HWA Bram Stoker Award™ 2015 Reading List

This list of Bram Stoker Award Recommendations is compiled during the year by members of the Horror Writers Association. We make it available to the public as something of a 'reading list' for horror readers and fans. These works are all new horror published during the year that our members feel worthy of recommending for Bram Stoker Award consideration. They are not 'Bram Stoker Award nominees', nor are they part of any ballot process at this stage, but it is likely they represent some of the best new horror fiction, poetry and non-fiction published during the year.

Please note that if your work appears on this list that the Association's Bram Stoker Award etiquette specifically precludes advertising that fact: "You may not promote your work as "Bram Stoker Award Recommended", nor as appearing on the Bram Stoker Award Reading List. Receiving one, or a handful of Bram Stoker Award recommendations (which is how a work appears on the Bram Stoker Award Reading List) is a far cry from winning the Award or even from being listed on the preliminary ballot. It devalues the Bram Stoker Awards to have their name attached to works whose only defining characteristic may be that one or two HWA members liked them. Authors or publishers who promote their work in this manner run the risk of offending our voting members."

For full detail about the Bram Stoker Awards, please visit: http://horror.org/bram-stoker-awards/. Early in each year the Horror Writers Association announces its Preliminary Bram Stoker Awards Ballot, made up of both members' recommendations and jury selections. A month or so later, we announce the Bram Stoker Awards Final Ballot, which lists the official nominees for the awards. Full detail of the members' recommendation and jury selection processses and the ballots are included in the Bram Stoker Awards Rules.

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AnthologyJeani RectorShrieks and Shivers from the Horror ZinePost Mortem Press
AnthologyJonathan MaberryX-Files: Trust No OneIDW Publishing
AnthologyMichael BaileyThe Library of the DeadWritten Backwards
AnthologyChristopher GoldenSeize the NightGallery Books
AnthologyEllen Datlow The Doll Collection: Seventeen Brand-New Tales of DollsTor Books
AnthologyEric Miller18 Wheels of HorrorBig Time Books
AnthologyJoseph Nassise and Del HowisonMidian UnmadeTor
AnthologyAlex ScullyEnter at Your Own Risk: Dreamscapes into DarknessFirbolg Publishing
AnthologyDavid & Linden RileyKitchen Sink GothicParallel Universe Publications
AnthologyChristopher Jones, Nanci Kalanta & Tony TremblayEulogies IIIHW Press
AnthologyD. Alexander Ward & Doug MuranoShadows Over Main StreetHazardous Press
AnthologyDavid LucarelliWinter Horror DaysOmnium Gatherum
AnthologyNancy Kilpatrick and Caro SolesnEvermore!EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
AnthologyRichard ThomasExigenciesDark House Press
AnthologyRoss E. LockhartGiallo FantastiqueWord Horde
AnthologyDaniel H. Wilson & John Joseph AdamsPress Start to Play Vintage
AnthologySimon StrantzasAickman's HeirsUndertow Publications
AnthologyAnthony Rivera & Sharon LawsonSavage BeastsGray Matter Press
AnthologyH. David BlalockThe Idolaters of CthulhuAlban Lake
AnthologyMark TeppoThirteen: Stories of TransformationUnderland Press
AnthologyRoberta Trahan & J.D. HornPhantasma
AnthologyShannon Delany & Judith GravesBeware the Little White RabbitLeap Books
AnthologyStacy TurnerGrimm MistressesAngelic Knight Press
Fiction CollectionTaylor GrantThe Dark at the End of the TunnelCemetery Dance Publications
Fiction CollectionLucy A. SnyderWhile the Black Stars BurnRaw Dog Screaming Press
Fiction CollectionGene O'NeillThe Hitchhiking EffectDark Renaissance Books
Fiction CollectionJohn EversonSacrificing VirginsSamhain Publishing
Fiction CollectionJennifer BrozekApocalypse Girl DreamingEvil Girlfriend Media
Fiction CollectionRobert HoodPeripheral Visions: The Collected Ghost StoriesIFWG Publishing Australia
Fiction CollectionPaolo Di OrazioMy Early CrimesRaven's Head Press
Fiction CollectionDamien Angelica WaltersSing Me Your Scars (Apex Voices Book 3)Apex Publications
Fiction CollectionT. E. GrauThe Nameless DarkLethe Press
Fiction CollectionAdrian LudensWhen Bedbugs Bite
Fiction CollectionDale BaileyThe End Of The End Of EverythingArche Press
Fiction CollectionKelly LinkGet in TroubleRandom House
Fiction CollectionStephen KingThe Bazaar of Bad DreamsScribner
Fiction CollectionAmy GrechRage and Redemption In Alphabet CityNew Pulp Press
Fiction CollectionChina MiévilleThree Moments of an Explosion Del Rey
Fiction CollectionChristopher SlatskyAlectryomancer and Other Weird TalesDunhams Manor Press
Fiction CollectionEden RoyceSpook Lights: Southern Gothic HorrorAmazon Digital Services, Inc.
Fiction CollectionJoel LaneThe Anniversary of NeverSwan River Press
Fiction CollectionJohn ConnollyNight Music: Nocturnes Volume 2Atria/Emily Bestler Books
Fiction CollectionM.J. PackCertain Dark ThingsThought Catalog Books
Fiction CollectionRay CluleyProbably MonstersChiZine
Fiction CollectionTananarive DueGhost Summer: StoriesPrime Books
Fiction CollectionAlex S. JohnsonThe Doom HippiesRiot Forge
Fiction CollectionCharles BlackBlack CeremoniesParallel Universe Publications
Fiction CollectionDona FoxDark Tales from the DenJames Ward Kirk Publishing
Fiction CollectionGary A. BraunbeckHalfway Down the StairsJournalStone
Fiction CollectionMark Allan GunnellsFlowers in the DumpsterCrystal Lake Publishing
Fiction CollectionMatthew WarnerDominoes in TimeCemetery Dance Publications
Fiction CollectionMaynard and SimsDeath's Sweet EchoTickety Boo Press Ltd
Fiction CollectionMichael T. Huyck, Jr. Of Dark And YesterdayMacabre Ink & Crossroad Press
Fiction CollectionNeal F. Litherland New Avalon: Love and Loss in The City of SteamJames Ward Kirk Publishing
Fiction CollectionNicole CushingThe MirrorsCycatrix Press
Fiction CollectionShane Jiraiya CummingsThe Abandonment of Grace and Everything AfterBrimstone Press
Fiction CollectionWeston OchseFUBAR: A Collection of War StoriesCohesion Press
Fiction CollectionAlessandro ManzettiThe Massacre of the MermaidsKipple Officina Libraria
Fiction CollectionAmelia GrayGutshotFSG Originals
Fiction CollectionGreg SiscoIn Nightmares We're Alone
Fiction CollectionLivia LlewellynFurnaceWord Horde
Fiction CollectionRobert AickmanThe StrangersTartarus Press
First NovelJohn McIlveenHannahwhereCrossroads Press
First NovelBrian KirkWe Are Monsters Samhain Publishing
First NovelJohn Claude SmithRiding The CentipedeOmnium Gatherum
First NovelKenneth W. HarmonThe Amazing Mr. HowardJournalStone
First NovelThom ErbHeaven, Hell, or Houston: A Zombie Thriller Severed Press
First NovelCurtis M. LawsonThe DevouredWinlock Press
First NovelGlenn Benest & Dale PitmanInkLarry Czerwonka Company
First NovelHeather HerrmanConsumptionHydra
First NovelKim LiggettBlood and SaltG.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers
First NovelKit PowerGodBomb!The Sinister Horror Company
First NovelNicole CushingMr. SuicideWord Horde
First NovelScott HawkinsThe Library at Mount Char Crown
First NovelDallas MullicanA Coin for CharonPermuted Press
First NovelDuncan RalstonSalvageForsaken
First NovelJennifer LoringThose of My KindOmnium Gatherum
First NovelStephen McQuigganA Pig's View of HeavenGrinning Skull Press
First NovelAmelia ManganReleaseNightscape Press
First NovelGabriel SquailiaDead BoysTalos
First NovelGary KembleSkin DeepEcho Publishing
First NovelJason ParentSeeing EvilRed Adept Publishing
First NovelKim AlexanderThe Sand PrinceBooktrope Editions
First NovelMarcyKate ConnollyMonstrousHarper
First NovelMartin ReavesA Fractured ConjuringBlack Rose Writing
First NovelMichelle BelangerConspiracy of AngelsTitan Books
First NovelStephen WilliamsAmong the RuinsVillipede Publications
Graphic NovelSam Weller, Mort Castle, Carlos Guzman & Chris RyallShadow Show: Stories in Celebration of Ray BradburyIDW Publishing
Graphic NovelDavid LucarelliThe Children's Vampire Hunting Brigade Vol. 2: Age of the WickedCreator's Edge Press
Graphic NovelVictor GischlerHellboundDark Horse Books
Graphic NovelChristopher Golden and Mike MignolaBaltimore Volume 5: The Apostle and the Witch of HarjuDark Horse Books
Graphic NovelScott SnyderWytches, Vol. 1Image Comics
Graphic NovelDavid Hine and Justin JordanCrossed Volume 13Avatar Press
Graphic NovelGrant MorrisonAnnihilatorLegendary Comics
Graphic NovelJim Butcher, Mark Powers & Brett Booth Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files Omnibus Volume 1Dynamite Entertainment
Graphic NovelKieron GillenCrossed Volume 14Avatar Press
Graphic NovelRobert KirkmanOutcast Volume 1: A Darkness Surrounds HimImage Comics
Graphic NovelGrant MorrisonNamelessImage Comics
Long FictionJeff GunhusThe Torment of Rachel AmesSeven Guns Press
Long FictionBen EadsCracked SkyOmnium Gatherum
Long FictionGene O'NeillAt the Lazy KWritten Backwards
Long FictionLisa MannettiThe Box JumperSmart Rhino Publications
Long FictionScott EdelmanBecoming Invisible, Becoming SeenDark Discoveries Issue 30JournalStone
Long FictionAlessandro ManzettiMidnight Baby - Horror LolitaStockholm SyndromeKipple Officina Libraria
Long FictionK. Trap Jones The HarvesterBlood Bound Books
Long FictionChris MarrsWild WomanJournal Stone
Long FictionRobert HoodThe WhimperPeripheral Visions: The Collected Ghost StoriesIFWG Publishing Australia
Long FictionTerry M. WestServant of the Red QuillPleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc.
Long FictionGlenn RolfeAbram's BridgeSamhain Publishing
Long FictionSebastian BendixShriek of the HarpySanitarium Magazine Issue #30
Long FictionBrian MorelandDarkness RisingSamhain Publishing
Long FictionKealan Patrick BurkeSour Candy
Long FictionNathan BallingrudThe Visible FilthThis is Horror
Long FictionPaul Di Filippo and Claudio ChillemiThe Horror at Gancio RossoAcheron Books
Long FictionTamsyn MuirThe Deepwater BrideF&SF
Long FictionBrian HodgeOne Possible Shape of Things to ComeEulogies III
Long FictionGary A. BraunbeckPaper CutsSeize the Night
Long FictionJ.H. MoncrieffThe Bear Who Wouldn't Leave (Childhood Fears)Samhain Publishing
Long FictionJake BibleScareScapes Book One: Phantom Limbs!Permuted Press
Long FictionKaren RussellThe ProspectorsThe New Yorker
Long FictionLaird BarronIn a Cavern, In a CanyonSeize the Night
Long FictionMercedes M. YardleyLittle Dead RedGrimm MistressesAngelic Knight Press, an imprint of Ragnarok Publications
Long FictionMira GrantRolling in the DeepSubterranean Press
Long FictionRay GartonParanormal QuestX-Files: Trust No OneIDW Publishing
Long FictionRobert ShearmanBloodSeize the Night
Long FictionScott NicolayafterDim Shores
Long FictionSephera GironA Penny SavedSamhain Publishing
Long FictionStephen Graham JonesDaniel's Theory About DollsThe Doll Collection: Seventeen Brand-New Tales of Dolls Tor Books
Long FictionT. FrohockIn Midnight's Silence: Los Nefilim: Part OneHarper Voyager Impulse
Long FictionTim MajorCarus & MitchOmnium Gatherum
Long FictionV. H. LesliePrecious ThingsThe OutsidersCrystal Lake Publishing
Long FictionAdam HoweDamn Dirty ApesDie Dog or Eat the HatchetComet Press
Long FictionAngela SlatterOf Sorrow And SuchTor
Long FictionBrian HodgeIn the Negative SpacesDark City: A Novella CollectionNecro Publications
Long FictionChris KelsoWire and SpittleOmnium Gatherum Media
Long FictionCody GoodfellowGarden of the GodsBeyond the Mountains of MadnessCelaeno Press
Long FictionE.R. Robin DoverTreesEndless Worlds Volume 1Endless Worlds Publications
Long FictionFrazer LeeThe Leper WindowSamhain Publishing
Long FictionGabino IglesiasZero SaintsBroken River Books
Long FictionGerard HouarnerThe Fear PuppetDark City: A Novella CollectionNecro Publications
Long FictionHeather GrahamIt's All in the EyesX-Files: Trust No OneIDW Publishing
Long FictionJeff StrandBad BratwurstWhite Noise Press
Long FictionKeith R.A. DeCandidoBack in El Paso My Life Will Be WorthlessX-Files: Trust No OneIDW publishing
Long FictionMaynard SimsConvalescenceSamhain Publishing
Long FictionPatrick LaceyA Debt to be PaidSamhain Publishing
Long FictionPeter N. DudarWhere Spiders Fear to SpinBooks & Boos Press
Long FictionPriya SharmaFabulous BeastsTor.com
Long FictionRio YouersSeparatorSeize the Night
Long FictionRosanne RabinowitzMeat, Motion and LightThe Outsiders
Long FictionStephen GregoryPlague of GullsThe PigeonholePigeonhole Publishing Ltd.
Long FictionSuzanne MadronFor Sale or Rent
Long FictionT.E. GrauMr. LupusThe Nameless DarkLethe Press
Long FictionTony SarrecchiaOn the Road to ChattanoogaFat Zombie: Stories of Unlikely Survivors from the ApocalypsePermuted Press
NonfictionDanel OlsonStudies in the Horror Film: Stanley Kubrick's The ShiningCentipede Press
NonfictionJoe Mynhardt & Emma AudsleyHorror 201: The Silver ScreamCrystal Lake Publishing
NonfictionMichael KnostAuthor’s Guide to Marketing With TeethSeventh Star Press
NonfictionRebecca Brown and Sharla HutchisonMonsters and Monstrosity from the Fin de Siècle to the MillenniumMcFarland & Co Publishers
NonfictionStephen JonesThe Art of Horror: An Illustrated HistoryApplause Theatre & Cinema Books
NonfictionClaudio Di VaioUnburying the Past: The Hermeneutics of Truth in Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's NovelsGothic Press
NonfictionJohn Edgar Browning, David R. Castillo, David A. Reilly & David ShcmidZombie Talk: Culture, History, PoliticsPalgrave Macmillan
NonfictionLisa MortonGhosts: A Haunted HistoryReaktion Books
NonfictionPamela K. KinneyParanormal Petersburg, Virginia, and the Tri-Cities Area Schiffer Publishing
NonfictionStacy SchiffThe Witches: Salem, 1692Little, Brown and Company
NonfictionCaroline Edwards and Tony VeneziaChina Miéville: Critical EssaysGylphi Limited
NonfictionJason SizemoreFor Exposure: The Life and Times of a Small Press PublisherApex Publications
NonfictionJustin Everett & Jeffrey H. ShanksThe Unique Legacy of Weird Tales: The Evolution of Modern Fantasy and HorrorRowman and Littlefield Publishers
NonfictionMichael MalloryEssential Horror Movies: Matinee Monsters to Cult ClassicsRizzoli
NonfictionMichael McCartyModern Mythmakers: 35 Interviews with Horror & Science Fiction Writers and FilmmakersCrystal Lake Publishing
NonfictionRobert E. Bartholomew and Joe NickellAmerican Hauntings: The True Stories behind Hollywood's Scariest Movies - from The Exorcist to The ConjuringPraeger
NonfictionS. J. Bagley & Simon StrantzasThinking Horror: A Journal of Horror PhilosophyTKHR
NovelPaul TremblayA Head Full of GhostsWilliam Morrow
NovelBrett J. TalleyHe Who Walks in ShadowJournalStone
NovelKeith FerrarioMonsterSamhain Publishing
NovelJeremy BatesThe Catacombs (World's Scariest Places: Book Two)Ghillinnein Books
NovelJG FahertyThe CureSamhain Publishing
NovelLeigh M. LaneThe Private SectorEldritch Press
NovelMichaelbrent CollingsThe DeepMichaelbrent Collings
NovelBrian W. MatthewsRevelation (A Forever Man Novel)JournalStone
NovelDouglas WynneRed EquinoxJournalStone
NovelJohn R. LittleSoul MatesJournalStone
NovelRobert DunbarThe StreetsUninvited Books
NovelElizabeth HandWylding HallOpen Road Media
NovelRio YouersPoint HollowChiZine
NovelDale BaileyThe Subterranean SeasonUnderland Press
NovelDavid MitchellSlade HouseRandom House
NovelEdward M. ErdelacAndersonville Hydra
NovelHunter SheaIsland of the ForbiddenSamhain Publishing
NovelJeremy Robert JohnsonSkullcrack CityLazy Fascist Press
NovelRichard ThomasDisintegration: A Windy City Dark Mystery Random House
NovelRobert McCammonThe BorderSubterranean Press
NovelRonald MalfiLittle GirlsKensington
Novel Amanda Downum Dreams of Shreds and TattersSolaris
NovelAdam NevillNo One Gets Out AliveSt. Martin's Press
NovelCatherine CavendishThe Pendle CurseSamhain
NovelChristopher GoldenTin MenBallantine Books
NovelClive BarkerThe Scarlet GospelsSt. Martin's Press
NovelDavid GerroldJacobComicMix LLC
NovelFrazer LeeThe SkintakerSamhain Publishing
NovelHunter SheaTortures of the DamnedPinnacle
NovelJohn PalisanoDust of the DeadSamhain Publishing
NovelMolly TanzerVermilion: The Adventures of Lou Merriwether, PsychopompWorde Horde
NovelNick CutterThe DeepGallery Books
NovelRussell JamesQ IslandSamhain Publishing
NovelSarah PinboroughThe Death HouseTitan Books
NovelStephen KingFinders KeepersScribner
NovelTim LebbonThe SilenceTitan Books
NovelTom CalenSarah of the Romani
NovelAndrew PyperThe DamnedSimon and Schuster
NovelAnia AhlbornBrotherGallery Books
NovelAnia AhlbornWithin These WallsGallery Books
NovelAustin GrossmanCrookedMulholland Books
NovelBenjamin PercyThe Dead LandsGrand Central Publishing
NovelBryan SmithSlowly We RotBitter Ale Press
NovelChristian KieferThe AnimalsLiveright
NovelChristopher GoldenDead RingersSt. Martin's Press
NovelD. Nathan HilliardNightwalkCreateSpace
NovelDavid BernsteinGoblinsSamhain Publishing
NovelDean KoontzSaint OddBantam Books
NovelEmily St John MandelStation ElevenVintage
NovelEric RedWhite KnuckleSamhain Publishing
NovelGemma FilesExperimental FilmChiZine
NovelGillian PolackThe Time of the GhostsSatalyte Publishing
NovelGlenn RolfeBlood and RainSamhain Publishing
NovelGraeme ReynoldsHigh Moor 3: BloodmoonHorrific Tales Publishing
NovelGreg F. GifuneDevil's BreathDarkFuse
NovelGregory BastianelliLooniesJournalStone
NovelJennifer McMahonThe Night SisterDoubleday
NovelMark C. Scioneaux & Dane HatchellThrill Me Kill MeLimitless Publishing
NovelMatthew GuinnThe ScribeW.W. Norton & Company
NovelMaynard SimsMother of Demons (Department 18)Samhain Publishing
NovelMichaelbrent CollingsThe Colony: Reckoning
NovelNick CutterThe AcolyteChiZine
NovelPatrick FreivaldBlack TideJournalStone
NovelRussell JamesDreamwalkerSamhain Publishing
NovelS.G. LeeJournal of the Undead: New York OutbreakParataxis Publishing
NovelScott James MagnerSeasons of TruthARUS Entertainment
NovelStuart R. WestGhosts of GannawayBooks We Love Ltd
NovelTamara JonesSporeSamhain Publishing
NovelWil RadcliffeThe Whisper KingNecro Publications
NovelMark AllDeath MetalCaliburn Press
PoetryBruce BostonResonance Dark and Light Eldritch Press
PoetryAlessandro ManzettiEden UndergroundCrystal Lake Publishing
PoetryK. A. OppermanThe Crimson TomeHippocampus Press
PoetryMarge SimonNaughty LadiesEldritch Press
PoetryJeannine Hall GaileyThe Robot Scientist's DaughterMayapple Press
PoetryStephanie M. WytovichAn Exorcism of AngelsRaw Dog Screaming Press
PoetryBenjamin BlakeSouthpaw NightsJames Ward Kirk Publishing
PoetryMichael H. HansonDark Parchments: Midnight Curses and VersesMoondream Press
PoetryZ.M. WiseWolf: An Epic and Other PoemsWeasel Press
PoetryAnn K. SchwaderDark EnergiesP'rea Press
PoetryTerrie Leigh RelfSearch for a Kinder MuseSmashwords
PoetryJohn C. MannoneApocalpyseAlban Lake
PoetryLee Clark ZumpeFeed Me Wicked ThingsAlban Lake
PoetryRandy D. RubinThe Demon in My Head Doth SpeakEldritch Press
PoetryS.A. Gambino and Michael McCartyFear & DesireWilder Publications
ScreenplayDavid Robert MitchellIt FollowsNorthern Lights Films
ScreenplayTaika Waititi and Jemaine ClementWhat We Do In The ShadowsUnison Films
ScreenplayBryan Fuller & Steve Lightfoot & Nick AntoscaHannibal, "The Wrath of the Lamb," Ep. 13, Season 3
ScreenplayGuillermo del Toro & Matthew RobbinsCrimson Peak
ScreenplayJustin BensonSpringXYZ Films
ScreenplayJohn LoganPenny Dreadful, Episode 3: The NightcomersShowtime
ScreenplayPatrick Brice and Mark DuplassCreep
ScreenplayS. Craig Zahler Bone TomahawkCaliber Media Company
ScreenplayTodd Casey, Michael Dougherty and Zach ShieldsKrampusLegendary Pictures
ScreenplayAaron Hann & Mario MiscioneCircle
ScreenplayCorin Hardy & Olga BarrenecheThe Hallow
ScreenplayCrystal LiuAmerican Horror Story: Hotel - "Flicker"FX
ScreenplayDamon Lindelof & Jacqueline HoytThe Leftovers - Season 2, Episode 1: Axis MundiHBO
ScreenplayJohn HarrisonResidue
ScreenplayLeigh WhannellInsidious: Chapter 3 Gramercy Pictures
ScreenplayM.A. Fortin & Joshua John MillerThe Final GirlsGroundswell Productions
ScreenplaySam Raimi, Ivan Raimi & Tom SpezialyAsh vs Evil Dead, Episode 1: El JefeStarz
ScreenplayTed GeogheganWe Are Still HereSnowfort Pictures
Short FictionKate Jonez All the Day You’ll Have Good Luck Black Static #47
Short FictionAlessandro ManzettiThe Massacre of the MermaidsThe Massacre of the Mermaids Kipple Officina Libraria
Short FictionDaniel BraumAn American Ghost In ZurichSavage BeastsGrey Matter Press
Short FictionJohn PalisanoHappy Joe's Rest Stop18 Wheels of HorrorBig Time Books
Short FictionBruce BostonA Trader on the Border of the Mutant Rain ForestDaily Science Fiction
Short FictionGene O'NeillThe Algernon EffectWhite Noise Press
Short FictionKate MaruyamaAkikoPhantasma: StoriesJack Douglas Horn
Short FictionTim WaggonerFor She is Fearfully and Wonderfully MadeShrieks and Shivers from the Horror ZinePost Mortem Press
Short FictionWeston OchseThe Devil Until the Credits RollMidian UnmadeTor Books
Short FictionYvonne NavarroThose Who Shall Never Be NamedThe Library of The DeadWritten Backwards
Short FictionS.P. MiskowskiDeath and DisbursementOctober Dreams 2Cemetery Dance Publications
Short FictionAaron BessonThe King in Yellow’s New ClothesCYÄEGHA Number 13 Spring 2015CYÄEGHA
Short FictionBruce MemblattHard RainShrieks and Shivers from The Horror Zine
Short FictionLucy TaylorIn the Cave of the Delicate SingersTor.comTor.com
Short FictionRena MasonJaded WindsThe Library of the DeadWritten Backwards
Short FictionGene O'NeillBroken LadyThe Library of the DeadWritten Backwards
Short FictionKaaron WarrenMine IntercomThe Review of Australian fiction, Volume 13, Issue 6
Short FictionKevin LauderdaleJames and The Prince of DarknessAin't Superstitious (Third Flatiron Anthologies Book 13)Third Flatiron Publishing
Short FictionTim WaggonerBlood and BoneFlesh Like SmokeApril Moon Books
Short FictionWeston OchseAmerican GolemOperation ArcanaBaen Books
Short FictionAlan BaxterThe Chart of the Vagrant MarinerMagazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
Short FictionEric J. GuignardA Case Study in Natural Selection and How it Applies to LoveBlack Static #47
Short FictionGary BraunbeckTales the Ashes TellLibrary of the DeadWritten Backwards
Short FictionJason V BrockTranspositionShrieks and Shivers from the Horror ZinePost Mortem Press
Short FictionMary SanGiovanni & Brian KeeneThe Last Things To GoThe Library of the DeadWritten Backwards Press
Short FictionMichael McBrideTears of the DragonThe Library of the DeadWritten Backwards
Short FictionMike LesterThe CourtierMonk Punk and Shadow of the Unknown OmnibusHazardous Press
Short FictionNicola LombardiHungry ShadowsDisturbed Digest Issue #9
Short FictionPatrick FreivaldTapsNever Fear13Thirty Books
Short FictionWeston OchseReliving Through Better ChemistryThe Library of the DeadWritten Backwards
Short FictionBrian HodgeThis Stagnant Breath of Change Shadows Over Main StreetHazardous Press
Short FictionChina Mièville Listen the Birds (A Trailer)Conjunctions: 64 Natural Causes
Short FictionDale BaileySnowNightmare
Short FictionJason V BrockBroodInnsmouth NightmaresPS Publishing
Short FictionJason V BrockThe Dark Sea WithinBlack Wings IVPS Publishing
Short FictionJohn LanganUnderground EconomyAickman's Heirs
Short FictionKealan Patrick BurkeI'm Not ThereThe Library of the DeadWritten Backwards
Short FictionMichael Paul GonzalezChoking HazardWinter Horror DaysOmnium Gatherum
Short FictionNadia BulkinSeven Minutes in HeavenAickman's HeirsUndertow Publications
Short FictionNadia BulkinViolet is the Color of Your EnergyShe Walks in Shadows
Short FictionSadie BruceLittle Girls in Bone MuseumsF&SF
Short FictionStephen Graham JonesUniversal HorrorOctober Dreams IICemetery Dance Publications
Short FictionAlyssa WongHungry Daughters of Starving MothersNightmare Magazine
Short FictionAndrew Wayne AdamsLight Amplification by Stimulated Emission of RadiationSurreal WorldsBizarro Pulp Press
Short FictionAnya MartinResonator Superstar!Resonator: New Lovecraftian Tales from BeyondMartian Migraine Press
Short FictionBrad C. HodsonRising Fawn18 Wheels of HorrorBig Time Press
Short FictionBrian KeeneNon Gratum Anus RodentumX-Files: Trust No OneIDW Publishing
Short FictionBruce MemblattUsed PeopleNothing's Sacred Volume 3Jack of No Trade Productions
Short FictionC.J. HendersonThe Pleasure in MadnessBeyond The Mountains of MadnessCelaeno Press
Short FictionCarmen Maria MachadoDescentNightmare
Short FictionChristopher Alan BroadstoneLittle Jimmy CombatSuicide The Hard Way: And Other Tales From The InnerzoneBlack CAB Productions
Short FictionChristopher SlatskyAn Infestation of StarsAlectryomancer and Other Weird TalesDynatox Ministries
Short FictionDaniel M. KimmelCel AbuseHollywoodDementia.com
Short FictionDanny RhodesThe CleansingBlack Static #45
Short FictionDavid Blake LucarelliBlack CoalWinter Horror DaysOmnium Gatherum
Short FictionDavid G. BlakeWinter of the ScavengersGalaxy's EdgeArc Manor Publishers
Short FictionElise Forier EdieMother NightWinter Horror DaysOmnium Gatherum
Short FictionEmily DevenportDr. Polingyouma's Machine Uncanny #3
Short FictionEric J. GuignardPâtisserie du DiableWinter Horror DaysOmnium Gatherum
Short FictionErnie W. CooperButton, ButtonMidian UnmadeTor
Short FictionGary McMahonMy Boy Builds CoffinsBlack Static
Short FictionGary McMahonThere's A Bluebird In My HeartWhite Noise Press
Short FictionGary McMahonUnicorn MeatSQ Magazine #20
Short FictionGemma FilesHairworkShe Walks in Shadows
Short FictionGemma FilesIn Hell, An EyeEulogies IIIHW Press
Short FictionHelen Grant30Supernatural Tales 30
Short FictionJames A. Moore and Charles R. RutledgeWhat Rough BeastWhite Noise Press
Short FictionJeffrey ThomasDistinguished MoleBlack Static #48
Short FictionJohn ConnellyRazorshinsBlack Static #47
Short FictionJon Michael KelleyA Mimicry of NightSensoramaEibonvale Press
Short FictionJosh WagnerThe Changing ThingsThe Lovecraft eZine
Short FictionKathryn McGeeThe Fifty-Eighth ItemWinter Horror DaysOmnium Gatherum
Short FictionKelley ArmstrongWe Are All Monsters HereSeize the Night
Short FictionKristi DeMeesterEverything That's UnderneathNightscriptChthonic Matter
Short FictionKristi DeMeesterTo Sleep In the Dust of the EarthShimmer #28
Short FictionLauren CandiaThe Eve SirensWinter Horror DaysOmnium Gatherum
Short FictionLetitia TrentWildernessExigencies: A Neo-Noir AnthologyRaincoast Books
Short FictionLia Swope MitchellSlowApex Magazine #71Apex Publications
Short FictionLisa L. HannettHeirloom PiecesApex Magazine #69Apex Magazine
Short FictionMalcolm DevlinTwo BrothersAickman's HeirsUndertow Publications
Short FictionMarianne HalbertThe Fire TowerForgotten PlacesThe Horror Society
Short FictionMichael WehuntThe Death Of SocratesNightscriptChthonic Matters
Short FictionMonica J. O'RourkeExposedCut Corners Volume 2Sinister Grin Press
Short FictionMort CastleThe Oval Portrait3Elements Literary Review
Short FictionRay CluleyIndian GiverProbably MonstersChiZine
Short FictionRena MasonFathom's EmbraceAnotherDimension ezine
Short FictionRichard ThomasChasing GhostsCemetery Dance #72Cemetery Dance
Short FictionRichard ThomasFrom WithinSlave Stories: Scenes from the Slave StateOmnium Gatherum
Short FictionRick ChiantarettoObsession With the Bloodstained DoornEvermore!Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
Short FictionRob SalemRookMidian UnmadeTor
Short FictionRobert C. EcclesThe LaundromatHorrAbble: 100-Word Horror Stories
Short FictionSamuel MarzioliMultoApex MagazineApex Publications
Short FictionSandy DeLucaDestiny'sMidnight Town Media
Short FictionSean EadsThe DreamistReel DarkBlack Wyrm Publishing
Short FictionSeanan McGuireThere is No Place for Sorrow in the Kingdom of ColdThe Doll CollectionTor Books
Short FictionShane Jiraiya CummingsThe Abandonmnent of Grace and Everything AfterThe Abandonment of Grace and Everything AfterBrimstone Press
Short FictionStephanie M. WytovichThe 21st Century ShadowShadows over Main Street
Short FictionSteve DuffyEven Clean Hands Can Do DamageSupernatural Tales #30
Short FictionTim MajorTunnel VisionKitchen Sink GothicRiley Books
Short FictionTom JohnstoneSlaughtered LambThe Eleventh Black Book of HorrorMortbury Press
Short FictionTyree CampbellLeap of FaithThe Idolaters of CthulhuAlban Lake
Short FictionStephen KingSummer ThunderBazaar of Bad DreamsScribner
Short FictionStephen KingThe DuneThe Bazaar of Bad DreamsScribner
Young-Adult NovelIan WelkeEnd Times At Ridgemont HighOmnium Gatherum Media
Young-Adult NovelJohn DixonDevil's PocketSimon & Schuster
Young-Adult NovelTonya HurleyHallowedSimon & Schuster
Young-Adult NovelMichaelbrent CollingsThe Ridealong
Young-Adult NovelSamuel SattinThe Silent EndRagnarok Publications
Young-Adult NovelGuillermo del Toro and Daniel KrausTrollhuntersHyperion
Young-Adult NovelJohnny WorthenCeleste: Book 2 (The Unseen)Jolly Fish Press
Young-Adult NovelKya AlianaBloodborne (Vampiress Thrillogy Book One)Winlock Press
Young-Adult NovelLynn CarthageHaunted: The Arnaud LegacyKensington
Young-Adult NovelChristina HenryAliceAce
Young-Adult NovelFrances HardingeThe Lie TreeMacmillan Children's Books
Young-Adult NovelJennifer BrozekNever Let Me SleepPermuted Press
Young-Adult NovelJennifer EstepDark Heart of Magic (Black Blade Book 2)Kensington
Young-Adult NovelPaige McKenzieThe Haunting of Sunshine GirlWeinstein Books