HWA Bram Stoker Award™ 2018 Reading List

This list of Bram Stoker Award Recommendations is compiled during the year by members of the Horror Writers Association. We make it available to the public as something of a 'reading list' for horror readers and fans. These works are all new horror published during the year that our members feel worthy of recommending for Bram Stoker Award consideration. They are not 'Bram Stoker Award nominees', nor are they part of any ballot process at this stage, but it is likely they represent some of the best new horror fiction, poetry and non-fiction published during the year.

Please note that if your work appears on this list that the Association's Bram Stoker Award etiquette specifically precludes advertising that fact: "You may not promote your work as "Bram Stoker Award Recommended", nor as appearing on the Bram Stoker Award Reading List. Receiving one, or a handful of Bram Stoker Award recommendations (which is how a work appears on the Bram Stoker Award Reading List) is a far cry from winning the Award or even from being listed on the preliminary ballot. It devalues the Bram Stoker Awards to have their name attached to works whose only defining characteristic may be that one or two HWA members liked them. Authors or publishers who promote their work in this manner run the risk of offending our voting members."

For full detail about the Bram Stoker Awards, please visit: http://horror.org/bram-stoker-awards/. Early in each year the Horror Writers Association announces its Preliminary Bram Stoker Awards Ballot, made up of both members' recommendations and jury selections. A month or so later, we announce the Bram Stoker Awards Final Ballot, which lists the official nominees for the awards. Full detail of the members' recommendation and jury selection processses and the ballots are included in the Bram Stoker Awards Rules.

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AnthologyEric J. GuignardA World of HorrorDark Moon Books
AnthologyEllen DatlowThe Devil and the Deep: Horror Stories of the SeaNight Shade Books
AnthologyJames Chambers, April Grey, & Robert MastersonA New York State of Fright: Horror Stories from the Empire StateHippocampus Press
AnthologyAlessandro Manzetti & Daniele BonfantiMonsters of Any KindIndependent Legions Publishing
AnthologyAlex ScullyBirthing Monsters: Frankenstein's Cabinet of Curiosities and CrueltiesFirbolg Publishing
AnthologyEugene JohnsonFantastic Tales of TerrorCrystal Lake Publishing
AnthologyLee MurrayHellhole: An Anthology of Subterranean TerrorAdrenaline Press
AnthologyMichael Bailey & Lucy A. SnyderChiral Mad 4Written Backwards
AnthologyBrian KeeneClickers Forever: A Tribute to J. F. GonzalezDeadite Press
AnthologyD. Alexander WardLost Highways: Dark Fictions From the RoadCrystal Lake Publishing
AnthologyKenneth W. CainTales From The Lake Vol. 5Crystal Lake Publishing
AnthologySumiko SaulsonBlack Magic WomenMocha Memoirs Press
AnthologyChristopher GoldenHark! The Herald Angels ScreamAnchor
AnthologyDanielle Ackley-McPhail & Greg SchauerAfter PunkeSpec Books LLC
AnthologyEdward E. McKeownSha’Daa ToysMoonDream Press
AnthologyJM Reinbold & Weldon BurgeA Plague of Shadows: A Written Remains AnthologySmart Rhino Publications
AnthologyMatt Hayward & Doug MuranoWelcome to the ShowCrystal Lake Publishing
AnthologyRobert S. WilsonAshes and EntropyNightscape Press
AnthologyStephen Jones The Mammoth Book of Halloween Stories Skyhorse
AnthologySteve Proposch, Christopher Sequeira, & Bryce StevensCthulhu: Land of the Long White CloudIFWG Publishing
AnthologyAmber FallonFright Into FlightWord Horde
AnthologyEric J. GuignardThe Five Senses of HorrorDark Moon Books
AnthologyJulianne SnowABANDON: 13 Tales of Impulse, Betrayal, Surrender, & WithdrawalGreat Lakes Horror Company
AnthologyStephen King & Bev VincentFlight or FrightCemetery Dance Publications
Fiction CollectionEric J. GuignardThat Which Grows WildCemetery Dance Publications
Fiction CollectionJohn F.D. TaffLittle Black SpotsGrey Matter Press
Fiction CollectionGene O'NeillFrozen Shadows: And Other Chilling StoriesCrystal Lake Publishing
Fiction CollectionJohn Claude SmithOccasional BeastsOmnium Gatherum
Fiction CollectionChrista CarmenSomething Borrowed, Something Blood-SoakedUnnerving
Fiction CollectionLucy A. SnyderGarden of Eldritch DelightsRaw Dog Screaming Press
Fiction CollectionDino ParentiDead Reckoning and Other StoriesCrystal Lake Publishing
Fiction CollectionAlexander ZelenyjBlacker Against The Deep DarkEibonvale Press
Fiction CollectionMort CastleKnowing When to DieIndependent Legions Publishing
Fiction CollectionPriya SharmaAll the Fabulous BeastsUndertow Publications
Fiction CollectionTim WaggonerDark and Distant VoicesNightscape Press
Fiction CollectionCaitlín R. KiernanHouses Under the SeaCentipede Press
Fiction CollectionDavid CourtScenes Of Mild PerilStitched Smile Publications
Fiction CollectionGabino IglesiasCoyote SongsBroken River Books
Fiction CollectionGemma FilesSpectral Evidence Trepidatio Publishing
Fiction CollectionJulie C. DayUncommon MiraclesPS Publishing
Fiction CollectionRebecca RowlandThe Horrors Hiding in Plain SightDark Ink
Fiction CollectionTerry M. WestGruesome: A Gathering of NightmaresPleasant Storm Entertainment
Fiction CollectionTim McWhorterLet There Be DarkHydra Publications
Fiction CollectionAnya MartinSleeping with the MonsterLethe Press
Fiction CollectionGlen HirshbergThe Ones Who Are Waving Cemetery Dance Publications
Fiction CollectionKenneth W. CainDarker DaysCrystal Lake Publishing
Fiction CollectionMichelle MellonDown by the Sea and Other Tales of Dark DestinyHellbound Books Publishing
Fiction CollectionThana NiveauOctoberlandPS Publishing
Fiction Collection'Nathan BurgoineOf Echoes BornBold Strokes Books
Fiction CollectionAmanda DownumStill So StrangeChiZine Publications
Fiction CollectionBrian Fatah SteeleYour Arms Around Entropy and Other StoriesAmazon Digital
Fiction CollectionCarly HolmesFigureheadTartarus Press
Fiction CollectionEdward M. ErdelacWith Sword and PistolCrossroads Press
Fiction CollectionGlenn RolfeLand of BonesAlien Agenda Publishing
Fiction CollectionKevin LuciaThings You NeedCrystal Lake Publishing
Fiction CollectionMallory OrtbergThe Merry Spinster: Tales of Everyday HorrorHolt Paperbacks
Fiction CollectionMame Bougouma DieneDark Moon Rising On A Starless NightClash Books
Fiction CollectionMargo LanaganPhantom LimbsPS Publishing
Fiction CollectionMercedes YardleyLittle Dead Red and Other Stories Vault Books
Fiction CollectionMichael GoreSkeletons in the AtticDark Ink
Fiction CollectionMichael GriffinThe Human AlchemyWord Horde
Fiction CollectionNicholas RoyleThe Dummy & Other Uncanny StoriesSwan River Press
Fiction CollectionOrrin GreyGuignol and Other Sardonic Tales Word Horde
Fiction CollectionSarah HansDead Girls Don't LoveDragon's Roost Press
Fiction CollectionShawn C. BakerA Collection of DesiresLunar Visions
Fiction CollectionStuart R. WestTwisted Tales from Tornado AlleyGrinning Skull Press
Fiction CollectionArthur J. BurksArthur J. Burks: Masters of the Weird TaleCentipede Press
Fiction CollectionArthur MachenArthur Machen: Masters of the Weird TaleCentipede Press
Fiction CollectionEd KurtzAt the Mercy of BeastsJournalStone
Fiction CollectionOwl GoingbackTribal ScreamsIndependent Legions Publishing
Fiction CollectionRobert AickmanRobert Aickman: Masters of the Weird TaleCentipede Press
Fiction CollectionStephen VolkThe Dark Masters TrilogyPS Publishing
Fiction CollectionSteve Rasnic TemFigures Unseen: Selected Stories Valancourt Books
First NovelGwendolyn KisteThe Rust MaidensTrepidatio Publishing
First NovelJerry GordonBreaking the WorldApex Book Company
First NovelChris SorensenThe Nightmare RoomHarmful Monkey Press
First NovelRyan LieskeFictionBurning Willow Press
First NovelTony TremblayThe Moore HouseTwisted Publishing
First NovelZoje StageBaby TeethSt. Martin’s Press
First NovelBen MonroeIn the Belly of the Beast and Other Tales of Cthulhu Wars: A Cthulhu Wars NovelPetersen Games
First NovelT. E. GrauI Am the River Lethe Press
First NovelH. R. BoldwoodThe Corpse WhispererThird Street Press
First NovelMichael BarsaThe Garden of Blue RosesUnderland Press
First NovelC.J. TudorThe Chalk ManCrown
First NovelDavid TurtonThe MalaiseCosmic Egg Books
First NovelThommy HutsonJinxedVesuvian Books
First NovelA.J. FinnThe Woman in the WindowWilliam Morrow
First NovelApril A. TaylorThe Haunting of Cabin GreenMidnight Grasshopper Books
First NovelErik HofstatterToroaSinister Grin Press
First NovelJames A. McLaughlin BearskinHarper Collins
First NovelNico WalkerCherryKnopf
First NovelRodney V. SmithSo I Might Be a VampireLost Bajan Publishing
First NovelSam GaffordHouse of NodensDark Regions Press
Graphic NovelAl Feldstein & Johnny CraigThe EC Archives: The Vault of Horror Volume 1Dark Horse Books
Graphic NovelJoshua ViolaDenver Moon: MetamorphosisHex Publishers
Graphic NovelVictor LaValleDestroyerBoom! Studios
Graphic NovelMarjorie LiuMonstress Volume 3Image Comics
Graphic NovelMike Mignola & Chris RobersonRasputin: The Voice of the DragonDark Horse Books
Graphic NovelPornsak PichetshoteInfidelImage Comics
Graphic NovelScott SnyderWytches: Bad Egg Halloween SpecialImage Comics
Graphic NovelWilliam GainesTales from the Crypt #1: The Stalking DeadSuper Genius
Graphic NovelDan AbnettCaptain Kronos: Vampire HunterTitan Comics
Graphic NovelDobbs H.G. Wells: The Island of Dr. MoreauInsight Editions
Graphic NovelDobbsH.G. Wells: The Invisible ManInsight Editions
Graphic NovelEvan DorkinBeasts of Burden: Animal RitesDark Horse Books
Graphic NovelFrank TieriJughead: The Hunger Vol. 1Archie Comics
Graphic NovelJosh SimmonsFlayed Corpse and Other Stories Fantagraphics Books
Graphic NovelMark PowersJim Butcher's The Dresden Files: Dog MenDynamite
Graphic NovelPaul TobinMade Men: Getting the Gang Back TogetherOni Press
Graphic NovelRoberto RecchioniThe Crow: Memento MoriIDW Publishing
Graphic NovelNathan CarsonThe WillowsFloating World Comics
Graphic NovelPeter DavidThe Gunslinger Born (Stephen King's The Dark Tower: Beginnings Book 1)Gallery 13
Long FictionAngela Yuriko SmithThe Bitter SuitesCreatespace
Long FictionMark MatthewsBody of ChristWicked Run Press
Long FictionMichael BaileyOur Children, Our TeachersWritten Backwards
Long FictionPhilip FracassiShilohLovecraft eZine Press
Long FictionBrent Michael KelleyCruce RoostersOmnium Gatherum
Long FictionTodd SullivanShape Shifting Priestess of the 1,000 Year WarSchlock! Horror!HellBound Books
Long Fiction Larissa GlasserF4Eraserhead Press
Long FictionTaylor GrantThe Dead YearsDark Screams: Volume NineHydra
Long FictionKenneth W. CainA Season in HellCrystal Lake Publishing
Long FictionTom DeadyBackwaterOmnium Gatherum
Long FictionF. Paul WilsonWardenclyffeJournalStone
Long FictionFrazer LeeThe Daniel Gates Adventures, Vol. 2: The Lilyth Mirror and The Lucifer GateCrossroad Press
Long FictionJohn F.D.TaffPurple Soda HandLittle Black SpotsGrey Matter Press
Long FictionLori R. LopezThe WitchhuntFairy Fly Entertainment
Long FictionMichael Patrick HicksBroken ShellsHigh Fever Books
Long FictionTom DeadyOne Night at the GrandBackwaterOmnium Gatherum
Long FictionC.V. HuntCockblockGrindhouse Press
Long FictionChad Lutzke & John BodenOut Behind the BarnShadow Work Publishing
Long FictionDavid BusboomNightbirdUnnerving
Long FictionJeremy C. ShippThe AtrocitiesTor.com
Long FictionJohn Hornor JacobsThe Sea Dreams It Is The SkyHarper Voyager
Long FictionKristi DeMeester, Damien Angelica Walters, Michael Wehunt, & Richard ThomasGolden SunChiral Mad 4Written Backwards
Long FictionL.S. JohnsonXavierE is for EvilPoise and Pen Publisher
Long FictionSiobhan CarrollHauntThe Devil and The Deep: Horror Stories of the SeaNight Shade Books
Long FictionThomas ThomasThe Inhabitant of Laboratory 18Empress Entertainment Publishing House
Long FictionTim MeyerThe Switch HouseEvil Epoch Press
Long FictionTrevor FiretogUsual MonstersCrossroad Press
Long FictionAaron SternsBlack LungHellhole: An Anthology of Subterranean TerrorAdrenaline Press
Long FictionAhmed BouananiThe HospitalNew Directions
Long FictionAlan BaxterManifest RecallGrey Matter Press
Long FictionBrian ScuttKorean Road
Long FictionChad LutzkeStirring the SheetsBloodshot Books
Long FictionDave JefferyBad VisionHersham Horror Books
Long FictionDustin LaValleyH/armed12 Gauge: Songs from a Street SweeperSinister Grin Press
Long FictionDyer WilkThe CanyonTwisted Publishing
Long FictionHunter SheaThe Devil's FingersLyrical Underground
Long FictionJill HandBlackwell, New JerseyPostcards From The VoidDarkwater Syndicate
Long FictionJoe HillYou Are ReleasedFlight or FrightCemetery Dance Publications
Long FictionKirstyn McDermottTriquetraTor.com
Long FictionLouis MarvickThe Friendly Examiner – Episode 1Zagava
Long FictionMat JoinerOther VoicesNight Light: Midnight Street Anthology 3
Long FictionMichael Paul GonzalezYour Mutual FriendDark Moon Digest Issue #31Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing
Long FictionRay CluleyTrapper's ValleyCrimewave #13: Bad Light
Long FictionRebecca RowlandBentThe Horrors Hiding in Plain SightDark Ink
Long FictionRebecca RowlandOpen HouseThe Horrors Hiding in Plain SightDark Ink
Long FictionRenee MillerStrandedUnnerving
Long FictionRobert FordBordertown
Long FictionT.S. WoolardHeaven's Healer from HellAzoth Khem Publishing
Long FictionTodd SullivanGoyangi SojuOdd Tales of Wonder Issue #10Odd Tales Productions
NonfictionJoe Mynhardt & Eugene JohnsonIt's Alive: Bringing Your Nightmares to Life Crystal Lake Publishing
NonfictionKevin J. Wetmore, Jr.Uncovering Stranger Things: Essays on Eighties Nostalgia, Cynicism and Innocence in the SeriesMcFarland
NonfictionDavid Lynch & Kristine McKennaRoom To DreamRandom House
NonfictionLee GambinThe Howling: Studies in the Horror FilmCentipede Press
NonfictionAxelle CarolynThe Frightfest Guide To Ghost Movies (The Dark Heart of Cinema)FAB Press
NonfictionCaroline Young Hitchcock’s Heroines Insight Editions
NonfictionHoward David InghamWe Don't Go Back: A Watcher's Guide to Folk HorrorRoom 207 Press
NonfictionJoe TraczThe Incomplete History of Secret Organizations: An Utterly Unreliable Account of Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate EventsHachette Books
NonfictionJohn ConnollyMidnight Movie Monographs: Horror Express PS Publishing
NonfictionSteve O'Brien & Simon GuerrierThe Vampire Slayer: Slayer Stats: The Complete Infographic Guide to All Things BuffyInsight Editions
NonfictionTim MajorMidnight Movie Monographs: Les VampiresPS Publishing
NonfictionLoren Rhoads199 Cemeteries to See Before You DieBlack Dog & Leventhal
NovelPaolo Di OrazioDark MaryIndependent Legions Publishing
NovelAlessandro ManzettiNarakaIndependent Legions Publishing
NovelPaul Tremblay The Cabin at the End of the World William Morrow
NovelStephen KingThe OutsiderScribner
NovelAlma KatsuThe HungerG.P. Putnam's Sons
NovelJonathan MaberryGlimpseSt. Martin's Press
NovelJosh MalermanUnbury CarolDel Rey
NovelMichaelbrent CollingsPredatorsWritten Insomnia Press
NovelBrian HodgeThe Immaculate VoidChiZine Publications
NovelDacre Stoker & J.D. BarkerDraculG.P. Putnam's Sons
NovelJeff StrandBring Her Back
NovelCraig DiLouieOne of UsOrbit
NovelJ. Lincoln FennThe NightmarchersGallery Books
NovelJeremy WagnerRabid HeartRiverdale Avenue Books
NovelJonathan JanzThe Siren and the SpecterFlame Tree Press
NovelKaaron WarrenTide of StoneOmnium Gatherum
NovelKathleen KaufmanHagTurner
NovelRamsey CampbellThe Way of the WormPS Publishing
NovelRobert McCammonThe ListenerCemetery Dance Publications
NovelTerrie Leigh RelfThe Sisterhood of the Blood MoonAlban Lake Publishing
NovelChuck PalahniukAdjustment DayW. W. Norton & Company
NovelDan Rabarts & Lee MurrayTeeth of the WolfRaw Dog Screaming Press
NovelHunter SheaCreatureFlame Tree Press
NovelJeff StrandSick HouseAmazon Digital Services LLC
NovelLee MurrayInto the SoundsSevered Press
NovelRio YouersHalcyonSt. Martin's Press
NovelAdam Howe & James NewmanScapegoatHoney Badger Press
NovelDarren SpeegleArtifactsWritten Backwards
NovelGaby TrianaIsland of BonesAlienhead Press
NovelGreg F. GifuneA Winter SleepIndependent Legions Publishing
NovelJaye WellsHigh Lonesome SoundCreatespace
NovelJohn EversonThe House by the CemeteryFlame Tree Press
NovelJohn PalisanoNight of 1,000 Beasts
NovelJoyce Carol OatesHazards of Time TravelEcco
NovelPatrick Lacey Bone Saw Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing
NovelPeter N. DudarThe Goat ParadeGrinning Skull Press
NovelScott JohnsonShy Grove: A Ghost StoryAmazon Digital Services LLC
NovelAhmed Saadawi Frankenstein in Baghdad Penguin Books
NovelBartholomew BennettThe Pale OnesInkandescent
NovelBrendan DeneenThe ChrysalisTor Books
NovelCaroline KepnesProvidence Lenny
NovelCraig DavidsonThe Saturday Night Ghost ClubKnopf
NovelD.W. GillespieThe Toy ThiefFlame Tree Press
NovelDaniel KrausThe Shape of WaterFeiwel & Friends
NovelDaniel LoubierDead Summit: Containment
NovelDavid JoyThe Line That Held UsG.P. Putnam's Sons
NovelDiane Setterfield Once Upon a RiverEmily Bestler Books/Atria
NovelGary KembleStrange InkTitan Books
NovelGeoffrey GirardMary RoseAdaptive Books
NovelGlenn RolfeThe WindowAlien Agenda Publishing
NovelJ.D. HornThe King of Bones and Ashes47North
NovelJae MazerCroneFeathered Tentacle Press
NovelJeffrey FordAhab's Return: or, The Last VoyageWilliam Morrow
NovelJeremy ThompsonThe Forever Big TopNecro Publications
NovelK.R. MorrisonUnHoly TrinityLinkville Press
NovelLaird HuntIn the House in the Dark of the WoodsLittle, Brown and Company
NovelLaura Van Den BergThe Third HotelFarrar, Straus and Giroux
NovelLee ThomasDistortionLethe Press
NovelLilith SaintcrowAfterwarOrbit
NovelMaria Dahvana HeadleyThe Mere WifeMCD
NovelMarisha PesslNeverworld WakeDelacorte Press
NovelMarshall MooreInhospitableCamphor Press
NovelMatt Hayward The Faithful Sinister Grin Press
NovelMatt Hayward & Patrick LaceyPractitionersBloodshot Books
NovelMichael J. Seidlinger My Pet Serial KillerCinestate
NovelMichael RutgerThe AnomalyGrand Central Publishing
NovelNancy KilpatrickAbduction of Two Rulers (Thrones of Blood Book 3)Crossroad Press
NovelNate SouthardBad DogsBroken River Books
NovelNate SouthardPorcelainLethe Press
NovelOyinkan Braithwaite My Sister, the Serial KillerDoubleday
NovelPeng Shepherd The Book of MWilliam Morrow
NovelRussell JamesThe Curse of the Viper KingSevered Press
NovelRyan C. ThomasHobbomockGrand Mal Press
NovelSandy DeLucaSwitchblade Crossroads Press
NovelSarah PerryMelmothCustom House
NovelSarah SparrowA Guide for Murdered ChildrenBlue Rider Press
NovelShelley JacksonRiddance: Or: The Sybil Joines Vocational School for Ghost Speakers & Hearing-Mouth ChildrenBlack Balloon Publishing
NovelSkylerr DarrenInterview with the Devil: Part 2: Lanza's AccountSkylerr Darren
NovelTony UrbanWithin the WoodsPackanack Publishing
PoetryMarge Simon & Alessandro ManzettiWarCrystal Lake Publishing
PoetrySara TantlingerThe Devil’s DreamlandStrangehouse Books
PoetryBruce BostonArtifactsIndependent Legions Publishing
PoetryDavid E. CowenBleeding SaffronWeasel Press
PoetryG. O. ClarkThe Comfort of ScreamsAlban Lake Publishing
PoetryClaire C. HollandI Am Not Your Final Girl: PoemsGlassPoet Press
PoetryOliver SheppardThirteen NocturnesIkonograph Press
PoetryWrath James WhiteIf You Died Tomorrow I Would Eat Your CorpseCLASH Books
Poetrydoungjai gamglass slipper dreams, shatteredApokrupha
PoetryFrank CoffmanThis Ae Nighte, Every Nighte And AlleMind's Eye Publications
PoetryLance FlingEntropic TheoryStitched Smile Publications
PoetryMark McLaughlinThe Arrival of Our New Master: A Lovecraftian ArmageddonAmazon Digital Services LLC
PoetryCalef BrownThe Ghostly Carousel: Delightfully Frightful PoemsCarolrhoda Books
PoetryDavid M. HoenigQueen To His KingOscillate Wildly Press
PoetryDonna LynchWitchesRaw Dog Screaming Press
PoetrySamuel CanerdaySweet ShadowsAmazon Digital Services LLC
PoetrySara Tantlinger Love for Slaughter Strangehouse Books
ScreenplayAlex GarlandAnnihilationParamount Pictures
ScreenplayAri AsterHereditaryA24
ScreenplayBryan Woods, Scott Beck, & John KrasinskiA Quiet PlacePlatinum Dunes
ScreenplayEric HeissererBird BoxNetflix
ScreenplayJustin BensonThe EndlessSnowfort Productions
ScreenplayMeredith AverillThe Haunting of Hill House, Season 1, Episode 5: "The Bent-Neck Lady"Netflix
ScreenplaySam ShawCastle Rock, Season 1, Episode 7: "The Queen"Warner Bros.
ScreenplayCrystal LiuAmerican Horror Story: Apocalypse: "Return to Murder House"FX
ScreenplayMike FlanaganThe Haunting of Hill House, Season 1, Episode 1: "Steven Sees a Ghost"Netflix
ScreenplayAndy Nyman & Jeremy DysonGhost StoriesLionsgate
ScreenplayDavid Gordon GreenHalloweenBlumhouse Productions
ScreenplayDavid KajganichSuspiriaAmazon Studios
ScreenplayDemián RugnaTerrifiedInstituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales (INCAA) (w/ support of) Machaco Films
ScreenplayGareth EvansApostleNetflix
ScreenplayKaren NielsenThe X-Files, Season 11, Episode 9: "Nothing Lasts Forever"20th Century Fox Television
ScreenplayLars von TrierThe House That Jack BuiltZentropa Entertainments
ScreenplayMeredith AverillThe Haunting of Hill House, Season 1, Episode 9: "Screaming Meemies"Netflix
ScreenplaySamuel MarollaAmerican Guinea Pig: SacrificeUnearthed Films
ScreenplayAdam AllecaDeliriumNetflix
ScreenplayAxelle Carolyn & Christina HamChilling Adventures of Sabrina, Season 1, Chapter 9: "The Returned Man"Netflix
ScreenplayCharise Castro SmithThe Haunting of Hill House, Season 1, Episode 7: "Eulogy"Netflix
ScreenplayCory FinleyThoroughbredsJune Pictures
ScreenplayFritz Böhm & Florian EderWildlingMaven Pictures
ScreenplayIsa MazzeiCamBlumhouse Productions
ScreenplayJannik Tai MosholtThe Rain, Season 1, Episode 6: "Keep Your Friends Close"Netflix
ScreenplayJeff HowardThe Haunting of Hill House, Season 1, Episode 6: "Two Storms"Netflix
ScreenplayJeff Howard & Rebecca KlingelThe Haunting of Hill House, Season 1, Episode 8: "Witness Marks"Netflix
ScreenplayLeigh WhannellInsidious: The Last KeyBlumhouse Productions
ScreenplayLucinda CoxonThe Little StrangerPathé
ScreenplayMette HeenoThe Rain, Season 1, Episode 5: "Have Faith"Netflix
ScreenplayNick AntoscaChannel Zero, The Dream Door, Episode 1: "Ashes on My Pillow"
ScreenplayPanos Cosmatos & Aaron Stewart-AhnMandySpectreVision
ScreenplayReece Shearsmith & Steve PembertonInside No. 9 Live: Dead LineBBC
ScreenplayRoberto Aguirre-SacasaChilling Adventures of Sabrina, Season 1, Chapter 2: "The Dark Baptism"Netflix
ScreenplayRoberto Aguirre-SacasaChilling Adventures of Sabrina, Season 1, Chapter 7: "Feast of Feasts"
ScreenplaySam Shaw & Dustin ThomasonCastle Rock, Season 1, Episode 1: "Severance"Warner Bros.
ScreenplaySeth M. Sherwood, Blair Butler, & Akela CooperHell FestValhalla Motion Pictures
ScreenplayStephen SuscoUnfriended: Dark WebBlumhouse Productions
ScreenplayVérane Frédiani & David MurdochThe Most Assassinated Woman in the WorldSinner Films & Fontana
Short FictionLee MurrayDead End TownCthulhu Deep Down Under Volume IIIFWG Publishing International
Short FictionAndrew RobertsonHer Royal CounselAlice Unbound: Beyond WonderlandExile Editions
Short FictionJess LandryMutterFantastic Tales of TerrorCrystal Lake Publishing
Short FictionKyla Lee WardAnd In Her Eyes the City DrownedWeirdbook #39Wildside Press
Short FictionJohn F.D. TaffA Winter’s TaleLittle Black SpotsGrey Matter Press
Short FictionTom DeadyAll Summers EndUnnerving Magazine, Issue #8
Short FictionTori EldridgeLife After BreathRunning Wild Anthology of Stories Volume 2Running Wild Press
Short FictionB.E. ScullyAnd Lo! It is Our OwnBirthing Monsters: Frankenstein's Cabinet of Curiosities and CrueltiesFirbolg Publishing
Short FictionBracken MacLeodBack SeatLost Highways: Dark Fictions from the RoadCrystal Lake Publishing
Short FictionBruce BostonThe Master, the Mistress, and the MidwifeBirthing Monsters: Frankenstein's Cabinet of Curiosities and CrueltiesFirbolg Publishing
Short FictionChristina SngRedSpace and Time #131
Short FictionMary RajotteThe CullingBlack Buttons Vol. 3: A Family AffairMagnificent Cowlick Media
Short FictionNaching T. KassaAuditionCrescendo of DarknessHorrorAddicts.net
Short FictionRena MasonThe Devil's ThroatHellhole: an Anthology of Subterranean HorrorAdrenaline Press
Short FictionScott EdelmanIt’s Only a StoryBirthing Monsters: Frankenstein’s Cabinet of Curiosities and CrueltiesFirbolg Publishing
Short Fiction Alessandro Manzetti & Paolo Di OrazioHans and GretaSplatterpunk Zine
Short FictionBrian HodgeHe Sings of Salt and WormwoodThe Devil and the Deep: Horror Stories of the SeaNight Shade Books
Short FictionJoanna ParypinskiThe Thing in the TreesNightscript Volume 4Chthonic Matter
Short FictionKaaron WarrenCrisis Apparition Exploring Dark Short Fiction #2: A Primer to Kaaron WarrenDark Moon Books
Short FictionMichael DarlingFeasty-FeastThe HungerTwisted Tree Press
Short FictionMichael WehuntThe Pine Arch CollectionThe Dark
Short FictionR.J. JosephLeft Hand TormentBlack Magic Women: Terrifying Tales by Scary SistersMocha Memoirs Press, LLC
Short FictionRobert HoodA Man Totally AloneThe Mammoth Book of Halloween StoriesSkyhorse Publishing
Short FictionStephanie Malia MorrisBride Before YouNightmare
Short FictionTim WaggonerHow to be a Horror WriterVastarien, Vol. 1, Issue 2 Grimscribe Press
Short FictionAngel Leigh McCoyThe Christ of St. Jozef ChurchDark Rainbow: Anthology of Queer Erotic HorrorRiverdale Avenue Books
Short FictionDan RabartsRiptideSuspended in Dusk IIGrey Matter Press
Short FictionElizabeth Massie & Marge SimonThe Substance of BeliefChiral Mad 4Written Backwards
Short FictionEugenia M. TriantafyllouCherry Wood CoffinApex Magazine
Short FictionGabino IglesiasPedrito Coyote SongsBroken River Books
Short FictionJennifer Brozek & Seanan McGuireHome and Hope Both Sound a Little Bit Like 'Hunger'Chiral Mad 4Written Backwards
Short FictionJoe R. LansdaleThe Second Floor of the Christmas Hotel Hark! The Herald Angels ScreamKnopf Doubleday Publishing Group
Short FictionJosh MalermanTenetsHark! The Herald Angels ScreamPisces Books
Short FictionKaaron WarrenSick Cats in Small SpacesA World Of HorrorDark Moon Books
Short FictionKC GrifantThe PeerlingsBeyond the Infinite: Tales From the Outer ReachesThings in the Well Publications
Short FictionMatthew M. BartlettDr. 999Ashes and EntropyNightscape Press
Short FictionMercedes YardleyRavenous Stars, Carnivorous MoonLittle Dead Red and Other Short StoriesVault Books
Short FictionMichael H. HansonC.H.A.D.C.H.U.D. LIVES!Crystal Lake Publishing
Short FictionOrrin GreyThe Hurrah (aka Corpse Scene)The Dark issue 37
Short FictionSteve Rasnic Tem Reflections in BlackThe Mammoth Book of Halloween Stories Skyhorse Publishing
Short FictionThomas Olde HeuveltYou Know How the Story GoesTor.com
Short FictionTobias BuckellA Different Kind of PlaceApex Magazine
Short FictionA. Merc RustadThe Sweetness of Honey and RotBeneath Ceaseless Skies
Short FictionA.C. WiseA Moment Before BreakingThe Devil and the Deep: Horror Stories of the Sea
Short FictionAdam-Troy Castro Red RainNightmare 69
Short FictionAlessandro ManzettiThe Bearded WomanSplatterpunk Forever
Short FictionAnne BillsonI Remember NothingWe Were StrangersConfingo Publishing
Short FictionAshley DiosesAmadis the EnchantressTest Patterns: Creature FeaturesPlanet X Publications
Short FictionBrendan ViditoAn InterviewNightmares in EcstasyCLASH Books
Short FictionBrian EvensonLather of FliesLost FilmsPerpetual Motion Machine Publishing
Short FictionCarly HolmesSleepFigureheadTartarus Press
Short FictionCharles Wilkinson The November HouseVastarien Vol. 1, Issue 2Grimscribe Press
Short FictionChristopher RopesSinging the Song of My UnmakingVastarien Vol. 1, Issue 1Grimscribe Press
Short FictionClaudio FotiThe Shadows of Saint UrbanA World Of HorrorDark Moon Books
Short FictionCoy HallSire of the HatchetThe Fiends in the FurrowsNosetouch Press
Short FictionCurtis M. LawsonThe Rye-MotherDoorbells at Dusk: Halloween StoriesCorpus Press
Short FictionDamien Angelica WaltersThe Last WintergirlMonsters of Any KindIndependent Legions Publishing
Short FictionDan GraceWavesTales from the Shadow Booth, Vol. 2
Short FictionDan RabartsThe Silence at the Edge of the Sea Cthulhu: Land of the Long White CloudIFWG Publishing International
Short FictionDavid KurariaKõpura Rising Cthulhu: Land of the Long White CloudIFWG Publishing International
Short FictionDavid Rees-ThomasBleeding Through the ShadowsShimmer #44
Short FictionEloise C. C. ShepherdA Tiny MirrorSupernatural Tales #39
Short FictionErin RobertsSnake SeasonThe Dark
Short FictionGabino Iglesias The MotherCoyote SongsBroken River Books
Short FictionGemma FilesAlways After ThreeTales from the Lake Vol. 5Crystal Lake Publishing
Short FictionJ. G. FahertyA Rainy Night at the Sunset GrilleFlame Tree Publishing Newsletter
Short FictionJ. TonzelliThe Hermit of Singer's CreekGhosts, Goblins, Murder and Madness: Twenty Tales of HalloweenDark Ink
Short FictionJeff C. StevensonThe Insects Of Seneca VillageA New York State of Fright: Horror Stories from the Empire StateHippocampus Press
Short FictionJenny BarberDown Along the BackroadsThe Alchemy Press Book of Horrors The Alchemy Press
Short FictionJeremy WagnerDead HalfShopping List 3: 21 Tales of TerrorHellbound Books Publishing
Short FictionJessica McHughThings She Left in the WoodsLost FilmsPerpetual Motion Machine Publishing
Short FictionJill HandSugar and SpiceDeath’s GardenLycan Valley Press Publications
Short FictionJoe HillDark CarouselHarper Audio / Wax Records
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