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A Woman Built By Man S. H. Cooper & Elle TurpittCemetery Gates Media
A Woman Unbecoming Rachel A. Brune and Carol GyzanderCrone Girls Press
Africa Risen: A New Era of Speculative Fiction Sheree Renee Thomas, Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki and Zelda KnightTordotcomTordotcom
Antifa Splatterpunk Eric RaglinCursed Morsels
Beyond The Veil: Supernatural Tales of Queer Love A.R. Ward & Jelena DenatoGhost Orchid Press
Blood Bank: A Charitable Anthology S.C. MendesBlood Bound Books
Blood in the Soil, Terror in the Wind Kenneth Cain, EditorBrigids Gate Press
Castle of Horror Anthology Volume 7: Love Gone Wrong Jason Henderson and In Churl YoCastle Bridge Media
Castle of Horror Anthology Volume 8: Thinly Veiled: the 80s Jason Henderson and In Churl YoCastle Bridge Media
Chiral Mad 5 Michael BaileyWritten Backwards
Chromophobia: A Strangehouse Anthology by Women in Horror Sara TantlingerRooster Republic Press
Classic Monsters Unleashed James Aquilone Crystal lake publishing and Black spot books
Dark Matter Presents Human Monsters Sadie Hartmann and Ashley SaywersDark Matter Magazine Dark Ink
Dark Stars John F. D. TaffTor Nightfire
Death in the Mouth: Original Horror by People of Color Sloane Leong & Cassie Hart
Diet Riot: A Fatterpunk Anthology Nico Bell and Sonora TaylorIndependently Published
Emporium of Superstition: An Old Wives’ Tale Anthology Marlena Frank et. al.Midnight Tide PublishingMidnight Tide Publishing
Even in the Grave James Chambers & Carol GyzanderNeoParadoxa
Found: An Anthology of Found Footage Horror Stories Andrew Cull and Gabino IglesiasVermillion To One Press
Generation-Xed Rebecca RowlandDark Ink
Howls From the Dark Ages: An Anthology of Medieval Horror P.L. McMillan and Solomon ForseHOWL Society Press
Into the Forest: Tales of the Baba Yaga Lindy Ryan Black Spot Books
Isolation: The Horror Anthology Dan CoxonTitan Books
It Calls From The Veil Lyndsey SmithEerie River Publishing
It Was All A Dream: An Anthology of Bad Horror Tropes Done Right Brandon ApplegateHungry Shadow Press
Literally Dead: Tales of Halloween Hauntings Gaby Triana Alienhead Press
Midnight Echo Issue 17 Greg ChapmanMidnight EchoAustralasian Horror Writers Association
Mine: An Anthlogy of Body Autonomy Horror Roxie Voorhees and Nico Bell Creature Publishing
Mixtape: 1986 Alin Walker and Monica LouzonThe Dread Machine
Moonflowers & Nightshade Samantha Kolesnik
Mother: Tales of Love and Terror Christi Nogle and Willow Dawn BeckerWeird Little Worlds Press
Orphans of Bliss: Tales of Addiction Horror Mark MatthewsWicked Run Press
Other Terrors: An Inclusive Anthology Vince A. Liaguno & Rena MasonHWA
Revelations: Horror Writers for Climate Action Séan O'ConnorStygian Sky
Screams from the Dark: 29 Tales of Monsters and the Monstrous Ellen DatlowTor Nightfire
Shattered & Splintered Laurel Hightower & James SabataAEA Press
Snafu: Dead or Alive Amanda J. Spedding and Geoff BrownCohesion Press
Stories of the Eye Sam Richard & Joe Koch EditorsWeirdpunk Books
Strange Tales of Terror Eugene JohnsonIndependent Legions Publishing
That Darkened Doorstep Catherine JordanHellbender Books
That Which Cannot be Undone Jess LandryCracked Skull Press
That is ALL Wrong! An Anthology of Offbeat Horror: Vol III Jan-Andrew HendersonBlack Hart Publishing
That is SO Wrong!: An Anthology of Offbeat Horror: Vol I Jan-Andrew HendersonBlack Hart Publishers
That is TOO Wrong! An anthology of Offbeat Horror: Vol II Jan Andrew Black Hart
The Book of Queer Saints Mae MurrayIndependently Published.
The Coffin Maker's Book of Dark Tales Curtis M Lawson and Joshua RexWeird House Press
The Dead Inside Laurel Hightower & Sandra RuttanDark Dispatch
The Hideous Book of Hidden Horrors Doug MuranoBad Hand Books
The Valancourt Book of World Horror Stories, Volume 2 James D. Jenkins and Ryan CagleValancourt
Trouble the Waters: Tales of the Deep Blue Sheree Renée Thomas, Pan Morigan, and Troy L. Wiggins (editors)Third Man Books
We Are Providence: Tales of Horror from the Ocean State Christa Carmen and Lauren Elise DanielsWeird House Press
When Other People Saw Us, They Saw The Dead Lauren T. DavilaHaunt Publishing
When Things Get Dark Ellen DatlowTitan Books
Your Body is not your body Alex WoodroeTenebrous Press

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A Bouquet of Viscera Bridgett NelsonIndependently Published
Acts of Violence: Twelve Tales if Terror Marcus HawkeHawke Haus Books
Advent Daniel PyleBlood Brothers Publishing
All That’s Lost Ray Cluley Black Shuck Books
And at My Back I Always Hear Scott NicolayWord Horde
At Home With the Horrors Sammy ScottIndependently Published
Bad Dolls Rachel HarrisonBerkley
Beautiful Atrocities Ross Jeffery Cemetery Gates Media
Behind a Broken Smile Penny JonesBlack Shuck Books
Black Honey and Other Unsavory Things Steve Van SamsonRough House Publishing
Blood Mountain Brenda S. TolianRaw Dog Screaming Press
Boys, Beasts & Men Sam J. MillerTachyon Publications
Breakable Things Cassandra KhawUndertow
Burn The Plans Tyler JonesCemetery Gates Media
Cat Box and Other Strange Tales Anthony SelfIndependently Published
Chasing Whispers Eugen BaconRaw Dog Screaming Press
Convulsive Joe KochApocalypse Party Press
Corpsemouth and Other Autobiographies John LanganWord Horde
Cut to Care: A Collection of Little Hurts Aaron DriesIFWG Australia
Dark Breakers C.S.E. CooneyMythic Delirium
Effects Vary Michael CohenCemetery Gates Media
Femina: A Collection Of Dark Fiction Caitlin MarceauDarkLit Press
Fleshed Out Rob UlitskiPastel Wasteland
Freaky Briefs Jeff StrandIndependently Published
Fugue Devil Resurgence Stephen Mark RaineyBlack Raven Books
Ghostwritten Ronald MalfiTitan Books
Growth: A Collection of Short Stories Elin OlaussonDark Ink
Haunt of Southern-Fried Fear Ronald KellyCrossroad Press
Hell Hath No Sorrow Like a Woman Haunted RJ JosephThe Seventh Terrace
How to See Ghosts & Other Figments Orrin GreyWord Horde
If Only a Heart and Other Tales of Terror Caleb StephensSalt Heart Press
Les Femmes Grotesques Victoria DalpeClash Books
Let Your Hinged Jaw Do the Talking Tom JohnstoneAlchemy Press
Lions & Tigers & Weres Ken MacGregorDragon's Roost Press
Mestiza Blood V. CastroFlame Tree Press
Midnight Doorways Usman T. MalikIndependently Published
Moonless Nocturne Hank SchwaebleEsker & Riddle Press
Palimpsest Caitlin MarceauGhost Orchid Press
Seven Empty Houses Samantha SchweblinRiverhead Books
Spinal Remains Chad LutzkeCemetery Gates
Spontaneous Human Combustion Richard ThomasKeylight Books
Sticks & Stones: Tales of Childhhod Horror CW BriarCemetery Gates Media
Swedish Cults Anders FagerValancourt Books
Tales From Badgers Crossing Paul ChildsGreenteeth Press
The Ana Log & Other Anomalies Michael Gray BaughanIndependent Legions Press
The Black Maybe: Liminal Tales Attila VeresValancourt Books
The Box Scott J. CouturierAmazonHybrid Sequence Media
The Edgewater Chronicles Tom DeadyCrossroad Press
The Fall: Tales From The Gulp 2 Alan BaxterIndependently Published
The Glassy Burning Floor of Hell Brian EvensonCoffee House Press
The Infection Party and Other Stories of Dis-ease Douglas FordD&T Publishing LLC
The Puppet King and Other Atonements Justin A. BurnettTrepidatio Publishing
The Resurrection Doll Eric RaglinExtinction HymnsBrigids Gate Press
The Sharp End of the Rainbow Madeleine SwannHeads Dance Press
This Attraction Now Open Till Late Kyla Lee WardIndependent Legions
Three Against the Dark: Collected Dr. Venn Occult Detective Mysteries Frank CoffmanMind's Eye Publications
Throwing Shadows Jerry RothBrigids Gate Press
Trail of the Crimson Claw Jeffrey LeBlancCloven Hoof
We Are Here To Hurt Each Other Paula D. AsheNictitating Books
What Remains When the Stars Burn Out P.L. McMillanSalt Heart Press
When I Was Lost Jordan KurrellaJournalStone Publishing
You Fed Us to the Roses Carlie St. GeorgeRobor Dinosaur Press

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21 Grams M. ReganTimber Ghost Press
A Man in Pieces Henry CorriganDarkstroke Books
All the White Spaces Ally WilkesAtria/Emily Bestler Books
Beulah Christi NogleCemetery Gates Media
Birds in the Black Water Kodie Van DusenBig Cheese Books
Blood & Dirt Corey NilesNineStar Press
Bloodborn Stephanie KemlerCurious Corvid Publishing
Can't Find My Way Home Gwynne GarfinkleAqueduct Press
Deeper Than Hell Joshua MillicanEncyclopocalypse Publications
Entomophobia Sarah HansOmnium Gatherum Media
Evil Exists Book One - The Ring of Solomon Jacques MersereauIndependently published
Face the Night Alan LastufkaShort Wave Publishing
Five: A Tale About Loss David SullivanIndependently Published
Garth Marenghi's TerrorTome Garth MarenghiCoronet
I, Dracula D.S. CroweIndependently Published
In the Devil's Cradle S.L. EdwardsWord Horde
Jackal Erin E. AdamsBantam
Leech Hiron EnnesTordotcom
Manhunt Gretchen Felker-MartinTor Nightfire
Mary: An Awakening of Terror Nat CassidyNightfire
Portrait of a Nuclear Family JP BehrensD&T Publishing LLC
Rootwork Tracy CrossDark Hart Books
Rules of the Road C.B. Jones
Secrets of Mother Sirrah MedeirosTundra Swan Press
Shutter Romona EmersonSoho Press
The Ballad of Perilous Graves Alex JenningsRedhook
The Cursed Among Us John DurginIndependently Published
The Hacienda Isabel CanasBerkely
The Legend of the Dogman Daved C. PosthumusTimber Ghost Press
The Next Witness Kirstyn Petras Cinnabar Moth
The Thicket Noelle W. Ihli
The Unspeakable Heart of the Mangroves Brad CenterAmazon Golden Storyline Books
Winter's Myths Gage GreenwoodTanner's Switch Publishing
Winterset Hollow Jonathan Edward DurhamCredo House Publishers
Woman, Eating Claire KodhaHarper Via

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Children of the Woods Joe CianoDark Horse Books
Dracula The Return: Cult Of The White Worm Dacre Stoker, Chris McAuley & Denise Ceincin Scratch Comics Publications
House of Slaughter: The Butcher's Mark James Tynion IV
Kolchak: The Night Stalker - 50th Anniversary James AquiloneMoonstone Books
Kraken Inferno: The Last Hunt Alessandro Manzetti & Stefano CardoselliIndependent Legions Publishing
Over My Dead Body Sweeny BooHarper Alley
Rain Joe Hill, David BooherImage
Razorblades, Vol 1 James Tynion IVIndependently Published
Something is Killing the Children, Vol 4 James Tynion IVBoom! Studios
Stray Dogs Vol 1 Tony FleecsImage Comics
That Texas Blood, vol. 3 Chris Condon and Jacob PhillipsImage
The Closet, Vol 1 James Tynion IV and Gavin FullertonImage
The Me You Love in the Dark Skottie YoungImage Comics
The Nice House on the Lake Vol 1 James Tynion IVDC Comics
The Night Eaters: She Eats the Night Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda Abrams
The Passageway: Bone Orchard Jeff Lemire and Andrea SorrentinoImage
Where Black Stars Rise: A Graphic Novel Nadia Shammas & Marie Enger Nightfire

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A Man in Winter Katie MarieBrigids Gate Press
Abhorrent Faith John BaltisbergerSt. Rooster Press
All of Me Iseult MurphyIndependently Published
And In Her Smile, the World Gordon B. White, Rebecca J. AllredTrepidatio Publishing
And The Geiger Counter Clicks Brandon Scott The Dead Unleashed Skywalker Press
As the Tide Came Flowing In Sonya TaaffeAs the Tide Came Flowing InNekyia Press
Asylum Daughter Natasha SinclairClan Witch
Bait Paul ChildsIndependently Published
Beach Bodies Nick KolakowskiFinal Round Press
Behind a Broken Smile Penny JonesBehind a Broken Smile
Below Laurel HightowerGhoulish Books
Beyond the Creek Nico BellD&T Publishing
Bluebells Leanbh PearsonBlack Hare Press
Bound Feet Kelsea YuCemetery Gates Media
Brutal Hearts Cassie DaleyIndependently Published
Cannibal Creator Chad LutzkeStatic Age Books
Challawa Usman T. MalikDark StarsTor Nightfire
Christmas at Wheeldale Inn Gemma Amor ‎ Cemetery Gates Media
Daughter of the Mists Kevin Lucia October's End: Halloween Horror Stories Dark Tides 3Crystal Lake Publishing
Enough For Hunger and Enough For Hate John LanganDark Stars
Forget Me Not Carol GyzanderNeoparadoxa
Glorious Fiends Bonnie Jo StufflebeamUnderland Press
Gulpepper Curios Alan BaxterThe Fall: Tales From The Gulp 2Independently Published
Hallowed Oblivion Katherine SilvaStrange Wilds Press
Helpmeet Naben RuthnumUndertow Publications
Hold My Place Cassondra WindwalkerBlack Spot Books
House of Drought Dennis MombauerStelliform Press
House of Pungsu KP KulskiBizarro Pulp Press
Huddled Masses, Yearning to Breathe Free John F. D. TaffOrphans of Bliss Wicked Run Press
Inside Out Lor GislasonDark Lit Press
Interference Terry GrimwoodElsewhen Press
In the Arctic Sun Rowan HillD&T Publishing LLC
Larva Me Tender Robert Ford Independently Published
Little Lugosi: A Love Story Douglas FordMadness Heart Press
Lovecraft's Iraq David RoseScreaming Banshee Press
Lure Tim McGregorTenebrous Press
Moonfellows Danger SlaterPerpetual Motion Machine Publishing
Musos Charlene ElsbyMerigold Independent
My Only Sunshine Robert FordWounds to WishesCrystal Lake Publishing
One Hand to Hold, One Hand to Carve M. ShawTenebrous Press
Optic Nerve Rebecca RowlandD&T Publishing LLC
Parachute Holly Rae GarciaEaston Falls Publishing
Paused Stephanie EllisSilver Shamrock Publishing / Brigids Gate Press
Pomegranates Priya SharmaPS Publishing
Purgatory Michael Schuhler
Return of the Living Elves Brian AsmanMutated Media
Rise Up Together Adam L.G. NevillClose to MidnightFlametree Press
Scream of the Butterfly Christophe MasoD&T Publishing LLC
Seance Stuart JamesThe MacabreIndependently Published
Shagging the Boss Rebecca RowlandFilthy Loot
Sisters of the Crimson Vine PL McMillanTimber Ghost Press
Solivagant A.G. SlatterIsolation
Song of the Red Squire C.W. BlackwellNosetouch Press
Split Scream Volume One Carson Winters, J. Moses ScottDread Stone Press
Stargazers LP HernandezCemetery Gates Media
Swim in the Blood of a Curious Dream John F. D. TaffDark StarsTor Nightfire
Territory Dan HowarthIndependently Published
The Adventure of the Ghastly Revenant Jonathan MaberryGaslight Ghouls AnthologyBelanger Books
The Anodizing Line Scott NicolayAnd at My Back I Always HearWord Horde
The Attentionist Caroline KepnesDark StarsTor Nightfire
The Black Hole L. Marie WoodMocha Memoirs Books
The Call of the Void Michael Bailey & Erinn L. KemperBleeding Edge Books
The Dark Brothers' Last Ride Ronald MalfiGhostwrittenTitan Books
The Gabbler Jason R Frei Monstrous Tales Volume 3Gravestone Press
The Gentleman's Suit Kate MaruyamaHalloween BeyondCrystal Lake Publishing
The Guts of Myth Carson WinterSplit Scream Volume OneDread Stone Press
The Kind People of Denary Daniel O’ConnorScreaming in the Night Vol. 1Sinister Smile Press
The Mississippi Glory Hole Mutilations Peter N. DudarGrinning Skull Press
The New Girls' Patient Ruthann JaggeD&T Publishing LLC
The New Wife: A Never Afters Tale Kirstyn McDermottBrain Jar Press
The Oldest Coffee House in Prague Kyla Lee WardThis Attraction Now Open Till LateIndependent Legions
The Reyes Incident Briana MorganSelf-published
The Room at the End of the Hall Lori R. LopezFairy Fly Entertainment
The Skin of Her Teeth Ronald MalfiGhostwrittenTitan Books
The Song of Salome Tom JohnstoneOmnium Gatherum
The Story Ronald MalfiGhostwrittenTitan Books
The Survivors T.C. WeberSolstice Publishing
The Talosite Rebecca CampbellUndertow Publications
The Things We Did, We Did, Were all for Real John F. D. TaffThe Hideous Book of Hidden HorrorsBad Hand Books
The World Below David PeakApocalypse Party
The Wrong Shark Ray CluleyAll That’s Lost
They Were Here Before Us Eric LaRocca Bad Hand Books
This Book Belongs to Olo Ronald MalfiGhostwrittenTitan Books
This Town Died With You A.J. SpencerIndependently Published
This is Where We Talk Things Out Caitlin MarceauDarkLit Press
Three Days in the Pink Tower EV KnightCreature Publishing, LLC
Through the Looking Glass and Straight Into Hell Christa CarmenOrphans of Bliss" Tales of Addiction HorrorWicked Run Press
Time Out of Mind Douglas WynneSomething in the Water and Other StoriesIndependently Published.
Timewalker Tom MonteleoneJournalstone
To Carve Home in Your Bones Aigner Loren WilsonThe Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
To The Devil, a Cryptid Hunter SheaSevered Press
Trail of the Crimson Claw Jeffrey LeBlancTrail of the Crimson ClawCloven Hoof
Trigger Tyler JonesBurn The PlansCemetery Gates Media
Wax and Wane Saoirse Ní ChiaragáinFilthy Loot
Wayward Suns Hamelin BirdPiper House
We Can Never Go Back Daron KappauffIndependently Published
We Can Never Leave This Place Eric LaRoccaTrepidatio Publishing
We Haunt These Woods Holley CornettoBleeding Edge Books
When it Rains Mark Allan GunnellsCrystal Lake Publishing
Woodhaven LJ DoughertyIndependently Published
You've Lost a Lot of Blood Eric LaRoccaIndependently Published

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Aviva vs the Dybbuk Mari Lowe Levine Querido
Curse on Spectacle Key Chantel AcevedoBalzer Braty
Daybreak on Raven Island Fleur Bradleyviking
Dwayyo Patrick BoytonGrimscribe Press
Eden's Everdark Karen StronSimon & Shuster
Empty Smiles Katherine Arden G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers
Ghost Hunters: Swamp Witch Susan McCauleyCeltic Sea Publishing
Ghosts Come Rising Adam PerryYellow Jacket
Glassheart Kate Alice Marshallviking books
Grounded For All Eternity Darcy MarksSimon and Schuster
Last Hope in Hopetown Maria TureaudLittle Brown
Lifeling Kirsty ApplebaumHenry Holt
Monsters in the Mist Juliana BrandtSourcebooks Young Readers
Omega Morales and the Legend of La Lechuza Laekan Zea KempLittle, brown
Shadow Grave Marina Cohenroaring brook press
Storm Nicola Skinnerharper collins
The Black Slide J.W. OckerHarperCollins
The Clackity Lora SenfAtheneum Books for Young Readers
The Girl in White Lindsay CurrieSourcebooks Young Readers
The Glass Witch Lindsay PuckettScholastic Press
The Lonely Ghost Mike FordScholastic Paperbacks
This Appearing House Ally Malinenko‎Katherine Tegen Books
Unmasked (Fright Watch #3) Lorien LawrenceHarry N. Abrams
Where The Lost Ones Go Akemi Dawn BowmanFarrar, Straus and Giroux

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A Haunted History of Invisible Women Leanna Renee Hieber & Andrea JanesKensington
About Horror: The Study and Craft L. Marie WoodMocha Memoirs Books
Children of the New Flesh: The Early Work and Pervasive Influence of David Cronenberg Chris Kelso and David Leo Rice 11:11 Press
Dark Carnivals: Modern Horror and the Origins of American Empire W. Scott PooleCounterpoint
Death's Garden Revisited Loren RhoadsBlurb
Gothic War on Terror: Killing and Haunting in American Film, Fiction, Comics, and Video Games Danel OlsonPalgrave Macmillan
Lurking Under the Surface: Horror, Religion, and the Questions that Haunt Us Brandon R. GrafiusBroadleaf Books
Monstrous Things: Essays on Ghosts, Vampires, and Things That Go Bump in the Night Jeffrey Andrew WeinstockMcFarland
Mums & Sons: An Examination of the Child/ Parent Relationship | The Babadook/ Hereditary/ Psycho Rebecca McCallumPlastic Brain Press
Rock and Roll Nightmares: True Stories Volume I Staci Layne WilsonExcessive Nuance
Southern-Fried and Horrified Ronald KellyStygian Sky Media
The H Word: Hand-Me-Down Horror Brian McAuleyNightmare Magazine
The Many Lives of the Twilight Zone: Essays on the Television and Film Franchise Ron Riekki and Kevin WetmoreMcFarland
The Science of Witchcraft Kelly Florence and Meg HafdahlSkyhorse Publishing
The United States of Cryptids J.W. OckerQuirk Books
Theatre and the Macabre Meredith Conti and Kevin WetmoreUniversity of Wales Press
Theatre and the Macabre Meredith Conti and Kevin WetmoreUniversity of Wales Press
Toil and Trouble: A Women's History of the Occult Lisa Kroger and Melanie AndersonQuirk Books
Weird Fiction: A Genre Study Michael CiscoPalgrave Macmillan
What the Daemon Said: Essays on Horror Fiction, Film, and Philosophy Matt CardinHippocampus Press
Writing Poetry in the Dark Stephanie M WytovichRaw Dog Screaming & Guide Dog Books

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A Child Alone with Strangers Philip FracassiTalos
A Lullaby for Witches Hester FoxGraydon House
A Suitable Companion for the End of Your Life Robert McGillCoach House Books
Accursed: Realm 3 L. Marie WoodCedar Grove PublishingCedar Grove Publishing
All These Subtle Deceits C.S. HumbleDark Hart Books
And Then I Woke Up Malcom DevlinTordotcom
Anybody Home? Michael J. SeidlingerCLASH Books
Ask For Andrea Noelle W. IhliIndependently Published
Beneath Cruel Waters Jon BassoffBlackstone Publishing
Beneath the Static T.J. Lea Sleepless Sanctuary Publishing
Bishop Candace NolaUncomfortably Dark Horror
Black Mouth Ronald MalfiTitan Books
Blood on Satan's Claw Robert Wynne-SimmonsUnbound
Bridge of Souls Greg Gifune and Sandy De LucaJournalstone
Cherish Farrah Bethany C. MorrowDutton
Cold As Hell Rhett C. Bruno & Jaime CastleBlackStone Publishing
Damnation: The Gothic Game Frazer LeeBlackletter Games
Dance Among the Flames Tori EldridgeRunning Wild Press
Daphne Josh MalermanDel Rey
Dark Country Monique SnymanVesuvian Books
Dark of the Curl Peyton DouglasCastle Bridge Media
Darling Mercedes M. YardleyBlack Spot Books
Demon Dagger Russell JamesFlame Tree Press
Do Not Weep for Me Tony TremblayTwisted Publishing
Echo Thomas Olde HeuveltNightfire
Fairy Tale Stephen KingScribner
Fellstones Ramsey CampbellFlame Tree Press
Fright Night: Origins Tom Holland and A. Jack UlrichEncyclopocalypse Publications
Full Immersion Gemma AmorAngry Robot
Ghost Eaters Clay McLeod ChapmanQuirk Books
Ghosts of Grief Hollow Shawn BurgessRhet Askew Publishing
Ghosts of the Forbidden Leanna Renee HieberCastle Bridge Media
Ghoul N' The Cape Josh MalermanEarthling Publications
God Damn Zombie Chainsaw Murderer Sean M. ThompsonNictitating Books
Gothic Philip Fracassi Cemetery Dance Publications
Gross Out Duncan RalstonShadow Work Publishing
Gwendy’s Final Task Stephen King & Richard Chizmar Gallery Books
Happiness & Other Diseases Sumiko SaulsonMocha Memoirs Press Mocha Memoirs Press
Hidden Pictures Jason RekulakFlatiron Books
Hummingbird TC ParkerHold My Beer Publishing
I Have Asked to Be Where No Storms Come Gwendolyn N. NixCrystal Lake Publishing
It Rides a Pale Horse Andy MarinoRedhook
Juniper & Thorn Ava ReidHarper Voyager
Just Like Home Sarah GaileyTor Books
Just Like Mother Anne HeltzelTor Nightfire
Lily: Nightmareland Volume Six Daniel BarnettIndependently Published
Little Eve Catriona WardTor Nightfire
Lute Jennifer ThorneTor Nightfire
Mage of Fools Eugen BaconMeerkat Press
Mastodon Steve StredBlack Void Publishing
Modern Hysteria Aron BeauregardIndependently Published
Motherthing Ainslie HogarthVintage
Nettle & Bone T. KingfisherTor Books
No Gods for Drowning Hailey PiperAgora Books
Noose Brennan LaFaroDark Lit Press
Nothus Drew StarlingEerie River Publishing
Number One Fan Meg ElisonMira
Oracle 2: The Dreamland Murders Andrew PyperAudible LLC
Ordinary Monsters J.M. MiroNovelFlatiron Books
Reluctant Immortals Gwendolyn KisteGallery/Saga Press
River of Ashes Alexandrea Weis and Lucas AstorVesuvian Books
Road of Bones Christopher GoldenSt. Martin's Press
Sallow Bend Alan BaxterCemetery Dance Publications
Saturnalia Stephanie FeldmanThe Unnamed Press
Siren Queen Nghi VoTordotcom
Storm Shadows Kenneth W. CainJournalStone
Such Sharp Teeth Rachel HarrisonPenguin Publishing Group
Such a Pretty Smile Kristi DeMeesterSt. Martin's Press
Sundial Catriona WardTor Nightfire
Sunray Alice Jeremy HeplerCrossroad Press
Teach Them How To Bleed L.L. SoaresBloodshot Books
The Beyond Ken BroskyTimber Ghost Press
The Children on the Hill Jennifer McMahonGallery/Scout Press
The Cowboy and the Conqueror: A Bob Howard Adventure Teel James GlennPro Se Productions
The Devil Takes You Home Gabino IglesiasMullholland Books
The End Game (Blood from the Stars: Book 3) Justin HolleyIndependently Published (Raven Tale Publishing)
The Exeter Incident David WatkinsD&T Publishing LLC
The Exorcist's House Nick RobertsCrystal Lake Publishing
The Fervor Alma KatsuG.P. Putnam's Sons
The Fever Cabinet Justin JoschkoJournalStone
The Ghost That Ate Us: The Tragic True Story of the Burger City Poltergeist Daniel KrausRaw Dog Screaming Press
The Haar David SodergrenPaperbacks and Pugs
The Haunting of Camp Winter Falcon Jonathan RaabMuzzleland Press
The Hollow Kind Andy DavidsonFSG
The Hollows Daniel ChurchAngry Robot
The Last Storm Tim LebbonTitan Books
The Pallbearers Club Paul TremblayWilliam Morrow
The Path of Thorns A. G. SlatterPenguin Random House
The Realm L Marie WoodCedar Grove Publishing
The Stage Mother's Club Ron CapshawDark Edge Press
The Storyteller's Death Ann Davila CardinalSourcebooks Landmark
The Stranger Kathryn HoreAllen and Unwin
The Tryst: Affinity Series, Book 1 L. Marie WoodCedar Grove Publishing
The Vessel Adam NevillRitual Limited
The Wakening JG FahertyFlame Tree Press
The Wayfarer House Mitch SebournIndependently Published
The Wicked Rex of the West Daron Kappauff & Ward NerdloHold My Beer Publishing
They Drown Our Daughters Katrina MonroePoisoned Pen Press
They Drown Our Daughters Katrina MonroePoisoned Pen Press
Throw Me to the Wolves Lindy Ryan & Christopher BrooksBlack Spot Books
Tracks Lyn KellyBlack Kitty Productions
Tribunal: A Quiet Apocalypse Book 4 Dave JefferyDemain Publishing
Tripping Arcadia Kit MayquistDutton
Unnatural Creatures Kris WaldherrMuse Publications
Void of Course Carole Ann MoletiChampagne Book Group
We Spread Iain ReidGallery/Scout Press
We Will Rise Tim WaggonerFlame Tree Press
What Moves The Dead T. KingfisherTor Nightfire
White Horse Erika T WurthFlatiron Books
Witch 13 Patrick DelaneyOblivion Publishing

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Crime Scene Cynthia PelayoRaw Dog Screaming Press
Dear Ted Kim VodickaReally Serious Literature
Escaping the Body: Poems Chloe N. Clark
Foundlings Cindy O'Quinn & Stephanie EllisIndependently Published
Girls From the County Donna LynchRaw Dog Screaming Press
I Dreamed a World Colleen AndersonLVP Publications
If You Listen Closely You Can Still Hear Their Screams Aurelio Rico Lopez IIIIndependently Published
Kubrick Rhapsody Alessandro Manzetti & Karen RungeIndependent Legions Publishing
Lady of the House Grace R. Reynolds Curious Corvid Publishing
Lilith Rising Stephanie Ellis and Shane Douglas KeeneIndependently published
Messengers of the Macabre: Halloween Poems LindaAnn LoSchiavo and David DaviesAudience Askew
Mobius Lyrics Maxwell I. Gold & Angela Yuriko SmithIndependent Legions Publishing
New World Monsters Jeff Oliver, Chris McAuley & Dan VerkysHellbound Books
No Quarter Amanda WorthingtonIndependently Published
Sifting the Ashes Michael Bailey and Marge SimonCrystal Lake
The Gravity of Existence Christina SngInterstellar Flight Press
The Hand That Wounds David E.CowenWeasel Press
The Rat King: A Book of Dark Poetry Sumiko SaulsonDooky Zines
The Saint of Witches Avra MargaritiWeasel Press
The Shadow on the Mountain: A Collection of Tales in Poetic Prose Jeffrey LeBlancCloven Hoof
The Sorrow Festival Erin SlaughterCLASH Books
This Story Doesn't End the Way We Want All The Time Anton CancreDragon's Roost
Tombstones: Selected Horror Poems G.O. ClarkWeird House Press
Under Her Skin Lindy Ryan and Toni MillerBlack Spot Books
Venomous Words Jeff Oliver & Gordon ReillyBlurb
We Are the Ones Possessed Adrian Ernesto CepedaCLASH Books

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A Wounded Fawn Nathan Faudree and Travis StevensBarBHouse Genco Pictures and HorrorHound Films
Atlanta Season 4 Episode 5: Work Ethic Janine NabersFX
Barbarian Zach Cregger
Bodies Bodies Bodies Sarah DeLappe
Bones and All David Kajganich
Cabinet of Curiosities, Episode 3 "The Autopsy" Guillermo del Toro, David Prior
Cabinet of Curiosities Ep 8 The Murmuring Guillermo del Toro, Jennifer Kent
Crimes of the Future David CronenbergNeon Distributor
Dark Winds episode 5 Graham RolandAMC
Deadstream Vanessa Winter & Joseph WinterShudder original filmWinterspecter Entertainment/Shudder
Fresh Lauryn KahnSearchlight Pictures
Hatching Hanna Bergholm & Ilja RautsiSilva Mysterium Oy
Hellraiser Clive Barker, Davis S. Goyer
Mandrake Matt Harvey
Men Alex GarlandDNA Films
Nope Jordan PeeleMonkey Paw Productions
Pearl Ti West & Mia Goth
Sandman (Episode 5) 24/7 Ameni RozsaTeleplay DC Entertainment
Scream James Vanderbilt, Guy Busick & Kevin WilliamsonParamount Pictures
Significant Other Dan Berk and Robert Olsen
Smile Parker FinnParamount Pictures
Something in the Dirt Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead
Speak No Evil Christian Tafdrup, Mads Tafdrup
Stranger Things, Season 4, Episode 1: "Chapter One: The Hellfire Club" Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer, & Caitlin Schneiderhan21 Laps Entertainment
Stranger Things, Season 4, Episode 4: "Chapter Four: Dear Billy" Paul Dichter, Matt Duffer & Ross DufferSony Music Distribution
Stranger Things, Season 4, Episode 7: "Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab" Matt Duffer & Ross Duffer21 Laps Entertainment
The Black Phone Scott Derrickson & C. Robert CargillParamount Pictures
The Invitation Blair Butler
The Menu Seth Reiss & Will TracyHyperobject Industries
The Midnight Club: Episode 7 -- "Anya" Jamie Flanagan, Mike FlanaganNetflixNetflix
Umma Iris K. ShimCatchlight Studios
Violent Night Pat Casey & Josh Miller
Watcher Chloe OkunoImage Nation, Abu Dhabi, AGC International, Spooky Pictures, Lost City
Who Invited Them Duncan Birmingham
X Ti West
You Are Not My Mother Kate DolanBankside Films

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7 p.m. Awards Ceremony, Followed by Girl Scout Auction at 8 Sam RebeleinDark Matter Presents Human Monsters: A Horror AnthologyDark Matter INK
15 Eulogies Scribbled Inside a Hello Kitty Notebook Carlie St. GeorgeYou Fed Us to the Roses
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A Ghost Story for the End of the World Brandon ApplegateTheater PhantasmagoriaNight Terror Novels
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A Shadow in this red rock Louise Zedda-SampsonFrom the WastelandPS Publishing
A Song for Barnaby Jones Anna TaborskabookZagava
A Soul of Small Places Mame Bougouma Diene and Woppa DialloAfrica RisenTor
A Sunny Disposition Josh MalermanDark Matter Presents Human Monsters: A Horror AnthologyDark Matter Ink
A Trail of Feathers, A Trail of Blood Stephanie M. WytovichInto the Forest: Tales of the Baba YagaBlack Spot Books
A Warm Fall Day L. Marie WoodPicnic in the Graveyard: An Anthology of Cemetery HorrorsCemetery Gates Media
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As Dark the Night Nicole Givens KurtzHybrids, Misfits, Monsters, and Other PhenomenaHybrid Sequence Media
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Because You Watched Paula D. AsheWe Are Here to Hurt Each OtherNictitating Books
Behold, Death Arrives, A Duet of Ash and Fang Jae MazerThese Lingering Shadows AnthologyLast Waltz Publishing
Better Alexis DuBonA Woman Built By ManCemetery Gates Media
Birnam Hall L.E. DanielsGeneration X-edDark Ink
Black Screams, Yellow Stars Maxwell I. GoldOther Terrors anthologyWilliam Marrow Paperbacks
Bootsy’s House Dennis K Crosby Literally Dead Alienhead Press
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Cake By The Ocean Lindz McLeodThe Razor Magazine
Candy and Cockroaches Angela SylvaineVolume 107.3Southwest Review
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Churn the Unturning Tide Annie NeugebauerOther Terrors: An Inclusive AnthologyWilliam Morrow
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Deus Vult Ethan YoderHowls from the Dark Ages Howl Society Press
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Doom Saloon Renee S. DeCamillisAfter the Burn anthologyRogue Owl Press
Double Happiness Geneve FlynnChromophobia: A Strangehouse Anthology by Women in HorrorRooster Republic Press
Douen Suzan PalumboThe DarkThe Dark
Down the Road You Might Change Your Mind S.P. MiskowskiHuman Monsters (anthology)Dark Matter
Dread Circus Pamela JeffsThat is TOO Wrong: An Anthology of Offbeat Horror: Vol IIBlack Hart Publishers
Dungeon Punchinello Josh Malerman The Hideous Book Of Hidden Horrors Bad Hand Books
Easy Bake Sonora TaylorDiet Riot: A Fatterpunk AnthologyIndependently Published
Eat Your Colors Sonora TaylorChromophobia: A Strangehouse Anthology of Women in Horror Rooster Republic LLC
Edge of Decay Angela SylvaineVolume 6, Issue 15Dark Recesses
Eggshell Gemma AmorDark Matter Presents Human Monsters: A Horror AnthologyDark Matter Ink
Every Hunt is a Cold One Marcus HawkeActs of Violence: Twelve Tales of TerrorHawke Haus Books
Every Soul Will Taste Death Marwa SarrajWhen Other People Saw Us, They Saw The DeadHaunt Publishing
Everything's All Right in the End CJ HalbardMan on Fire Press
Everything Not Forbidden Hank SchwaebleMoonless NocturneEsker & Riddle Press
Everything You Want to Be, Everything You Are John F.D. TaffHuman MonstersDark Matter INK
Fall Preserves Roni StingerRewired: Divergent Perspectives in HorrorGhost Orchid Press
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Fetid Susan SnyderTrigger Warning: Speaking IllMadness Heart Press
Finn Stephen KingScribd
Flood Zone Donna LynchInto the Forest: Tales of the Baba YagaBlack Spot Books
From These Cold Murky Depths K.P. KulskiChromophobia: A Strangehouse Anthology by Women in HorrorStrangehouse Books & Rooster Republic LLC
Gate 9 Jeffrey FordConjunctions: 78 Fear Itself
Ghost Ship Tananarive DueAfrica RisenTor
Ghosts of Enerhodar Henry Herz Literally Dead Alienhead Press
Golden Hour Kathryn E. McGeeChromophobia: A Strangehouse Anthology by Women in HorrorRooster Republic Press
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Hei Xian Frances Lu-Pai IppolitoChromophobiaRooster Republic Press
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Here In The Cellar R Leigh HennigMother: Tales of Love and TerrorWeird Little Worlds
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Hypnopompia L. Marie WoodSomething Scary Podcast
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In the Valley Bentley LittleHorror Library, Volume 7Dark Moon Books
In the Wabe Alison LittlewoodClose to Midnight
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March Magic WC DunlapAfrica RisenTor
Midnight Sun Alex WoodroeDark Matter Magazine 007Dark Matter Inc.
Miss Infection USA Shanna HeathOther Terrors: an Inclusive AnthologyWilliam Marrow Paperbacks
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Neon Holocaust Eric LaRoca The Book of Queer Saints Independently Published
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New Meat Jordan Shiveley Nightmare Issue 112
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Old Monsters Never Die Tim WaggonerClassic Monsters UnleashedCrystal Lake Publishing
Old Spirits and Fine Tobacco John P. CollinsEven in the GraveNeoparadoxa
Once a Month L. Marie WoodConjuring Worlds: An Afrofuturist Textbook for Middle and High School StudentsConjure World
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Red Light/Green Light EV KnightChromophobiaRooster Republic Press
Red Wet Grin Gemma FilesScreams from the Dark: 29 Tales of Monsters and the MonstrousTor Nightfire
Regulators Holly Rae GarciaGeneration X-edDark Ink
Remnants and Bad Water Kaaron WarrenDamnation GamesClandestine Press
Roadkill King Dan B. FierceIndependently Published
Roses in the Attic Cynthia PelayoThe Hideous Book of Hidden HorrorsBad Hand Books
Saving Face Kathryn E. McGeeKelp Kelp Magazine
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Seven Entries in the Midnight Path Jeremiah Dylan CookCastle of Horror Anthology Volume 7: Love Gone Wrong Castle Bridge Media
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Sisyphus Descending Colleen AndersonOnSpec #121
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Sobriquet Rebecca RowlandInstitutionalizedSinister Smile
Something Borrowed Lindy RyanClassic Monsters UnleashedCrystal Lake & Black Spot Books
Souvenirs Sharon GoslingClose to MidnightFlametree Press
Spectacle Cove L.E. DanielsWe are ProvidenceWeird House Press
Star of San Luis Holly Rae GarciaNightmare SkyDeath Knell Press
Stone Of Golgotha Gina EastonNight Terrors, volume 23Scare Street Press
Stork Bites EV Knight Into the Forest: Tales of the Baba YagaBlack Spot Books
Straw World Erik McHattonVastarien Vol 5 Issue 1Grimscribe Press
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Suffer the Little Children Rhonda Jackson JosephDark Dispatch Winter 2022Dark Dispatch
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The Asylum Holly WalrathOther Terrors: an Inclusive AnthologyWilliam Morrow Paperbacks
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The Boyfriend Trap Stephanie FeldmanAsimov's Science Fiction
The Cat Morana VioletaThe Dark Magazine
The Collector Rhonda Jackson Joseph Slash-Her: An Anthology of Women in HorrorKandisha Press
The Colour Of Friendship. KC Grifant. ChromophobiaRooster Republic Press.
The Crawlers in the Corn David Surface Literally Dead Alienhead Press
The Crazy with Daisy Rhonda Jackson JosephPicnic in the Graveyard: An Anthology of Cemetery HorrorsCemetery Gates Media
The Crowing Caleb StephensHowls From the Dark AgesHowl Society Press
The Day Punk Rock Saved the World Jason R FreiRevenant Gravestone Press
The Devil's Morning Wendy N. WagnerIt Was All a Dream: An Anthology of Bad Horror Tropes Done RightHungry Shadow Press
The Devil Don't Come with Horns Eugen BaconOther Terrors: An Inclusive AnthologyWilliam Marrow Paperbacks
The Door to Other Places Kathleen PalmA Quaint and Curious Volume of Gothic TalesBrigids Gate Press
The Final Porn Star V. CastroMestiza BloodFlame Tree Press
The Forgiven Paul Michael Kane 19th Edition Press
The Forgotten Valley CB JonesHowls from the Dark AgesHowl Society Press
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The Grant/Marty Events Alex WoodroeUncharted MagazineUncharted Magazine
The Gray G.G. SilvermanChromophobiaStrangehouse Books
The Ground Shook Roni StingerDark Matter Magazine Issue 009 May/June 2022Dark Matter
The Happiness Man Pauline YatesTales to Terrify Podcast Episode 526
The Hay Bale Priscilla BettisIndependently published on Amazon Kindle
The Incident at Bear Creek Lodge Tananarive DueOther Terrors: An Inclusive AnthologyWilliam Morrow Paperbacks
The Killing Pen Pauline YatesThat is Too Wrong! An Anthology of Off Beat Horror, Vol IIBlack Hart Publishing
The Lady of the Yellow-Painted Library Tobi OgundiranAfrica RisenTor
The Merry Alex WoodroePicnic in the GraveyardCemetery Gates
The Myth of Pasiphae Andy DavidsonHuman Monsters
The Oasis Christa WojciechowskiChromophobiaStrangehouse Books
The Only Thing Different Will Be the Body J.A.W. McCarthyA Woman Built By ManCemetery Gates Media
The Original Nasty Woman Theresa DerwinDaughter of Sarpedon (anthology)Brigids Gate Press
The Patchwork Man Ben MonroeBlood on the Soil, Terror in the Wind Brigids Gate
The Pelt Annie NeugebauerThe Hideous Book of Hidden Horrors
The Room L. Marie WoodCampfire Macabre Volume 2Cemetery Gates Media
The Skin We're In Shelley LavigneThe Dread Machine 2.3The Dread Machine
The Skinless Man Counts to Five Paul JessupApex Magazine
The Smell of Waiting Kaaron WarrenScreams from the DarkTor Nightfire
The Space Between Larry HinkleDeep Magic
The Stacks Chris MasonVoices in the DarkSaturday Morning Incorporated Press
The Star Anna TaborskaGreat British Horror 7: Major ArcanaBlack Shuck Books
The Story of a House Yi Izzy YuInto the Forest: Tales of the Baba YagaBlack Spot Books
The Sugar Mill Tobias BuckwellAfrica RisenTor
The Taloned Beast Chinelo OnwualuAfrica RisenTor
The Tapping Carol GyzanderA Woman UnbecomingCrone Girls Press
The Terror Bay Resort Experience Sarah ReadThe Wicked Library #1169th Story Studios
The Tinker's Gift Valerie WilliamsRefracted Reflections AnthologyWordCrafter Press
The Turning Hailey PiperOther Terrors: An Inclusive AnthologyWilliam Morrow Paperbacks
The U Train KC GrifantTales of Slay HouseSlay House Presents
The Viscount and the Phantom Lucy A. SnyderClassic Monsters UnleashedCrystal Lake & Black Spot Books
The Year Under The Machine Peter Danielssonself-published as a standalone and is available on AmazonPeter Danielsson
They Call Me Mother Geneve FlynnClasic Monsters UnleashedCrystal lake publishing and Black spot books
This Attraction Now Open Till Late Kyla Lee WardVastarien (Vol 5 Issue 1, June 2022)Grimscribe Press
This Place Is Best Shunned David Erik NelsonTor.com
Three Seconds Nicola LombardiThe Horror Collection-Nightmare EditionKJK Publishing
Tiddlywinks Stephen Graham Jones Other TerrorsWilliam Marrow Paperbacks
To See Sweet Cate Cry Penny JonesBehind a Broken Smile Black Shuck Books
Treat Me Like the Sea Taylor RaeThe ArcanistThe Arcanist
Trinity River’s Blues Chesya BurkeDark Stars: New Tales of Darkest Horror Tor Nightfire
Two Months Too Long Holly Rae GarciaFound: An Anthology of Found Footage Horror Stories
Uncle Elin OlaussonGrowthDark Ink
Universe, Devoured Pamela JeffsMidnight Echo Magazine, Issue 17Australasian Horror Writers Association
Up the Steps F. Brett CoxDaily Science Fiction e-zine
Vegetable Mommy Patrick BarbDiabolical Plots website (DP FICTION #87B)Diabolical Plots
Vine House Cindy O’QuinnSomething Bad Happened An Anthology of HorrorIndependently Published
Water Like Broken Glass Carina BissettInto the Forest: Tales of the Baba YagaBlack Spot Books
We Suckle Timothy G. HugueninThe Saturday Evening Post
Welcome to Camp Klehani Caleb StephensMixtape 1986The Dread Machine
What's Your Secret? Trevor FiretogEven in the GraveNeo Paradoxa
What the Dead Birds Taught Me Laura BlackwellNightmare Magazine #118
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When You See Millions of the Mouthless Dead Across Your Dreams in Pale Battalions Go Jonathan Maberry Literally Dead Alienhead Press
Where the Horizon Kisses the Sky Rhonda Jackson JosephInto the Forest: Tales of the Baba YagaBlack Spot Books
Willie the Weirdo Stephen KingMcSweeney’s 66McSweeney's Publishing
Worm Bagging Roni StingerUnnerving Magazine
Wreckers Kenzie JenningsAvarice Anthology D&T Publishing
You Can Have the Ground, My Love Carlie St. GeorgeClassic Monsters UnleashedCrystal Lake Publishing
d.e.b. H.V. PattersonMine: An Anthology of Body Autonomy HorrorCreature Publishing

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A Clown in the Living Room: The Sinister Clown in Television Kevin J WetmoreThe Many Lives of Scary Clowns: Essays on Pennywise, Twisty, the Joker, Krusty and More" McFarland and Company, edited by Ron Riekki
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Like Fright on Lice Michael ArnzenWriting Poetry in the DarkRaw Dog Screaming Press
My Black Trauma Is Mine and I Can Write It If I Want To Rhonda Jackson JosephAfro HorrorAfro Horror
Nathaniel Hawthorne and Herbert S. Gorman’s Shadows over Innsmouth Jeremiah Dylan CookLovecraftian Proceedings No. 4Hippocampus Press
Old Wives Tale Cindy O'Quinn Mental health Initiative-Trama Horror Writers Association
Polychromatic Perversity: Hypercolor, Vice, and Violence in Horror Chelsea DavisTor Nightfire
Put on a Brave Face: Trauma, Grief, and the Subtle Masks of Female Slashers Jessica ScottManor Vellum
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The Gothic Horror of a Post-Roe America Or, We're All Still Locked Away in Edward Rochester's Attic... Gwendolyn KisteLit Hub
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