HWA Bram Stoker Award™ 2017 Reading List

This list of Bram Stoker Award Recommendations is compiled during the year by members of the Horror Writers Association. We make it available to the public as something of a 'reading list' for horror readers and fans. These works are all new horror published during the year that our members feel worthy of recommending for Bram Stoker Award consideration. They are not 'Bram Stoker Award nominees', nor are they part of any ballot process at this stage, but it is likely they represent some of the best new horror fiction, poetry and non-fiction published during the year.

Please note that if your work appears on this list that the Association's Bram Stoker Award etiquette specifically precludes advertising that fact: "You may not promote your work as "Bram Stoker Award Recommended", nor as appearing on the Bram Stoker Award Reading List. Receiving one, or a handful of Bram Stoker Award recommendations (which is how a work appears on the Bram Stoker Award Reading List) is a far cry from winning the Award or even from being listed on the preliminary ballot. It devalues the Bram Stoker Awards to have their name attached to works whose only defining characteristic may be that one or two HWA members liked them. Authors or publishers who promote their work in this manner run the risk of offending our voting members."

For full detail about the Bram Stoker Awards, please visit: http://horror.org/bram-stoker-awards/. Early in each year the Horror Writers Association announces its Preliminary Bram Stoker Awards Ballot, made up of both members' recommendations and jury selections. A month or so later, we announce the Bram Stoker Awards Final Ballot, which lists the official nominees for the awards. Full detail of the members' recommendation and jury selection processses and the ballots are included in the Bram Stoker Awards Rules.

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AnthologyAlessandro Manzetti & Jodi Renée LesterThe Beauty of Death Vol. 2: Death by WaterIndependent Legions Publishing
AnthologyKinitra Brooks PhD, Linda D. Addison, & Susana Morris PhDSycorax's DaughtersCedar Grove Publishing
AnthologyBen EadsTales From The Lake Vol. 4Crystal Lake Publishing
AnthologyDanielle KaheakuCalifornia Screamin'Barking Deer Press
AnthologyJonathan Maberry & George A. RomeroNights of the Living Dead: An Anthology St. Martin's Griffin
AnthologyMark MatthewsGarden of Fiends: Tales of Addiction HorrorWicked Run Press
AnthologyDoug MuranoBehold!: Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable WondersCrystal Lake Publishing
AnthologyEllen DatlowBlack FeathersPegasus Books
AnthologyEric J. GuignardHorror Library, Volume 6Cutting Block Books
AnthologyVince A. LiagunoUnspeakable Horror 2: Abominations of DesireEvil Jester Press
Anthology Christopher GoldenDark CitiesTitan Books
AnthologyDavid PriceNorthern Frights: An Anthology by the Horror Writers of MaineGrinning Skull Press
AnthologyMark MorrisNew FearsTitan
AnthologyP.D. Cacek & Laura J. HickmanNow I Lay Me Down to SleepNecon eBooks
AnthologyJustin Steele & Sam CowanLooming Low Volume 1Dim Shores Press
AnthologyLance FlingHydrophobiaStitched Smile Publications
AnthologyRachel Kenley & Scott T. GoudswardTwice Upon an ApocalypseCrystal Lake Publishing
AnthologyRob E. Boley & Megan HartIntersections: Six Tales of Ouija Horror Howling Unicorn Press
AnthologyAmber Newberry & Laurie MoranNight in New OrleansFunDead Publications
AnthologyDavid BoopStraight Outta TombstoneBaen
AnthologyMark LumbyDark Places, Evil FacesPS Publishing
AnthologyMichael A. Ventrella & Jonathan MaberryBaker Street IrregularsDiversion Publishing
AnthologyMichael Bailey & Darren SpeegleAdam's LadderWritten Backwards
AnthologyS.T. JoshiBlack Wings VIPS Publishing
AnthologyScott David Aniolowski & Joseph S. Pulver, SrDarker CompanionsPS Publishing
AnthologyScott Goudsward, Daniel G. Keohane & David PriceWicked Haunted: An Anthology of the New England Horror WritersNEHW Press
AnthologySteve Proposch, Christopher Sequeira & Bryce StevensCthulhu Deep Down Under Vol. 1IFWG Publishing
AnthologyWilliam MeikleThe Ghost Club: Newly Found Tales of Victorian TerrorCrystal Lake Publishing
AnthologyAlex HofelichFor Mortal Things UnsungEscape Artists
AnthologyEllen Datlow & Lisa Morton Haunted Nights Blumhouse
Fiction CollectionPatrick McGrathWriting MadnessCentipede Press
Fiction CollectionGwendolyn KisteAnd Her Smile Will Untether the Universe JournalStone
Fiction CollectionKenneth W. CainEmbersCrystal Lake Publishing
Fiction CollectionJosh MalermanGoblinEarthling Publications
Fiction CollectionJames DorrTombsElder Signs Press
Fiction CollectionPhilip FracassiBehold The VoidJournalStone
Fiction CollectionAdrian LudensAnt Farm NecropolisA Murder of Storytellers
Fiction CollectionKristi DeMeesterEverything That’s Underneath Apex
Fiction CollectionRob E. BoleyBetter Alive Than DeadHowling Unicorn Press
Fiction CollectionS.P. MiskowskiStrange is the NightTrepidatio Publishing
Fiction CollectionBracken MacLeod13 Views of the Suicide WoodsChiZine
Fiction CollectionCaitlin R. KiernanDear Sweet Filthy WorldSubterranean
Fiction CollectionJack KetchumGorilla in My Room: StoriesCemetery Dance
Fiction CollectionJeff StrandEverything Has TeethAmazon Digital Services LLC
Fiction CollectionJoe HillStrange WeatherHarper Collins
Fiction CollectionLeland Pitts-GonzalezSavage AnesthesiaCarrion Blue 555
Fiction CollectionMatt BechtelMonochromes and Other StoriesHaverhill House Publishing
Fiction CollectionRonald MalfiWe Should Have Left Well Enough AloneJournalStone
Fiction CollectionAdam L.G. NevillHasty for the DarkRitual Limited
Fiction CollectionDavid DemchukThe Bone MotherChiZine Publications
Fiction CollectionEmily B. CataneoSpeaking to Skull Kings and Other StoriesTrepidatio Publishing
Fiction CollectionErik T. JohnsonYes TrespassingWritten Backwards
Fiction CollectionTodd KeislingUgly Little ThingsCrystal Lake Publishing
Fiction CollectionDaniel BraumThe Wish MechanicsIndependent Legions Publishing
Fiction CollectionDeborah Sheldon Perfect Little Stitches and Other StoriesIFWG Publishing
Fiction CollectionJames H. LongmoreBlood and KissesHellbound Books Publishing
Fiction CollectionJason V BrockThe Dark Sea WithinHippocampus Press
Fiction CollectionJoyce Carol OatesDIS MEM BER and Other Stories of Mystery and Suspense Mysterious Press
Fiction CollectionKL PereiraA Dream Between Two RiversCutlass Press
Fiction CollectionMichael HodgesThe Gloaming: 16 Organic TalesDark Gravity
Fiction CollectionNadia BulkinShe Said DestroyWord Horde
Fiction CollectionRalph Robert MooreBehind YouCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Fiction CollectionRebecca LloydSeven Strange Stories Tartarus Press
Fiction CollectionReggie OliverHolidays from Hell Tartarus Press
Fiction CollectionSylvia ShultsSpirits of Christmas: The Dark Side of the HolidaysCrossroad Press
Fiction CollectionTerry DowlingThe Night ShopCemetery Dance Publications
Fiction CollectionThersa MatsuuraThe Carp-Faced Boy and Other TalesIndependent Legions Publishing
Fiction CollectionJohn Palisano All That Withers Cycatrix Press
Fiction CollectionJon PadgettThe Secret of VentriloquismDunhams Manor Press
Fiction CollectionLisa MortonThe Samhanach and Other Halloween TreatsTrepidatio Publishing
First NovelRobert Payne CabeenCold CutsOmnium Gatherum
First NovelAsh HartwellTip of the IcebergStitched Smile Publications
First NovelAndy DavidsonIn The Valley of The SunSkyHorse Publishing
First NovelMike DukeLowStitched Smile Publications
First NovelPatricia LillieThe Ceiling ManKindle Press
First NovelChad StroupSecrets of the WeirdGrey Matter Press
First NovelMatthew SpeakDevils GlenKindle Press
First NovelMorgan SylviaAbodeBloodshot Books
First NovelJeremy HeplerThe Boulevard MonsterBloodshot Books
First NovelSteve Van SamsonThe Bone Eater KingCreatespace
First NovelCindy O'QuinnDark Cloud on Naked CreekMaine Authors Publishing
First NovelCosti GurguRecipeariumWhite Cat Publications
First NovelDavid PriceLightbringers: The Age of Myths and LegendsCrossroad Press
First NovelKaren RungeSeeing DoubleGrey Matter Press
First NovelKristi DeMeesterBeneathWord Horde
First NovelMatthew V. BrockmeyerKind NepentheBlack Rose Writing
First NovelMichael GriffinHieroglyphs of Blood and BoneTrepidatio Publishing
First NovelS. C. MendesThe CityTrench Coat Press
Graphic NovelOctavia Butler & Damian DuffyKindred Abrams ComicArts
Graphic NovelChristophe BecSiberia 56 Insight Editions
Graphic NovelCullen BunnHarrow County Volume 4: Family TreeDark Horse
Graphic NovelEmil FerrisMy Favorite Thing is MonstersFantagraphics
Graphic NovelEd BrubakerKill or Be Killed, Volume 1Image Comics
Graphic NovelBrian AzzarelloMoonshine, Volume 1Image Comics
Graphic NovelJeff LemireBlack Hammer Volume 1: Secret OriginsDark Horse Comics
Graphic NovelScott SnyderA.D.: After DeathImage Comics
Graphic NovelMarjorie LiuMonstress, Vol. 1: AwakeningImage Comics
Long FictionTom DeadyWeekend GetawayGrinning Skull Press
Long FictionAlan BaxterThe Book ClubPS Publishing
Long FictionTim WaggonerA Kiss of ThornsDarkFuse
Long FictionTodd KeislingThe Final ReconciliationCrystal Lake Publishing
Long FictionScott EdelmanFaking It Until Forever ComesLiars, Fakers, and the Dead Who Eat ThemWritten Backwards
Long FictionAmber FallonThe WarblersEraserhead Press
Long FictionJohn F.D. TaffShugShadows Over Main Street 2Cutting Block Books
Long FictionLisa MannettiThe Double LensThe Beauty of Death Vol. 2: Death by WaterIndependent Legions Publishing
Long FictionStephen King & Richard ChizmarGwendy's Button BoxCemetery Dance Publications
Long FictionCaitlin R. KiernanAgents of Dreamland Tor.com
Long FictionChristopher SlatskyPalladium At NightDim Shores
Long FictionJohn BodenSpungunionDynatox Ministries
Long FictionCaitlin MarceauTrack 001Read-Only: A Collection of Digital HorrorWatchMojo Publishing
Long FictionChris MarrsSounds in SilenceIntersections: Six Tales of Ouija HorrorHowling Unicorn Press
Long FictionDave JefferyFrostbite Severed Press
Long FictionDavid J. ThirteenThe Garrison ProjectBad Luck Books
Long FictionGene O'Neill Double Jack Dark Moon Books
Long FictionJason V BrockEpistles from DisThe Dark Sea WithinHippocampus Press
Long FictionJeff C. Stevenson The Lights UnseenShopping List: A Horror AnthologyHellbound Books
Long FictionJoe HillSnapshotStrange WeatherHarper Collins
Long FictionKealan Patrick BurkeA Wicked ThirstGarden of Fiends: Tales of Addiction HorrorWicked Run Press
Long FictionKealan Patrick Burke Blanky
Long FictionKelly RobsonA Human StainTOR.comTOR
Long FictionMichael KampClownsTellerup
Long FictionNorman PrentissLife in a Haunted House
Long FictionPeter StraubThe Process (Is a Process All on its Own)Subterranean Press
Long FictionPhilip Fracassi ShilohMount Abraxas Press
Long FictionR.S. Benedict My English NameThe Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Long FictionScott EdelmanOnly Humans Can LieLiars, Fakers, and the Dead Who Eat ThemWritten Backwards
Long FictionTodd SullivanThe Ascent Made Him PlungeThe Big Book of Bootleg Horror Vol. 2Hellbound Books
Long FictionA.J. BrownThe Forgetful Man's Disease
Long FictionAndrew CullHope and WalkerVermillion Press
Long FictionAndrew CullKnock and You Will See MeVermillion2One
Long FictionBrad C. HodsonGallow's GroveIntersections: Six Tales of Ouija HorrorHowling Unicorn Press
Long FictionBruce GoldenMonster TownPS Publishing
Long FictionCarlie St. GeorgeThree May Keep a SecretStrange Horizons
Long FictionCarmen Maria MachadoThe ResidentHer Body and Other PartiesGraywolf Press
Long FictionCarole JohnstoneBetter You BelieveHorror Library Volume 6Cutting Block Books
Long FictionCassandra KhawA Song for QuietTor.com
Long FictionChad LutzkeWallflowerCreateSpace
Long FictionChuck MillerThe Night Chicago DiedKolchak the Night Stalker Double Feature: Night KillersMoonstone
Long FictionCody GoodfellowThe Polite OnesDim Shores
Long FictionDaniel KehlmannYou Should Have LeftPantheon
Long FictionDesirina BoskovichNever Now AlwaysBroken Eye Books
Long FictionJeff StrandAn Apocalypse of Our OwnAmazon Digital Services
Long FictionJill HandNor Yet a Foreign SkipperDisturbed Digest September 2017
Long FictionJoe HillAloftStrange WeatherHarper Collins
Long FictionJoe HillLoadedStrange WeatherWilliam Morrow
Long FictionJoe HillRainStrange WeatherHarper Collins
Long FictionJohn C. FosterBaby PowderBaby Powder and Other Terrifying SubstancesPerpetual Motion Machine Publishing
Long FictionMatthew WarnerMeatcow MakerWhite Noise PressWhite Noise Press
Long FictionNina AllanFour AbstractsNew FearsTitan Books
Long FictionPaul F. OlsonBloodybonesWhispered EchoesCrystal Lake Publishing
Long FictionPhilip FracassiThe Horse ThiefBehold the VoidJournalStone
Long FictionRichard Farren BarberPerfect Darkness, Perfect SilenceHersham Horror Books
Long FictionRichard Matheson & Chuck MillerThe Night KillersKolchak the Night Stalker Double Feature: Night KillersMoonstone
Long FictionJohn F.D. TaffThe Desolated OrchardCutting Block Single Slices Volume 1Cutting Block Books
Long FictionMichael WehuntThe Tired Sounds, A Wake Dim Shores
Long FictionNathan CarsonStarr CreekLazy Fascist Press
NonfictionGrady HendrixPaperbacks from Hell: The Twisted History of '70s and '80s Horror FictionQuirk Books
NonfictionLoren Rhoads199 Cemeteries To See Before You DieBlack Dog & Leventhal
NonfictionJames Arthur AndersonThe Linguistics of Stephen King: Layered Language and Meaning in the FictionMcFarland
NonfictionJoe Mynhardt & Eugene JohnsonWhere Nightmares Come FromCrystal Lake Publishing
NonfictionMichele BrittanyHorror in Space: Critical Essays on a Film SubgenreMcFarland
NonfictionStephen JonesThe Art of Horror MoviesApplause Theatre & Cinema Books
NonfictionLeslie S. Klinger & Mary ShelleyThe New Annotated FrankensteinLiveright
NonfictionClaire FitzpatrickThe Body Horror BookOscillate Wildly Press
NonfictionDavid Goudsward & Scott T. GoudswardHorror Guide to Northern New EnglandPost Mortem Press
NonfictionEric J. GuignardExploring Dark Short Fiction #1: A Primer to Steve Rasnic TemDark Moon Books
NonfictionMathias ClasenWhy Horror SeducesOxford University Press
NonfictionSorcha Ni FhlainnClive Barker: Dark Imaginer Manchester University Press
NonfictionSusan OwensThe Ghost: A Cultural History Tate
NonfictionChris KullstroemDrawn to the Dark: Explorations in Scare Tourism Around the WorldPelican Publishing Company
NonfictionChristopher GoldenBuffy the Vampire Slayer 20 Years of Slaying: The Watcher’s Guide AuthorizedSimon Pulse
NonfictionMatt Zoller Seitz & Simon AbramsGuillermo del Toro's The Devil's BackboneInsight Editions
NonfictionMichael Westmore with Jake PageMakeup Man: From Rocky to Star Trek The Amazing Creations of Hollywood's Michael WestmoreLyons Press
NonfictionScott ConnorsIn the Realms of Mystery and Wonder: The Prose Poems and Artwork of Clark Ashton SmithCentipede Press
NonfictionGina McIntyreGuillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water: Creating a Fairy Tale for Troubled TimesInsight Editions
NonfictionKeely Van OrderThe Grief Hole Illustrated: An Artist's Sketchbook Companion to Kaaron Warren's Supernatural Thriller IFWG Publishing International
NovelJD BarkerThe Fourth MonkeyHoughton Mifflin Harcourt
NovelJosh MalermanBlack Mad WheelEcco
NovelAdam NevillUnder a Watchful Eye Pan Macmillan
NovelChristopher GoldenAraratSt. Martin's Press
NovelDan Rabarts & Lee MurrayHounds of the UnderworldRaw Dog Screaming Press
NovelS.P. MiskowskiI Wish I Was Like YouJournalStone
NovelJohn Claude SmithThe Wilderness WithinTrepidatio Publishing
NovelKevin BreauxThe Lifeblood of Ill-fated WomenCreatespace
NovelKit ReedMormamaTor Books
NovelLisa VasquezThe Unfleshed: Tale of the Autopsic BrideStitched Smile Publications
NovelMichael SchutzEdgingBurning Willow Press
NovelSarah PinboroughBehind Her EyesFlatiron Books
NovelVictor LaValleThe Changeling Spiegel & Grau
NovelJac JemcThe Grip of ItFSG Originals
NovelRio YouersThe Forgotten GirlSt. Martin's Press
NovelStephen King & Owen KingSleeping BeautiesScribner
NovelHunter SheaWe Are Always WatchingSinister Grin Press
NovelJeff VanderMeerBorneMCD
NovelJohnny WorthenWhat Immortal HandOmnium Gatherum
NovelLincoln ColeThe Everett ExorcismLincoln Cole Publishing
NovelSean Patrick TraverRed Witch: The Tales of Ingrid RedstoneRocket Surgery Books
NovelSeanan McGuireDown Among the Sticks and BonesTor
NovelTheodora GossThe Strange Case of the Alchemist's DaughterSaga Press
NovelTom DeadyEternal DarknessBloodshot Books
Novel Edgar CanteroMeddling KidsDoubleday
NovelAngela SlatterCorpselightJo Fletcher Books
NovelDan ChaonIll WillBallantine Books
NovelDean ItalianoThe Starving QueenP.I.C. Publishing
NovelGreg ChapmanThe Noctuary: PandemoniumBloodshot Books
NovelIsobel BlackthornThe Cabin SessionsHellbound Books
NovelJ. Daniel StoneBlood KissVillipede Publications
NovelJ. F. DubeauA God in the ShedInkshares
NovelJ.H. MoncrieffCity of GhostsDeathZone Books
NovelJ.R. RiceBane County 2: Returning MoonSilver Canyon Press
NovelJake BibleStone Cold BastardsBell Bridge Books
NovelJames H LongmoreTenebrionBlack Bed Sheet Books
NovelJohn EversonViolet EyesDark Arts Books
NovelMichael HodgesBlack FridaySevered Press
NovelMichaelBrent CollingsThe DarklightsCreatespace
NovelNick CutterLittle HeavenGallery Books
NovelRoh MorgonRunnerDark Dreams Publishing
NovelRonald MalfiBone WhiteKensington
NovelTimothy G. Huguenin Little OneTimothy G. Huguenin
NovelBenjamin PercyThe Dark NetHoughton Mifflin Harcourt
NovelBentley LittleThe HandymanCemetery Dance Publications
NovelBracken MacLeodStrandedTor Books
NovelBrett SavoryA Perfect MachineAngry Robot
NovelCaryn LarrinagaDonn's HillImmortal Works Press
NovelChristian ReadNil-PrayGestalt Publishing
NovelChristina BerglingThe Rest Will ComeLimitless Publishing
NovelDana Fredsti The Spawn of LilithTitan Books
NovelDaniel I. RussellEntertaining DemonsApex Publications
NovelDarren SpeegleThe Third TwinCrystal Lake Publishing
NovelDavid Lee SummersThe Astronomer's CryptLachesis Publishing
NovelEdward M. ErdelacMonstrumfuhrerComet Press
NovelEric Ian SteeleThe Autumn ManSolstice Publishing
NovelGerard HouarnerIn The Country of Dreaming CaravansBedlam Press
NovelHari KunzruWhite TearsKnopf
NovelHunter SheaFury of the OrcasSevered Press
NovelHunter SheaSavage JungleSevered Press
NovelJ.H. MoncrieffThe Girl Who Talks to GhostsDeathZone Books
NovelJames BrogdenHekla's ChildrenTitan Books
NovelJohn CrowleyKa: Dar Oakley in the Ruin of YmrSaga Press
NovelLaura Purcell The Silent Companions: A Ghost Story Raven Books
NovelLoren MolloyThe Storyteller of PainCreateSpace
NovelM. R. CareyThe Boy on the BridgeOrbit
NovelMark FrostTwin Peaks: The Final DossierFlatiron Books
NovelMartin GoodmanForever KonradPS Publishing
NovelMira GrantInto the Drowning DeepOrbit
NovelPatrick McGrathThe Wardrobe MistressHutchinson
NovelPaul CornellChalkTor.com
NovelPaul La FargeThe Night OceanPenguin Press
NovelR.B. RussellShe SleepsPS Publishing
NovelR.S. BelcherThe Brotherhood of the Wheel: A NovelTor Books
NovelRamsey CampbellBorn to the DarkPS Publishing
NovelRussell JamesReturn to Q IslandMLG Publishing
NovelSarah PerryThe Essex SerpentCustom House
NovelStephen KozeniewskiThe HematophagesSinister Grin Press
NovelSteve Rasnic TemUboSolaris
NovelStuart WestPeculiar CountyBooks We Love
NovelThomas M. MalafarinaBurnerSunbury Press
NovelTim CurranMonstrositySevered Press
NovelWilliam HollowaySong of the Death GodHorrific Tales Publishing
PoetryAlessandro ManzettiNo MercyCrystal Lake Publishing
PoetryChristina SngA Collection of NightmaresRaw Dog Screaming Press
PoetryMarge Simon & Mary TurzilloSatan's SweetheartsWeasel Press
PoetryMichael H. HansonWhen The Night Owl ScreamsMoonDream Press
PoetryRobert Frazier & Bruce BostonVisions of the Mutant Rain ForestCrystal Lake Publishing
PoetryStephanie WytovichSheet Music to my Acoustic NightmareRaw Dog Screaming Press
PoetryAshley DiosesDiary of a SorceressHippocampus Press
PoetryLori R. LopezDarkverse: The Shadow HoursFairy Fly Entertainment
PoetryDon GilletteFallen AngelsCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
PoetrySara TantlingerLove For SlaughterStrangehouse Books
PoetryAdam BolivarThe Lay of Old HexHippocampus Press
PoetryAngela Yuriko SmithEscape ClawsCreateSpace
PoetryJanice Leach & James Frederick Leach'Til Death: Marriage PoemsRaw Dog Screaming Press
PoetryJohn ReinhartBroken Bottle of TimeAlban Lake Publishing
PoetryPeter Adam Salomon PseudoPsalms: Sodom Bizarro Pulp Press
PoetryAmber Newberry & Laurie MoranEntombed In VerseFunDead Publications
PoetryBenjamin BlakeStanding on the Threshold of MadnesssParallel Universe Publications
PoetryCindy O'QuinnReturn to Graveyard DustGoose River Press
PoetryDonald Sidney-FryerAesthetics Ho! Essays on Art, Literature, and TheatreHippocampus Press
PoetryErin Sweet Al MehairiBreathe. BreatheUnnerving
PoetryFred PhillipsWinds from SheolHippocampus Press
PoetryMichael FantinaAlchemy of Dreams and Other PoemsHippocampus Press
PoetryRandy D. RubinMeanderings of a Dark and Lonely Cycle Path (er... um... Psychopath)Dragonass Books
PoetryLaura Kester DuerrwaechterBipolarityCreateSpace
PoetryM. Brett GaffneyFeeding the DeadPorkbelly Press
PoetryThe Frozen HellsiclesWaiting To Die
ScreenplayJordan PeeleGet OutBlumhouse Films
ScreenplayM. Night ShyamalanSplitBlinding Edge Pictures
ScreenplayChase Palmer, Cary Fukunaga & Gary DaubermanIT
ScreenplayBryan Fuller & Michael GreenAmerican Gods, Season 1, Episode 1: The Bone Orchard
ScreenplayDavid Lynch & Mark FrostTwin Peaks: The Return, Part 1Showtime
ScreenplayDavid Lynch & Mark FrostTwin Peaks: The Return, Part 8Showtime
ScreenplayJulia DucournauRawFocus World
ScreenplayScott LobdellHappy Death DayBlumhouse
ScreenplaySteven Kostanski & Jeremy GillespieThe Void
ScreenplayDarren AronofskyMother! Protozoa Pictures
ScreenplayGuillermo del Toro & Vanessa TaylorThe Shape of WaterFox Searchlight Pictures
ScreenplayJohn Logan & Dante HarperAlien: CovenantTwentieth Century Fox
ScreenplayLana Wachowski & J. Michael StraczynskiSense8, Season 2, Episode 4: PolyphonyNetflix
ScreenplayMichael Green & Brian FullerAmerican Gods, Season 1, Episode 4: Git Gone
ScreenplayBryan Fuller & Michael GreenAmerican Gods, Season 1, Episode 3: Head Full of Snow
ScreenplayDaniel EspinosaLifeColumbia Pictures
ScreenplayDavid LoweryA Ghost Story
ScreenplayJames RolandBlood Drive, Season 1, Episode 1: The F...ing CopMidnight Grindhouse
ScreenplayJantje FrieseDark, Season 1, Episode 1: SecretsNetflix
ScreenplayMike FlanaganGerald's GameNetflix
ScreenplayOsgood PerkinsThe Blackcoat's DaughterParis Film
ScreenplayRyan Murphy & Brad FalchukAmerican Horror Story: Cult, Episode 1: Election NightFX
ScreenplayThe Duffer BrothersStranger Things, Chapter Two: Trick or Treat, FreakNetflix
ScreenplayTrey Edward ShultsIt Comes at NightAnimal Kingdom, A24
ScreenplayYorgos LanthimosThe Killing of a Sacred DeerElement Pictures
ScreenplayJustin BensonThe EndlessSnowfort Pictures
Short FictionHal BodnerThe Baker of MillepoixBehold!: Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable WondersCrystal Lake Publishing
Short FictionJohn F.D. TaffA Ware That Will Not KeepBehold!: Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders
Short FictionMichael BaileyI Will Be the Reflection Until the EndTales from the Lake Vol. 4
Short FictionNicola LombardiEven the Stars FallThe Beauty of the Death - Vol. 2: Death by WaterIndependent Legions Publishing
Short FictionJames ChambersA Song Left Behind in the Aztakea HillsShadows Over Main Street, Volume 2Cutting Block Books
Short FictionLisa MannettiApocalypse ThenNever Fear: The Apocalypse13Thirty Books
Short FictionM.F. WahlAbsolutionFeverish Fiction Magazine Issue #6Sleazy Viking Press
Short FictionNaomi Brett RourkeCoyoteStraight Outta TombstoneBaen
Short FictionBruce BostonGoing Green in the Mutant Rain ForestVisions of the Mutant Rain ForestCrystal Lake Publishing
Short FictionHillary DodgeIndiscretions Pseudopod
Short FictionKate JonezThe Moments BetweenGamut Magazine, Issue 7
Short FictionR. J. JosephMama's BabiesRoad Kill: Texas Horror by Texas Writers, Volume IIEakin Press
Short FictionTodd SullivanWheels and DealsDark Luminous WingsPole to Pole Publishing
Short FictionCat SparksPrayers to Broken StoneKaleidotrope
Short FictionCurtis M. LawsonEverything Smells Like Smoke AgainWicked HauntedNEHW Press
Short FictionFrazer LeeTo Take The Water Down And Go To SleepThe Beauty of Death Vol. 2: Death by WaterIndependent Legions Publishing
Short FictionKevin WetmoreJune GloomCalifornia Screamin' Barking Deer Press
Short FictionLucy TaylorSweetlingsTor.com
Short FictionMichael A. ArnzenFresh CatchBeauty of Death Vol. 2: Death by WaterIndependent Legions Publishing
Short FictionMichael HodgesTree LineThe GloamingDark Gravity Publishing
Short FictionPaolo di OrazioPeriscope of the DeadThe Beauty of Death Vol. 2: Death by WaterIndependent Legions Publishing
Short FictionPatrick FreivaldShortedNever Fear: The Apocalypse 13Thirty Books
Short FictionTheresa DerwinTrappedBelow the Stairs: Tales from the CellarThings In The Well
Short FictionAlessandro ManzettiThe Garden of DelightThe Garden of DelightComet Press
Short FictionBracken MacLeodAll Dreams Die in the Morning13 Views of the Suicide WoodsChiZine
Short FictionBracken MacLeodThis Last Little Piece of Darkness13 Views of the Suicide WoodsChiZine
Short FictionBrian KirkWildflower, Cactus, RoseBehold!: Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable WondersCrystal Lake Publishing
Short FictionChristopher GoldenThe Abduction DoorNew FearsTitan Books
Short FictionClaudio FotiThe Unpainted IslandWeirdbooks
Short FictionConrad WilliamsSucculentsNew FearsTitan Books
Short FictionDaniele BonfantiThe Gorge of ChildrenThe Beauty of Death Vol. 2: Death by WaterIndependent Legions Publishing
Short FictionDean H. WildThe GaffHorror Library Volume 6Cutting Block Books
Short FictionDeborah L. DavittHoneyed TongueThe Gallery of Curiosities Winter 2017
Short FictionEden RoyceShine, Blackberry WineShadows Over Main Street, Volume 2Cutting Block Books
Short FictionEric J. Guignard A Journey Of Great Waves The Beauty of Death Vol. 2: Death by WaterIndependent Legions Publishing
Short FictionErinn L. KemperIn Amelia's WakeBehold!: Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable WondersCrystal Lake Publishing
Short FictionJack KetchumBullyGorilla in My Room: StoriesCemetery Dance
Short FictionJames JensenKenneth Is DrowningCalifornia Screamin'Barking Deer Press
Short FictionJeff VandeMeerThis World is Full of MonstersTor.com
Short FictionJessica McHughThe One in the MiddleGarden of FiendsWicked Run Press
Short FictionJohn Palisano Wings Made From Water The Beauty of Death Vol. 2: Death by Water Independent Legions Publishing
Short FictionKaaron WarrenFurtherestDark Screams: Volume SevenHydra
Short FictionKasey LansdaleHarvest BabyRevizzit
Short FictionKenneth W. CainValerie's WindowEmbers: A Collection of Dark FictionCrystal Lake Publishing
Short FictionKevin LauderdaleJames and the Great Pumpkin (Carving Contest)Tales from the Canyons of the Damned
Short FictionKH VaughanThey Too, Wanted to Be RememberedWicked HauntedNEHW Press
Short FictionMarge SimonMartha XVestal Review 52
Short FictionMarge SimonThe Old Woman and the SeaThe Beauty of Death Vol. 2: Death by WaterIndependent Legions Publishing
Short FictionMel KasselWeavers in the CellarInterzone 268
Short FictionMercedes YardleyThe AbsolutionistGamut Magazine, Issue 10
Short FictionMichael H. HansonSerial Recall and Beautiful TorturesPirates in Hell Perseid Press
Short FictionR. J. Joseph To Give Her Whatsoever She Would AskSycorax's DaughtersCedar Grove Publishing
Short FictionR.J. Joseph A Woman's WorkTransitions and Awakenings: No RegretsSanguine Press
Short FictionRyan HardingJunkD.O.A. IIIBlood Bound Books
Short FictionSarah ReadEndoskeletalBlack Static #59TTA Press
Short FictionSteve DillonThe Memory ManBelow the Stairs: Tales from the CellarThings in the Well
Short FictionSteve Rasnic TemMister Ainsley Black Wings VI PS Publishing
Short FictionThomas P. BalázsWaiting for Mrs. HemleyHorror Library Volume 6Cutting Block Books
Short FictionTodd SullivanTransubstantiationAurealis #104Chimaera Publications
Short Fiction10 Telltale Signs That Daddy's HomeClickhole
Short Fiction Morgan SylviaAgony ChamberNorthern FrightsGrinning Skull Press
Short FictionAdam L.G. NevillEumenides (The Benevolent Ladies) New FearsTitan Books
Short FictionAdam MillardOrlok's MirrorFeverish Fiction Magazine Issue #5Sleazy Viking Press
Short FictionAlessandro ManzettiBy the SeaThe Garden of DelightComet Press
Short FictionAnn K. Schwader Pothunters Black Wings VI PS Publishing
Short FictionAshley DiosesGoblin of TaraRavenwood Halloween SpecialElectric Pentacle Press
Short FictionAshley DiosesThe Rat in the Rabbit CageWeirdbook Annual #1: WitchesWildside Press
Short FictionBilly San JuanManananggal California Screamin'Barking Deer Press
Short FictionBracken MacLeodShe Dreams of Ghosts and ShadowsDark Discoveries Issue 37, Winter 2017JournalStone
Short FictionBrett J. TalleyNemesisThe Fiddle is the Devil's Instrument and Other Forbidden KnowledgeJournalStone
Short FictionBrian AsmanBless the CracksDeciduous TalesBlack Thunder Press
Short FictionBrian AsmanBumming SmokesCalifornia Screamin'Barking Deer Press
Short FictionCarole JohnstoneThe Eyes Are White and QuietNew FearsTitan Books
Short FictionCassandra KhawThese Deathless BonesTor.comTor
Short FictionChristopher SchultzBlack BalloonUnnerving Magazine #4
Short FictionCindy O'QuinnLoss of ControlBewildering Stories
Short FictionCraig EnglerA Dead Girl Named SueNights of the Living Dead: An Anthology St. Martin's Griffin
Short FictionCurtis M. LawsonThe Carousel HorseBlack Pantheons: Collected Tales of Gnostic DreadWyrd Horror
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