hine and Simon Spurrier Crossed Volume 8 TPAvatar Press
Graphic NovelEmily CarrollThrough the WoodsMargaret K. McElderry Books
Graphic NovelJoe HillLocke and Key Volume 6: Alpha & OmegaIDW Publishing
Graphic NovelPaul TobinThe Witcher Volume 1: House of GlassDark House Books
Graphic NovelRachel DeeringIn the DarkIDW Publishing
Graphic NovelRichard CorbenEdgar Allan Poe's Spirits of the DeadDark Horse
Graphic NovelRick SpearsThe Auteur--Book One "President's Day"Oni Press
Graphic NovelSimon Spurrier and Daniel WayCrossed Volume 9Avatar Press
Graphic NovelVictor GischlerKiss Me, Satan!Dark House Books
Long FictionTaylor GrantThe InfectedCemetery Dance #71Cemetery Dance
Long FictionEric J. Guignard Dreams of a Little SuicideHell Comes To Hollywood II: Twenty-Two More Tales Of Tinseltown Terror (Volume 2) Big Time Books (Los Angeles, CA)
Long FictionKate JonezCeremony of FliesDarkFuse
Long FictionGene O'NeillRidin the DawgMia MojaThunderstorm Books
Long FictionMichael BaileyDandelion ClocksInkblots and Blood SpotsVillipede Publications
Long FictionTim WaggonerDeep Like the RiverDark Regions Press
Long FictionChantal NoordeloosPrideTip My Hat Publishing
Long FictionThomas LigottiThe Small PeopleThe Spectral LinkSubterranean Press
Long FictionRobert S. WilsonThrough the MindholeEmpire of Blood Books
Long FictionChris KelsoThe Black Dog Eats the CityOmnium Gatherum
Long FictionMark MatthewsMilk-BloodWicked Run Press
Long FictionJennifer BrozekDreams of a Thousand Young Jazz Age CthulhuInnsmouth Free Press
Long FictionJohn Claude SmithAutumn in the AbyssOmnium Gatherum Media
Long FictionSamuel MarollaImago MortisbookAcheron Press
Long FictionDouglass CleggDinner with the Cannibal SistersCemetery Dance
Long FictionGary A. BraunbeckNo Fixed AddressQualia NousWritten Backwards
Long FictionJohn F.D. TaffWhat Becomes GodThe End In All BeginningsGrey Matter Press
Long FictionJohn R. LittleSecretsJournalStone
Long FictionLucy TaylorA Respite for the DeadOmnium Gatherum Media
Long FictionJG FahertyCastle by the Sea (What Waits in the Shadows)Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Long FictionLaura Cooney and L. L. SoaresGreen TsunamiSmart Rhino Publications
Long FictionTerry M. WestHeroin in the Magic NowAmazonPleasant Storm Entertainment
Long FictionBenedict AshforthAbbot's Keep: A Ghost StoryCreateSpace
Long FictionJohn F.D. TaffThe Long, Long BreakdownThe End in All Beginnings
Long FictionJohn LanganYmirThe Children of Old LeechWord Horde
Long FictionNicole CushingI Am the New GodDarkFuse
Long FictionS.P. MiskowskiIn the LightOmnium Gatherum Media
Long FictionStephen Graham JonesThe Elvis RoomThis Is Horror
Long FictionWilliam MeikleThe PlasmDark Regions Press
Long FictionBlake CrouchPerfect Little TownCemetery Dance #71Cemetery Dance
Long FictionCaitlin R. KiernanInterstate Love Song (Murder Ballad No. 8)Sirenia Digest #100
Long FictionCarole JohnstoneDeparturesThe Bright Day is Done Gray Friar Press
Long FictionCarole JohnstoneGettin' HighThe Bright Day is DoneGray Friar Press
Long FictionChristopher HarmanSlapstickThe Ghosts & Scholars Book of Shadows Volume 2Sarob Press
Long FictionDale BaileyThe End of the End of EverythingTor.comTor
Long FictionDaryl GregoryWe Are All Completely Fine Tachyon Publications
Long FictionGregor XaneThe Riggle TwinsBad Apples: Five Slices of Halloween HorrorCorpus Press
Long FictionHarry ShannonZero at the BoneLimbusJournalStone
Long FictionHelen GrantThe Third TimeThe Ghosts & Scholars Book of Shadows Volume 2Sarob Press
Long FictionHelen MarshallShip HouseGifts for the One Who Comes AfterChiZine Publications
Long FictionHunter SheaThe WaitingSamhain Publishing
Long FictionJG FahertyFatal ConsequencesSamhain Publishing
Long FictionJG FahertyLegacySamhainSamhain
Long FictionJoe R. LansdaleFishing for DinosaursLimbus, Inc. - Book IIJournalStone
Long FictionJonathan JanzExorcist RoadSamhain Publishing
Long FictionKai Ashante WilsonThe Devil In AmericaTor.comTor
Long FictionKevin LuciaSophanDevourer of SoulsRagnarok Publishing
Long FictionLisa Morton and John R LittleBy Insanity of ReasonBad Moon Books
Long FictionMark MorrisThey Walk As Men Terror Tales of Yorkshire Gray Friar Press
Long FictionPasi Ilmari JääskeläinenWhere the Trains Turntor.comTor
Long FictionPeter GiglioWhen We FallDarkFuse
Long FictionRio YouersOutside Heavenly The Spectral Book of Horror StoriesSpectral Press
Long FictionScott NicolayGeschafteAna Kai TangataFedogan and Bremer
Long FictionScott Nicolay The Soft FrogsAna Kai TangataFedogan and Bremer
Long FictionSephera GironFlesh FailureSamhain Publishing, Ltd.
Long FictionSimon StrantzasOn IceBurnt Black SunsHippocampus Press
Long FictionStephen VolkNewspaper HeartThe Spectral Book of Horror StoriesSpectral Press
Long FictionVic KerryDecoration DaySamhain
Long FictionWilliam F. NolanThe Blood CountessLike a Dead Man WalkingCentipede Press
NonfictionJoe Mynhardt and Emma AudsleyHorror 101: The Way ForwardCrystal Lake Publishing
NonfictionLucy SnyderShooting Yourself in the Head For Fun and Profit: A Writer's Survival GuidePost Mortem Press
NonfictionLeslie S. KlingerThe New Annotated H.P. LovecraftLiveright Publishing Corp. - a division of W.W. Norton & Co.
NonfictionJason V BrockDisorders of MagnitudeRowman & Littlefield
NonfictionBrian KeeneTrigger WarningsAmazon Digital Services, Inc.
NonfictionMargot AdlerVampires Are Us: Understanding Our Love Affair with the Immortal Dark SideWeiser Books
NonfictionMort CastleAnnotated DraculaWriter's Digest
NonfictionDavid and Scott GoudswardHorror Guide to MassachusettsPost Mortem Press
NonfictionJennifer PercyDemon CampScribner
NonfictionShaka McGlotten and Steve JonesZombies and Sexuality: Essays on Desire and the Living Dead (Contributions to Zombie Studies)McFarland Publishing
NovelPatrick FreivaldJade SkyJournalStone
NovelMichaelbrent CollingsThis Darkness LightSelf-Published
NovelBrett J. TalleyThe RebornJournalStone
NovelLawrence C. ConnollyVortexFantasist Enterprises
NovelCraig DiLouieSuffer the ChildrenGallery Books of Simon & Schuster
NovelJeff VandermeerAnnihilationFarrar, Straus and Giroux
NovelTracy L. CarboneMy Name is MarnieShadowridge Press
NovelChristopher GoldenSnowblindSt. Martin's
NovelJohn R LittleDarkNetJournalStone
NovelThomas M. MalafarinaDead Kill Book 1: The Ridge of DeathSunbury Press
NovelR B ChestertonThe SeekerPegasus Books
NovelStephen KingRevivalScribner
NovelBrent Michael KelleyChuggie and the Prisoner GodsOmnium Gatherum
NovelWilliam HollowayLucky's GirlHorrific Tales Publishing
NovelChristopher RiceThe Vines47North
NovelJeremy BatesSuicide ForestGhillinnein Books
NovelJonathan MaberryFall Of NightSt. Martin's Press
NovelNick CutterThe TroopGallery Books
NovelWeston OchseReign of Evil: A Seal Team 666 NovelThomas Dunne Books
NovelBillie Sue MosimanThe Grey MatterPost Mortem Press
NovelDana FredstiPlague WorldTitan Books
NovelDavid AgranoffBoot Boys of the Wolf ReichDeadite Press
NovelGreg McClean and Brett McBeanWolf Creek: Desolation GamePenguin Books
NovelHunter SheaMontauk MonsterPinnacle
NovelMichaelbrent CollingsCrime SeenAmazon Digital Services, Inc.
NovelTrent ZelaznyVoicelessEvil Jester Press
NovelVincenzo BilofDark Rising: A Deep Sea ThrillerSevered Press
NovelA.J. ColucciSeedersThomas Dunne Books
NovelAdam CesareExponentialSamhain Publishing
NovelAnne RicePrince Lestat
NovelCharles Day and Mark Taylor Redemption Black Bed Sheet Books
NovelChristian ReadDevil City (The Lark Case Files Book 2)Gestalt Publishing
NovelCynthia TottlebenThe Eye UnseenJournalStone
NovelDavid Jacob KnightThe Phone CompanyCreateSpace
NovelDavid SalkinDeep Black SeaPermuted Press
NovelGemma FilesWe Will All Go Down TogetherChiZine Publications
NovelHelen McCabeThe PiercingTelos Publishing
NovelJason HornsbyDesert Bleeds RedPermuted Press
NovelJeff VanderMeerAcceptanceFarrar, Straus
NovelJeff VanderMeerAuthorityFarrar, Straus
NovelJessica McHughThe Green KangaroosPerpetual Motion Machine Publishing
NovelJoe AugustynDead Rain: A Tale of the Zombie ApocalypseWildcat Press
NovelJohn O'BrienA New World: ReckoningCreateSpace
NovelJon BassoffFactory TownDarkFuse
NovelKeith R.A. DeCandidoSleepy Hollow: Children of the RevolutionBroadway Books
NovelKim NewmanAn English Ghost StoryTitan Books
NovelM. R. CareyThe Girl with All the GiftsOrbit
NovelMegan AbbottThe Fever Little, Brown and Company
NovelMercedes M. YardleyPretty Little Dead GirlsRagnarok Publications
NovelMichael ClaryBrokenPermuted Press
NovelMichael ClaryThe RegulatorsPermuted Press
NovelMichael Randolph Descent into DarknessDark Moon Press
NovelPaul CornellThe Severed StreetsTor
NovelRachel AukesDeadland's Harvest (Deadland Saga) (Volume 2)Surprisingly Adequate Publishing
NovelSam SisavathThe Walls of Lemuria: A Purge of Babylon NovelRoad to Babylon Media
NovelSteve Rasnic TemBlood KinSolaris
NovelValerie MartinThe Ghost of the Mary CelesteNan A. Talese
PoetryCorrine De Winter & Alessandro ManzettiVenus InterventionKipple Officina Libraria
PoetryStephanie WytovichMourning Jewelry Raw Dog Screaming Press
PoetryRobert Payne CabeenFearworms: Selected PoemsFanboy Comics
PoetryMarge Simon and Mary TurzilloSweet PoisonDark Renaissance Books
PoetryDavid E. CowenThe Madness of Empty SpacesWeasel Press
PoetryG. O. ClarkGravedigger's DanceDark Renaissance Books
PoetryChad HensleyEmbrace the Hideous ImmaculateRaw Dog Screaming Press
PoetryWade GermanDreams from a Black NebulaHippocampus Press
PoetryPeter Adam SalomonProphetsEldritch Press
PoetryAlexander ZelenyjBallads to the Burning TwinsEibonvale Press
PoetryWilliam CookCorpus DelictiJames Ward Kirk Publishing
PoetryMichelle ScaliseThe Manufacturer of SorrowEldritch Press
PoetryDavid LundeThe Grandson of Heinrich Schliemann & Other Truths and FictionsMayapple Press
PoetryElizabeth CantwellNights I Let The Tiger Get YouBlack Lawrence Press
PoetryMatt BialerAscentBizarro Pulp Press
PoetryMike AllenHungry ConstellationsMythic Delirium Books
ScreenplayGreg Mclean & Aaron SternsWolf Creek 2Emu Creek Pictures
ScreenplayJennifer KentThe BabadookCauseway Films
ScreenplayScott M. GimpleThe Walking Dead: The Grove, ep 4:14AMC
ScreenplayJack Thomas SmithInflictionFox Trail Productions
ScreenplayJames WongAmerican Horror Story: Coven: "The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks"FX Network
ScreenplayNic PizzolattoTrue Detective S1:E4 Who Goes ThereHBOHBO
ScreenplayMike Flanagan and Jeff HowardOculusRelativity Media and Blumhouse Productions
ScreenplayPandora FilmproduktionOnly Lovers left AlivePandora Filmproduktion
ScreenplayDennis Widmyer & Kevin KolschStarry Eyes
ScreenplayJohn LoganPenny Dreadful: "Closer Than Sisters"Showtime
ScreenplayNic PizzolattoTrue Detective: "The Locked Room"HBO
ScreenplayScott M. GimpleThe Walking Dead: No Sanctuary, ep 5:1AMC
ScreenplaySteve Lightfoot and Bryan FullerHannibal: Season 2 Episode 13 - Mizumono
ScreenplayDerek Lee & Clif ProwseAfflictedAutomatik Entertainment
ScreenplayDrew Dowdle and John Erick DowdleAs Above, So Below Legendary Pictures
ScreenplayJessica SharzerAmerican Horror Story: Freakshow: Pink Cupcakes
ScreenplayMatthew Bradford, Dean Chekvala, Amy Cale Peterson and Ben WagnerDead WithinMillennium Entertainment
Short FictionSydney LeighBaby's BreathBugs: Tales That Slither, Creep, and CrawlGreat Old Ones Publishing
Short FictionHal BodnerHot TubHell Comes to Hollywood IIBig Time Books
Short FictionPatrick FreivaldTrigger WarningDemonic Visions Book 4Chris Robertson
Short FictionAlessandro ManzettiNature's OdditiesThe Shaman: And Other ShadowsSelf-published
Short FictionJohn PalisanoSplinteretteWidowmakers: A Benefit Anthology of Dark Fiction
Short FictionRena MasonRuminationsQualia NousWritten Backwards
Short FictionMichael Paul GonzalezWorth the HavingHalloween TalesOmnium Gatherum
Short FictionWeston OchseSix Days in MayExplosions: Stories of Our Landmined World Evil Jester Press
Short FictionBracken MacleodThirteen Views of the Suicide WoodsShock Totem
Short FictionRobin DoverTurn Me On, Dead ManJournals of Horror anthologyPleasant Storm Entertainment
Short FictionTerry WestThe Giving of Things Cold & CursedPleasant Storm Entertainment
Short FictionColleen AndersonThe CollectorCemetery DanceCemetery Dance #71
Short FictionKevin BuftonRed JackDon't Look Back - anthologyDark Moon Press
Short FictionPatrick FreivaldTwelve KilosQualia NousWritten Backwards
Short FictionUsman T. MalikThe Vaporization Enthalpy of a Peculiar Pakistani FamilyQualia NousWritten Backwards
Short FictionChris MarrsPaper and Pencil, Skin and InkA Darke PhantastiqueCycatrix Press
Short FictionB.E. ScullyNothing But Skin and BonesEnter at Your Own Risk: The End is the BeginningFirbolg Publishing
Short FictionEmily B. CataneoThe Rondelium Girl of the Rue MarseillesQualia NousWritten Backwards
Short FictionJack KetchumOldiesJamais VuPost Mortem Press
Short FictionJason V BrockThe Man with the HornBlack Wings III: New Tales of Lovecraftian HorrorPS Publishing
Short FictionKaren RussellThe Bad GraftThe New Yorker
Short FictionLucy TaylorWingless BeastsFatal Journeys
Short FictionPeter SalomonThe MachineDemonic Visions 3
Short FictionRobert R. McCammonWhitehttp://www.robertmccammon.com/
Short FictionShirley JacksonThe Man in the WoodsThe New Yorker
Short FictionAdam-Troy CastroTotalsNightmare
Short FictionAlyssa WongThe Fisher QueenThe Magazine of Fantasy and Science FictionGordon Van Gelder/ F and SF
Short FictionElmer Munson JohnWrapped In White: Thirteen Tales of Spectres, Ghosts, and SpiritsSekhmet Press LLC
Short FictionGene O'NeillThe Shaking ManQualia NousWritten Backwards
Short FictionGene O'NeillTransformations at the Inn of the Golden PheasantA Darke PhantastiqueCycatrix Press
Short FictionJennifer BrozekWritten in the WindNo True Way: All-New Tales of ValdemarDAW
Short FictionJG FahertyHomo SuicidusA Darke PhantastiqueCycatrix Publishing
Short FictionJodi Renée LesterCasting LotsSongs of the SatyrsAngelic Knight Press
Short FictionJoe R. LansdaleThe Case of the Four-Acre HauntA Darke PhantastiqueCycatrix Press
Short FictionJohn LittleSecond ChanceQualia NousWritten Backwards
Short FictionKenneth W. CainHer Living CoralsEnter at Your Own Risk: The End Is the BeginningFirbolg Publishing
Short FictionLucy A. SnyderDura MaterQualia NousWritten Backwards
Short FictionLucy SnyderAntumbraApex MagazineApex Magazine
Short FictionRebecca LloydGone to the DeepStrange Tales IVTartarus press
Short FictionStephen Graham JonesChapter SixTor.comTor
Short FictionAaron GudmunsonErica's Collection: An erotic horror short storyHazardous Encounters
Short FictionAdam-Troy CastroIn the Temple Of Celestial PleasureNightmare
Short FictionAlessandro ManzettiLu'LuDark Gates - Roads to Hell and LimboKipple Officina Libraria
Short FictionAlison LittlewoodThe Dog's HomeThe Spectral Book of Horror StoriesSpectral Press
Short FictionAlison MooreEastmouthThe Spectral Book of Horror StoriesSpectral Press
Short FictionAlyssa WongScarecrowBlack StaticTTA press
Short FictionAndrew S. FullerImmigrantDarke PhantastiqueCicatryx Press
Short FictionAngela SlatterHome and HearthSpectral Press
Short FictionAngela SlatterThe Burnt MoonThe Bitterwood Bible and other RecountingsTartarus Press
Short FictionAngela SlatterWinter ChildrenFar Voyager, Postscripts 32/33PS Publishing
Short FictionAnglela Slatter The Maiden in the IceThe Bitterwood Bible and Other RecountingsTartarus Press
Short FictionBrian EvensonCultConjunctions: 62, Exile
Short FictionBrian HodgeCures for a Sickened WorldThe Spectral Book of Horror StoriesSpectral Press
Short FictionBruce McAllisterThe Witch MothFearful SymmetriesChiZine
Short FictionCharles DayGame OnTales From The Lake Vol. 1
Short FictionD.S. UlleryTruantJournals of Horror: Found FictionPleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc.
Short FictionDale BaileyThe CulvertThe Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
Short FictionDamien Angelica Walters The Floating Girls: A DocumentaryJamais VuPost Mortem Press
Short FictionDamien Angelica WaltersThis Is the Way I DieNightmare Magazine Nightmare Magazine
Short FictionDan RabartsChildren of the TideMidnight Echo
Short FictionDavid WebbA Handful of DustHauntingsHic Dragones
Short FictionDesirinia BoskovichDear Owner of This 1972 Ford Crew Cab PickupNightmare Magazine
Short FictionDJ TyrerDying ScrawlJournals of Horror: Found FictionPleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc.
Short FictionElizabeth MassieDon't Look At MeTales From The Lake Vol. 1
Short FictionEric MillerCulling the HerdHell Comes to Hollywood IIBig Time Books
Short FictionEssel PrattThus is LifeSerial Killers QuattuorJames Ward Kirk Publishing
Short FictionG.N. BraunJunksickTales From The Lake Vol. 1
Short FictionGary McMahonDull FireThe Spectral Book of Horror StoriesSpectral Press
Short FictionGenevieve ValentineA Dweller in AmentyNightmare
Short FictionHal BodnerDonutsHalloween Tales
Short FictionHelena BellBurialThe Dark (online magazine)Jack Fisher and Sean Wallace
Short FictionJames ChambersThe Price of FacesQualia NousWritten Backwards
Short FictionJames FeraceSoft CrueltiesKind Nepenthe Publishing
Short FictionJohn PalisanoPerrollo's LadderTales From The Lake, Vol. 1Crystal Lake Publishing
Short FictionJoshua SkyeLily's DreamEnter at Your Own Risk: The End is the BeginningFirbolg Publishing
Short FictionK.Z.Morano100 NightmaresAmazon Digital Services
Short FictionKaaron WarrenDeath's Door CafeShadows and Tall Trees 2014Undertow Publications
Short FictionKenneth W. CainHired HandSix Guns Straight From Hell 2: Horror and Dark Fantasy From the Weird Weird WestScience fiction trails
Short FictionKeris McDonaldUnder His Wing, Poor ThingHauntingsHic Dragones
Short FictionKurt DinanPlinkFar Voyager, Postscripts 32/33PS Publishing
Short FictionLaird Barronthe worms crawl in,Fearful SymmetriesChizine
Short FictionLivia LlewellynAllochthonLetters to LovecraftStone Skin Press
Short FictionLivia LlewellynThe Last, Clean, Bright SummerPrimevil: A Journey of the Uncanny #2
Short FictionLucy A. SnyderThe Girl with the Star-Stained SoulIn the Court of the Yellow KingCelaeno Press
Short FictionMalcolm DevlinPassion PlayBlack StaticTTA Press
Short FictionMaria AlexanderHarvest of FlamesHalloween Tales
Short FictionMatthew CheneyPatrimonyBlack Static
Short FictionMichael WehuntOnanonShadows & Tall Trees 2014Undertow Publications
Short FictionMike AllenTardigradeThe Darke Phantastique Cicatrix Press
Short FictionMike CastoSide EffectsBlood GamesPhoenix Fire Publishing
Short FictionMike CastoThe Night is YoungSerrated: Tormenting Tales of MacabrePhoenix Fire Publishing
Short FictionMike LesterNot This TimeWrapped in BlackSekhmet Press
Short FictionMyriam FreyThe StatueShadows and Tall Trees 2014Undertow Publications
Short FictionPaolo di OrazioHellDark Gates - Roads to Hell and LimboKipple Officina Libraria
Short FictionPeter Salomon MuseDemonic Visions 4
Short FictionRachel Halsall The ConchHauntingsHic Dragones
Short FictionRB ChestertonThe Hanged ManWriterspace Publishing
Short FictionRhoads BrazosTread Upon the Brittle ShellSQ Mag
Short FictionRobert ShearmanCarry Within Some Small Sliver of Me The Spectral Book of Horror StoriesSpectral Press
Short FictionRobert ShearmanIt Flows from the MouthShadows and Tall Trees 2014Undertow Publications
Short FictionRose BlackthornThrough the GhostlandsEquilibrium Overturned: The Heart of Darkness AwaitsGrey Matter Press
Short FictionShannon HollingerDetecting FearSuspense Magazine
Short FictionSimon ClarkThe Ghosts of Pontefract CastleCemetery Dance Publications
Short FictionStephen Graham JonesDoc's StoryLetters to LovecraftStone Skin Press
Short FictionStephen Graham JonesThe Spindly ManFearful SymmetriesChiZine Publications
Short FictionStephen KingThat Bus is Another WorldEsquire
Short FictionTaylor GrantDead PullTales From The Lake Vol. 1
Short FictionTim CassonThe Crone at the Meadow GateBlack Static issue 40Andy Cox/TTA Press
Short FictionTim WaggonerLover, Come Back To MeTales From The Lake Vol. 1
Short FictionValerie GearyThis Great LoveDay One Amazon
Short FictionYukimi OgawaIn Her Head, In Her EyesThe Book Smugglers
Young-Adult NovelJohnny WorthenEleanor: Book 1 (The Unseen)Jolly Fish Press
Young-Adult NovelKami Garcia Unmarked (The Legion Series Book 2)Little Brown Books for Young Readers
Young-Adult NovelStan Swanson and Araminta Star MatthewsHorror High School - Return of the Loving DeadCuriosity Quills Press
Young-Adult NovelJohn DixonPhoenix IslandSimon & Schuster
Young-Adult NovelJake BibleIntentional HauntingPermuted Press
Young-Adult NovelPeter Adam SalomonAll Those Broken AngelsFlux
Young-Adult NovelTonya HurleyPassionaries, The BlessedSimon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Young-Adult NovelDevan SaglianiZombie Attack: Army of the DeadPermuted Press
Young-Adult NovelA. D. Goodman (Aaron Gudmunson)Emma TremendousLittle Devil Books
Young-Adult NovelAlice J. BlackThe Doorspaperback - 238 pages, also in kindleFire and Ice A Young Adult Imprint of Melange Books LLC
Young-Adult NovelDanielle PaigeDorothy Must DieHarperCollins Publishers
Young-Adult NovelKatherine HoweConversionG.P. Putnam's Sons
Young-Adult NovelT. S. CharlesConsumedW & B Publishers